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Railway Cup Hurling

Number of titles (46)
1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1934, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1963, 1966, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1976, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2013, 2016

The teams in Bold won the Railway Cup Hurling Final in that season.

The scores listed are for the Munster Hurling Teams in the Railway Cup Semi-Finals and Finals.

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1927: Semi-Final: Munster 7-6 Connacht 3-5. Final: Leinster 1-11 Munster 2-6
Team: Sean Og Murphy (Captain), Edward O’Connell, Mick Murphy, Jim O’Regan, Jim Hurley, G. Aherne, Mick “Gah” Aherne, Moss Murphy, Dinny Barry Murphy (All Cork), Mick Murphy, John Joe Kinnane, Willie Gleeson, Micky Cross, Bob McConkey, Micky Fitzgibbon (Limerick), Johnny Leahy, Mick Darcy, Phil Cahill, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), Tull Considine (Clare). John Joe Sheehy (Kerry).

1928: Semi-Final: Munster 7-3 Connacht 2-4. Final: Munster 2-2 Leinster 1-2.
Team: Sean Og Murphy (Captain, Cork), Edward O’Connell, Jim Hurley, Eudie Coughlan, Dinny Barry Murphy, Jim O’Regan, Paddy Aherne (all Cork), Mick Murphy, Micky Fitzgibbon, John Joe Kinnane (Limerick), Mick Cronin, Phil Cahill, Martin Kennedy, John Joe Callinan, Phil Purcell (Tipperary), Willie Gleeson (Limerick), Johnny Leahy (Tipperary), Tull Considine (Clare), Bob McConkey, Tom Conway, Tom Shinney (Limerick).

1929: Final: Munster 5-3 Leinster 3-1
Team: Sean Og Murphy (Captain, Cork), Dinny Barry Murphy, Jim O’Regan, Edward “Marie” O’Connell, Eudie Coughlan, Mick “Gah” Aherne (All Cork), Tom Shinney, Micky Fitzgibbon, Tom Conway, Micky Cross (Limerick), John Joe Doyle, Tull Considine (Clare), Phil Purcell, Phil Cahill, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary).
Sub: Connie Keane (Tipperary).

1930: Final: Munster 4-6 Leinster 2-7.
Team: Dinny Barry Murphy (Captain, Cork), Jim O’Regan, Jim Hurley, Mick O’Connell (Cork), Tom Shinney (goal), Micky Cross, Micky Fitzgibbon, Tom Conway (Limerick), Phil Cahill, Phil Purcell, Martin Kennedy, Tommy Treacy (Tipperary), John Joe Doyle, Tull Considine (Clare), Charlie Ware (Waterford).

1931: Semi-Final: Munster 10-9 Connacht 1-2. Final: Munster 1-12 Leinster 2-6.
Team: Tommy O’Meara (Tipperary), Phil Purcell (Captain, Tipperary), Phil Cahill, Tommy Treacy, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), Charlie Ware (Waterford), John Joe Doyle, Tull Considine (Clare), Paddy “Fox” Collins, Jim Hurley, Dinny Barry Murphy, Eudie Coughlan, Mick “Gah” Aherne (Cork), Micky Cross, Garrett Howard (Limerick), Jack Gleeson (Tipperary), Jim O’Regan (Cork), Jimmy O’Loughlin, Tommy Leahy (Tipperary), Paddy Delea (Cork), Larry Blake (Clare), Micky Fitzgibbon (Limerick).

1932: Final: Leinster 6-8 Munster 4-4
Team: Eudie Coughlan (Captain), Paddy “Fox” Collins, George Garrett, Willie Clancy, Dinny Barry Murphy, Mick “Gah” Aherne (Cork), Tommy O’Meara, Phil Purcell, Tommy Treacy, Phil Cahill, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), John Joe Doyle (Clare), Charlie Ware, Paddy “Fad” Browne (Waterford), Micky Cross, Paddy Clohessy (Limerick), Jim O’Regan, Jim Hurley (Cork), Larry Blake (Clare), Micky Fitzgibbon (Limerick).

1933: Semi-Final: Munster 4-5 Connacht 3-7. Final: Leinster 4-6 Munster 3-6
Team: Tommy Daly, John Joe Doyle (Captain), Jim Houlihan, Larry Blake (Clare), George Garrett, Paddy “Fox” Collins, Dinny Barry Murphy, Terry McCarthy, Willie Clancy (Cork), Tom McCarthy, Paddy Clohessy, Timmy Ryan (Limerick), Phil Purcell, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), Danny Wyse (Waterford), Mick Aherne, Jim O’Regan (Cork), Pat Mclnerney, Tull Considine (Clare), Dave Clohessy (Limerick), Jim Lanigan (Tipperary), Charlie Ware (Waterford), Micky Cross (Limerick).

1934: Final: Munster 6-3 Leinster 3-2
Team: Paddy Scanlon, Ned Cregan, Tom McCarthy, Micky Cross, Paddy Clohessy (Limerick), Timmy Ryan (Captain, Limerick), Mick Mackey (Limerick), George Garrett, Dinny Barry Murphy, John Kenneally (Cork), Phil Purcell, Tommy Treacy, Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), Larry Blake (Clare), Danny Wyse (Waterford), Jack Barrett (Cork), J. “Lukie” Ryan (Waterford), Jim Houlihan (Clare), John Maher (Tipperary), John Joe Doyle, Tommy Daly (Clare).

1935: Semi-Final: Munster 0-10 Ulster 1-5. Final: Leinster 2-9 Munster 0-7
Team: Timmy Ryan (Captain, Limerick), Paddy Scanlon, Tom McCarthy, Mick Kennedy, John Mackey, Mick Mackey, Paddy Clohessy (Limerick), Charlie Ware (Waterford), George Garrett, Jack Barrett, Micka Brennan (Cork), Larry Blake, Mick Hennessy, Sean Harrington (Clare), Martin Kennedy (Tipperary), J. “Lukie” Ryan (Waterford), Micky Cross (Limerick), Dinny Barry Murphy (Cork), Paddy “Fad” Browne (Waterford), John Maher (Tipperary), Dave Clohessy, Tom Shinney (Limerick).

1936: Final: Leinster 2-8 Munster 3-4.
Team: Paddy Scanlon, Tom McCarthy, Mick Kennedy, Micky Cross, Paddy Clohessy, Timmy Ryan, John Mackey, Mick Mackey, Paddy McMahon (all Limerick), John Maher, Phil Purcell (Tipperary), Jack Barrett, Micka Brennan (Cork), Larry Blake, Mick Hennessy (Clare), Jimmy Cooney (Tipperary), John Quirke, George Garrett (Cork), Tom Greaney (Waterford).

1937: Semi-Final: Munster 4-5 Connacht 3-1. Final: Munster 1-9 Leinster 3-1
Team: Mick Mackey (Captain, Limerick), Paddy Scanlon, Tom McCarthy, Mick Kennedy, Paddy Clohessy, Timmy Ryan, John Mackey, Paddy McMahon (Limerick), John Maher, Jimmy Cooney (Tipperary), John Keane, Christy Moylan (Waterford), John Quirke, Micka Brennan (Cork), Larry Blake (Clare), Mick Hickey (Limerick), Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), Mick Hennessy (Clare), J. Twomey, Dave Clohessy (Limerick), Paddy McGrath (Clare), Jack Barrett (Cork).

1938: Final: Munster 6-2 Leinster 4-3.
Team: Jim Lanigan (Captain, Tipperary), Jimmy Coffey, Denis O’Gorman, Bill O’Donnell (Tipperary), Paddy Scanlon, Tom McCarthy, Paddy Clohessy, Timmy Ryan, Mick Mackey, John Mackey (Limerick), John Keane, Christy Moylan (Waterford), Larry Blake (Clare), Jack Barrett, John Quirke, Jack Lynch (Cork), Jimmy Cooney (Tipperary), Mick Hennessy (Clare), Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), Con Curley (Waterford), Ger Cornally, John Maher (Tipperary), Dan Canniffe (Cork).

1939: Semi-Final: Munster 8-4 Connacht 0-2. Final: Munster 4-4 Leinster 1-6
Team: Mick Curley (Waterford), Denis O’Gorman (Tipperary), Tom Loughnane (Clare), Paddy Carroll (Limerick), John Keane (Captain, Waterford), Paddy Clohessy (Limerick), Jack Barrett (Cork), Timmy Ryan (Limerick), Ned Wade (Tipperary), John Mackey, Mick Mackey (Limerick), Christy Moylan (Waterford), John Quirke (Cork), Locky Byrne (Waterford), Micka Brennan (Cork), Jim Mullane (Clare), Martin Hickey (Waterford), Pappy O’Callaghan (Clare), Jack Lynch (Cork).

1940: Final: Munster 4-9 Leinster 5-4.
Team: Paddy Scanlon (Limerick), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), Ger Cornally, Bill O’Donnell (Tipperary), Willie Campbell (Cork), Paddy Clohessy, Jackie Power, John Mackey (Limerick), Jack Barrett (Captain, Cork), Jim Mullane (Clare), Christy Moylan (Waterford), Mick Mackey (Limerick), John Quirke (Cork), Paddy McMahon (Limerick), Micka Brennan (Cork), Denis O’Gorman, John Maher (Tipperary), Jack Lynch (Cork), Declan Goode, John Keane, Mick Curley (Waterford).

1941: Semi-Final: Munster 7-5 Connacht 0-6. Final: Leinster 2-5 Munster 2-4
Team: Paddy Scanlon (Limerick), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), John Maher (Tipperary), Alan Lotty, Willie Campbell (Cork), John Keane (Waterford), Peter Cregan, Timmy Ryan (Limerick), Connie Buckley (Cork), Jackie Power (Limerick), Jack Lynch (Cork), Dick Stokes (Limerick), Jim Mullane (Clare), John Quirke (Cork), Peadar Flanagan (Tipperary), Mick Mackey, John Mackey (Limerick), Mick Curley, Willie Barron (Waterford), Christy Ring (Cork), Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), Tom McCarthy (Limerick), Con Curley (Waterford).

1942: Final: Munster 4-9 Leinster 4-5.
Team: Jim McCarthy (Limerick), Denis O’Gorman (Tipperary), Batt Thornhill, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), John Keane (Waterford), Peter Cregan (Limerick), Jack Lynch (Cork), Christy Moylan, Willie Barron (Waterford), Christy Ring (Cork), Dick Stokes (Limerick), John Quirke (Cork), Bill O’Donnell (Captain, Tipperary), Jackie Power (Limerick), Din Joe Buckley, Jim Young (Cork), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), Peadar Flanagan (Tipperary), P.J. Quane (Clare).

1943: Semi-Final: Munster 3-5 Connacht 3-2. Final: Munster 4-3 Leinster 3-5
Team: John Maher (Tipperary), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Batt Thornhill (Cork), Peter Cregan (Limerick), Andy Fleming, John Keane (Waterford), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), Christy Ring, Jack Lynch (Captain, Cork), Bill O’Donnell (Tipperary), Jackie Power (Limerick), Jim Young, John Quirke (Cork), John Mackey, Dick Stokes (Limerick), P.J. Quane (Clare), Din Joe Buckley (Cork), Joe Duggan (Waterford), Mick Kennefick (Cork), Peadar Flanagan (Tipperary), Jim McCarthy, Mick Mackey (Limerick).

1944: Semi-Final: Munster 9-3 Ulster 3-1. Final: Munster 4-10 Connacht 4-4
Team: Jim Ware (Waterford), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Batt Thornhill (Cork), Peter Cregan (Limerick), Andy Fleming (Waterford), Jackie Power (Limerick), Con Cottrell, Jack Lynch, Sean Condon (Captain, Cork), Dick Stokes (Limerick), Christy Ring Jim Young, John Quirke (Cork), John Mackey (Limerick), P.J. Quane (Clare), Din Joe Buckley, Con Murphy (Cork), Tommy Doyle, Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), Ned Daly (Waterford), Pake Lyons (Clare).

1945: Semi-Final: Munster 2-5 Connacht 2-5. Semi-Final Replay: Munster 4-8 Connacht 3-7. Final: Munster 6-8 Ulster 2-0.
Team: Jim Ware (Waterford), Johnny Ryan (Tipperary), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), Peter Cregan (Limerick), Andy Fleming (Waterford), Jackie Power (Limerick), Jim Young (Cork), Paddy McCarthy (Limerick), Con Cottrell (Cork), Tom Purcell (Tipperary), Christy Ring (Cork), Dick Stokes, Mick Mackey (Limerick), John Quirke (Captain, Cork), P.J. Quane (Clare), Martin Hickey (Waterford), Paddy O’Donovan (Cork), Pake Lyons (Clare), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), D. Malone, D.J. Clohessy (Limerick).

1946: Final: Munster 6-8 Ulster 2-0
Team: John Maher (Tipperary), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), Ger Cornally (Captain, Tipperary), Andy Fleming (Waterford), Jim Devitt (Tipperary), Pake Lyons (Clare), Mick Hayes (Waterford), Dick Stokes, Jackie Power, Sean Herbert (Limerick), Christy Ring, Jim Young (Cork), Paddy Fitzgerald (Limerick), Alfie O’Brien (Clare), Tommy Doyle, Tom Purcell, Matty Ryan (Tipperary), Mick Mackey, J.Clohessy, J. McCarthy (Limerick), Flor Coffey (Tipperary), Peter Cregan (Limerick).

1947: Semi-Final: Munster 9-7 Ulster 0-0. Final: Connacht 2-5 Munster 1-1
Team: Tom Mulcahy, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Cork), John Keane (Waterford), Peter Cregan (Limerick), Micheal Maher (Tipperary), Alan Lotty (Cork), Andy Fleming, Vin Baston, Mick Hayes (Waterford), Christy Ring (Captain, Cork), Jackie Power (Limerick), Jim Young, Mossie O’Riordan, Gerry O’Riordan (Cork), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), Mick Ryan (Limerick), Dermot Solon, Jackie Solon (Clare), Jim Devitt (Tipperary), Sean Herbert (Limerick), Flor Coffey (Tipperary), Pappy O’Callaghan (Clare).

1948: Semi-Final: Munster 6-5 Connacht 1-4. Final: Munster 3-5 Leinster 2-5.
Team: Tom Mulcahy (Cork), Willie “Long Puck” Murphy (Captain, Cork), Con Murphy (Cork), Jackie Goode (Waterford), Jim Devitt (Tipperary), Paddy O’Donovan (Cork), Dermot Solon (Clare), Vin Baston, Mick Hayes (Waterford), Sean Herbert, Jackie Power (Limerick), Christy Ring (Cork), Mick Daly (Clare), Ned Daly (Waterford), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), Mossy O’Riordan (Cork), Mick Ryan (Limerick), Tom Purcell (Tipperary), Pappy O’Callaghan (Clare), Jim Sadlier (Limerick).

1949: Semi-Final: Munster 2-8 Leinster 1-8. Final: Munster 5-3 Connacht 2-9
Team: Tom Mulcahy (Cork), Andy Fleming (Waterford), Con Murphy (Cork), Jackie Goode (Waterford), Jim Devitt (Tipperary), Paddy O’Donovan (Cork), Tom Cregan (Limerick), Vin Baston, Eddie Carew (Waterford), Christy Ring (Cork), John Keane (Waterford), Sean Herbert (Limerick), Mick Daly (Clare), Ned Daly (Waterford), Willie Carroll (Tipperary), Jim Sadlier (Limerick), Tom Purcell (Tipperary), Mick Hayes (Waterford), Jack Lynch (Cork), P. Fitzgerald, Mick Ryan (Limerick), Jim Ware (Captain, Waterford)

1950: Semi-Final: Munster 9-4 Ulster 3-2. Final: Munster 0-9 Leinster 1-3.
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Andy Fleming (Waterford), Con Murphy (Cork), Jim Sadlier (Limerick), Pat Stakelum (Captain, Tipperary), Vin Baston (Waterford), Matt Fuohy (Cork), Phil Shanahan, Seamus Bannon, Jimmy Kennedy, Mick Ryan, Sean Kenny (Tipperary), Willie McAllister (Clare), Mossy O’Riordan, Christy Ring (Cork), P. Fitzgerald (Limerick), Tommy Doyle (Tipperary), Gerry O’Riordan (Cork), Dick Stokes (Limerick), Mick Hayes (Waterford)

1951: Semi-Final: Munster 6-7 Connacht 2-7. Final: Munster 4-9 Leinster 3-6
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Andy Fleming, Davy Walsh (Waterford), Dan Mclnerney (Clare), Seamus Bannon, Pat Stakelum (Tipperary), Matt Fuohy (Cork), Vin Baston (Waterford), Sean Kenny (Captain, Tipperary), Matt Nugent (Clare), Mick Ryan (Tipperary), Eddie Stokes (Limerick), Paddy Kenny (Tipperary), Derry McCarthy (Limerick), Christy Ring (Cork), Tony Brennan, John Doyle (Tipperary), Jim Sadlier (Limerick), Willie John Daly (Cork), Jackie Goode (Waterford), Phil Shanahan (Tipperary).

1952: Semi-Final: Munster 4-8 Leinster 3-5. Final: Munster 5-11 Connacht 4-2
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Jackie Goode, Davy Walsh (Waterford), John Doyle (Tipperary), Sean Herbert (Limerick), Pat Stakelum (Captain, Tipperary), Matt Fuohy (Cork), Phil Shanahan (Tipperary), John Kiely (Waterford), Matt Nugent (Clare), Mick Ryan, Seamus Bannon, Paddy Kenny (Tipperary), Derry McCarthy (Limerick), Christy Ring (Cork), Eddie Stokes (Limerick), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Jimmy Finn (Tipperary), Donal Broderick (Limerick), Ned Ryan (Tipperary).

1953: Semi-Final: Munster 8-6 Ulster 1-5. Final: Munster 5-7 Leinster 5-5
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Jackie Goode (Waterford), John Doyle (Tipperary), Tony O’Shaughnessy (Cork), Sean Herbert (Limerick), Pat Stakelum (Tipperary), Matt Fuohy, Gerald Murphy (Cork), Moss Fives (Waterford), Matt Nugent (Clare), Willie John Daly (Cork), Seamus Bannon, Paddy Kenny (Tipperary), Derry McCarthy (Limerick), Christy Ring (Captain, Cork), Moss Queally (Waterford), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), Phil Shanahan (Tipperary), Paddy Barry (Cork), Donal O’Grady (Clare).

1954: Semi-Final: Munster 4-12 Connacht 3-7. Final: Leinster 0-9 Munster 0-5.
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Gerry O’Riordan, John Lyons (Cork), John Doyle, Jimmy Finn, Pat Stakelum (Tipperary), Matt Fuohy (Cork), John Hough (Tipperary), John Kiely (Waterford), Willy John Daly, Josie Hartnett (Cork), Seamus Bannon (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Derry McCarthy (Limerick), Christy Ring (Captain) (Cork), Matt Nugent (Clare), Johnny O’Connor (Waterford), Mickey Byrne (Tipperary), T. Moroney (Limerick), Tony O’Shaughnessy (Cork).

1955: Semi-Final: Munster 3-10 Leinster 2-9. Final: Munster 6-8 Connacht 3-4
Team: Tony Reddan (Tipperary), Gerry O’Riordan, John Lyons (Cork), John Doyle (Tipperary), Johnny O’Connor (Waterford), Donal O’Grady (Clare), Vincy Twomey (Cork), Pat Stakelum, John Hough (Tipperary), Willie John Daly (Cork), D Dillon, Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Josie Hartnett (Cork), Jim Greene (Clare), Christy Ring (Captain, Cork), Mickey Byrne (Tipperary), Dermot Kelly (Limerick), Jimmy Finn (Tipperary), Seamus Power (Waterford), Matt Nugent (Clare).

1956: Semi-Final: Munster 5-13 Ulster 2-6. Final: Leinster 5-11 Munster 1-7
Team: Tony Reddan, Mickey Byrne (Tipperary), John Lyons, Tony O’Shaughnessy (Cork), Jimmy Finn, Pat Stakelum (Tipperary), Vincy Twomey (Cork), Johnny O’Connor (Waterford), Dermot Kelly (Captain, Limerick), Jim Carney, Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Liam Devaney (Tipperary), Seamus Power (Waterford), Josie Hartnett, Christy Ring (Cork), John Doyle (Tipperary), Tom Casey (Limerick), Mick Hayes, Gerald Murphy (Cork), Dermot Sheedy (Clare).

1957: Semi-Final: Munster 3-11 Connacht 3-11. Semi-Final Replay: Munster 6-6 Connacht 0-10. Final: Munster 5-7 Leinster 2-5.
Team: Mick Hayes (Clare), Jimmy Brohan, John Lyons, Tony O’Shaughnessy (Cork), Jimmy Finn, Pat Stakelum (Tipperary), Paddy Philpott (Cork), Mick Ryan (Tipperary), John Kiely, Johnny O’Connor (Waterford), Mick Cashman (Captain, Cork), Dermot Kelly (Limerick), Terry Kelly (Cork), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Frankie Walsh (Waterford), Paddy Kenny (Tipperary), Christy Ring, Paddy Barry (Cork), Jack Quaid (Limerick), Billy McCarthy (Kerry), Vivion Cobbe (Limerick)

1958: Semi-Final: Munster 2-15 Connacht 1-8. Final: Munster 3-7 Leinster 3-5
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan, John Lyons (Cork), John Barron (Waterford), Jimmy Finn (Tipperary), Martin “Og” Morrissey (Waterford), Tom McGarry (Limerick), Seamus Power, Phil Grimes (Captain, Waterford), Dermot Kelly, Liam Moloney (Limerick), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Christy Ring (Cork), Paddy Barry (Cork), Donal Whelan (Waterford), Michael Maher, Tony Wall (Tippeary), Michael Hennessy (Kerry), Mick Regan (Cork), Tom Cheasty (Waterford), Vivion Cobbe (Limerick).

1959: Final: Munster 7-11 Connacht 2-6.
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan (Cork), Michael Maher (Tipperary), John Barron (Waterford), Tom McGarry (Limerick), Tony Wall (Captain, Tipperary), Martin “Og” Morrissey (Waterford), Theo English (Tipperary), Tom Casey (Limerick), Donie Nealon (Tipperary), Seamus Power (Waterford), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Christy Ring (Cork), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Jack Quaid (Limerick), Terry Kelly (Cork), Richie McElligott (Kerry), Kieran Carey (Tipperary).

1960: Semi-Final: Munster 5-12 Connacht 1-9. Final: Munster 6-6 Leinster 2-7
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan (Cork), Austin Flynn, John Barron (Waterford), Tom McGarry (Limerick), Martin “Og” Morrissey (Waterford), John Doyle (Tipperary), Seamus Power, Phil Grimes (Waterford), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Tom Cheasty, Frankie Walsh (Captain, Waterford), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Christy Ring, Paddy Barry (Cork), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Dermot Kelly (Limerick), Theo English, Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Jack Quaid (Limerick).

1961: Semi-Final: Munster 3-13 Ulster 1-2. Final: Munster 4-12 Leinster 3-9.
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan (Cork), Michael Maher (Tipperary), John Barron (Waterford), Tom McGarry (Limerick), Tony Wall (Captain, Tipperary), Martin “Og” Morrissey, Seamus Power (Waterford), Theo English, Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Terry Kelly (Cork), Frankie Walsh (Waterford), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Christy Ring (Cork), Liam Devaney (Tipperary), John Doyle, Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Tom Cheasty (Waterford), Phil Duggan (Cork), L. Hogan (Limerick).

1962: Semi-Final: Munster 6-11 Connacht 1-3. Final: Leinster 1-11 Munster 1-9
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan (Cork), Michael Maher, Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Jerry O’Sullivan (Cork), Martin “Og” Morrissey (Waterford), Mick Burns, Theo English, Liam Devaney, Jimmy Doyle (Captain, Tipperary), Terry Kelly (Cork), Donie Nealon (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Christy Ring (Cork), Seamus Power, Austin Flynn (Waterford), Kevin Long (Limerick), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Frankie Walsh (Waterford), P.J Keane (Limerick).

1963: Semi-Final: Munster 9-7 Ulster 3-5. Final: Munster 5-5 Leinster 5-5. Final Replay: Munster 2-8 Leinster 2-7.
Team: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan (Cork), Michael Maher, John Doyle (Tipperary), Tom McGarry (Limerick), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Jimmy Byrne, Joe Condon (Waterford), Theo English, Jimmy Doyle (Captain, Tipperary), Jimmy Cullinane (Clare), Donie Nealon, Liam Devaney (Tipperary), Christy Ring (Cork), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Kieran Carey, Mick Burns (Tipperary), P.J. Keane (Limerick), Tom Ryan (Tipperary), Frankie Walsh (Waterford).

1964: Semi-Final: Munster 4-9 Connacht 3-5. Final: Leinster 3-7 Munster 2-9
Team: Jim Hogan (Limerick), John Doyle (Tipperary), Denis Murphy (Cork), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Pat Fitzgerald (Cork), P.J. Keane (Limerick), Theo English, Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Mick Flannelly (Waterford), Pat Cronin (Clare), Liam Devaney (Tipperary), Jimmy Smyth (Clare), Phil Grimes (Captain, Waterford), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), Tom Cunningham (Waterford), Jerry O’Sullivan (Cork), Donie Nealon (Tipperary), Naoise Jordan (Clare), Austin Flynn (Waterford).

1965: Semi-Final: Munster 3-11 Ulster 3-2. Final: Leinster 3-11 Munster 0-9
Team: John O’Donoghue, John Doyle (Tipperary), Austin Flynn (Waterford), Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Pat Fitzgerald (Cork), Mick Roche, Theo English, Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), P.J. Keane (Limerick), Michael “Babs” Keating (Tipperary), John Bennett (Cork), Liam Devaney, Sean McLoughlin (Tipperary), Denis Murphy (Cork), Pat Cronin (Clare), John Meaney (Waterford), Noel Gallagher (Cork).

1966: Semi-Final: Munster 6-10 Connacht 3-3. Final: Munster 3-13 Leinster 3-11
Team: John O’Donoghue, John Doyle (Tipperary), Austin Flynn (Waterford), Denis Murphy, Denis O.Riordan (Cork), Tony Wall (Tipperary), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), Jimmy Doyle (Captain, Tipperary), Larry Kiely (Tipperary), Liam Danaher (Clare), Donie Nealon, John “Mackey” McKenna, Sean McLoughlin, Kieran Carey (Tipperary), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Pat Fitzgerald (Cork), Frankie Walsh (Waterford), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Ned Power (Waterford).

1967: Semi-Final: Munster 6-11 Ulster 2-6. Final: Leinster 2-14 Munster 3-5.
Team: Paddy Barry (Cork), Vincent Loftus (Clare), Austin Flynn (Waterford), Denis Murphy (Cork), Tony O’Brien, Kevin Long (Limerick), Pat Fitzgerald (Cork), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Justin McCarthy (Cork), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), John O’Halloran (Cork), Pat Cronin (Clare), Seanie Barry (Cork), John “Mackey” McKenna (Tipperary), Tom Bluett (Limerick), Peter Doolan (Cork), Tommy Hearne (Waterford), Liam Danaher (Clare), Jimmy Doyle, Donie Nealon (Tipperary).

1968: Semi-Final: Munster 3-15 Connacht 1-5. Final: Munster 0-14 Leinster 0-10
Team: Mick Foley (Waterford), Peter Doolan, Tom O’Donoghue (Cork), Noel O’Gorman (Tipperary), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), Jimmy Cullinane (Clare), Len Gaynor, Mick Roche (Captain, Tipperary), Justin McCarthy, John O’Halloran (Cork), Larry Guinan (Waterford), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Paddy McNamara (Clare), Michael “Babs” Keating, Donie Nealon (Tipperary), Pat Cronin, Eamon Russell (Clare), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), Mick Gaffney (Waterford), Vincent Loftus (Clare), Gerald McCarthy, Seanie Barry (Cork).

1969: Final: Munster 2-9. Connacht 2-9. Replay: Munster 3-13 Connacht 4-4
Team: John O’Donoghue, Noel O’Gorman (Tipperary), Tom O’Donoghue, Denis Murphy (Cork), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), Justin McCarthy (Cork), Len Gaynor (Tipperary), Jimmy Cullinane (Clare), Gerald McCarthy (Cork), P.J. Ryan (Captain, Tipperary), Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), John Kirwan (Waterford), John Flanagan, John Costigan (Tipperary), Frankie Whelan (Waterford), Noel Pyne (Clare), Todd Nolan (Kerry), Charlie Cullinane (Cork)

1970: Semi-Final: Munster 6-14 Ulster 3-6. Final: Munster 2-15 Leinster 0-9
Team: John O’Donoghue (Tipperary), Tony Maher (Cork), Mick Considine (Clare), Jim O’Brien (Limerick), Donal Clifford (Cork), Mick Roche, Len Gaynor (Tipperary), Gerald McCarthy (Captain, Cork), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Willie Walsh (Cork), Pat Enright (Waterford), Jimmy Doyle (Tipperary), Ray Cummins (Cork), Michael “Babs” Keating (Tipperary), Tony O’Brien (Limerick), John Kelly (Tipperary), Richie Bennis (Limerick), P.J. Ryan (Tipperary), Jimmy Cullinane (Clare).

1971: Final: Leinster 2-17 Munster 2-12
Team: Pascal O’Brien (Clare), Tony Maher (Cork), John Kelly (Tipperary), John Horgan, Con Roche (Cork), Mick Roche, Len Gaynor, P.J. Ryan (Tipperary), Bernie Hartigan (Limerick), Francis Loughnane, Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Pat Hegarty (Cork), John Flanagan (Tipperary), Ray Cummins (Captain, Cork), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Noel Lane (Tipperary), Gerald McCarthy, Pat McDonnell (Cork), Jackie O’Gorman (Clare), Pat Coady (Waterford).

1972: Semi-Final: Munster 2-10 Connacht 2-8.Final: Leinster 3-12 Munster 2-10.
Team: Peter O’Sullivan, Liam King (Tipperary), Pat Hartigan, Jim O’Brien (Limerick), Pat Hegarty (Cork), John Kirwan (Waterford), Jackie O’Gorman (Clare), Mick Roche (Tipperary), Mick Moroney (Clare), Sean Foley (Limerick), Francis Loughnane, Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Eamonn Grimes, Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Charlie McCarthy (Cork), Richie Bennis (Limerick), Michael “Babs” Keating (Tipperary), Ray Cummins (Cork), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Con Roche (Cork), Martin Hickey (Waterford), John Flanagan, John Gleeson, Roger Ryan (Tipperary).

1973: Semi-Final: Munster 3-10 Connacht 2-7. Final: Leinster 1-13 Munster 2-8.
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Tony Maher (Cork), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), John Gleeson (Tipperary), Con Roche (Cork), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Jackie O’Gorman (Clare), Denis Coughlan (Cork), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Francis Loughnane (Tipperary), Mick Malone (Cork), Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins (Cork), Stephen Greene (Waterford), Jim O’Brien (Limerick), Len Gaynor (Tipperary), Sean Foley (Limerick), Andy Heffernan (Waterford), Sean O’Leary (Cork), Eamonn Grimes (Limerick), John Flanagan (Tipperary)

1974: Semi-Final: Munster 5-11 Combined Univ. 2-7. Final: Leinster 2-15 Munster 1-11
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Brian Murphy (Cork), Pat Hartigan, Jim O’Brien (Limerick), Pat McGrath (Waterford), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Con Roche (Cork), Sean Foley (Limerick), Seamus Hogan, Francis Loughnane (Tipperary), Andy Heffernan (Waterford), Eamonn Grimes, Frankie Nolan, Ned Rea (Limerick), Charlie McCarthy (Cork), Martin McKeogh (Clare), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Ray Cummins (Cork), Michael “Babs” Keating (Tipperary), Seamus Horgan (Limerick), Jim Fogarty (Tipperary).

1975: Semi-Final: Munster 4-16 Ulster 2-5. Final: Leinster 2-9 Munster 1-11.
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Liam King (Tipperary), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), Seamie Hannon (Waterford), Ger Loughnane (Clare), Eamon Cregan (Limerick), Pat McGrath (Waterford), Gerald McCarthy (Cork), John Galvin (Waterford), Francis Loughnane(Tipperary), Joe McKenna (Limerick), John Callinan, Enda O’Connor (Clare), Willie Walsh (Cork), Jim Kehoe (Tipperary), Martin Coleman (Cork), Martin Kirwan (Waterford), Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Noel Casey (Clare), Frankie Nolan (Limerick), Seamus Hogan (Tipperary), Sean Foley (Limerick)

1976: Semi-Final: Munster 2-10 Connacht 3-6. Final: Munster 4-9 Leinster 4-8.
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), John Horgan (Cork), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), Seamie Hannon (Waterford), Tadhg O’Connor, Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Pat McGrath (Watertford), Gerald McCarthy (Cork), Joe McKenna (Limerick), Francis Loughnane (Tipperary), Noel Casey (Clare), Eamonn Grimes, Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Ray Cummins, Eamonn O’Donoghue (Captain, Cork), Martin Hickey (Waterford), Jim Kehoe, Seamus Shinnors (Tipperary), Pat McDonnell (Cork), John Callinan, Ger Loughnane (Clare), Martin Coleman (Cork), Jim Keogh (Tipperary), Colm Honan (Clare)

1977: Semi-Final: Munster 3-17 Ulster 3-6. Final: Leinster 2-17 Munster 1-13
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Brian Murphy (Cork), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), Nicky Cashin (Waterford), Ger Loughnane (Clare), John Horgan, Denis Coughlan, Gerald McCarthy, Pat Moylan (Cork), Jim Kehoe (Tipperary), Enda O’Connor, John Callinan (Clare), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Pat Moriarty (Kerry), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Ray Cummins, Martin Coleman (Cork), Noel O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Colm Honan (Clare), Martin Hickey (Waterford), Johnny Bunyan (Kerry), Noel Casey (Clare), Martin O’Doherty (Cork).

1978: Final: Munster 0-20 Connacht 1-11
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Nicky Cashin (Waterford), Martin O’Doherty (Cork), John Horgan (Cork), Ger Loughnane (Clare), Pat McGrath (Waterford), Denis Coughlan, Tom Cashman (Cork), Mossie Whelan (Waterford), Jim Kehoe (Tipperary), Gerald McCarthy (Cork), Eamonn Grimes (Limerick), Charlie McCarthy (Captain, Cork), Ray Cummins (Cork), Tommy Butler (Tipperary), Martin Coleman (Cork), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Mick Moroney (Clare)

1979: Semi-Final: Connacht 4-9 Munster 2-7
Team: Seamus Durack (Clare), Martin O’Doherty (Cork), Pat Hartigan (Limerick), John Horgan (Cork), Ger Loughnane (Clare), Johnny Crowley, Denis Coughlan (Cork), Mossie Walsh (Waterford), John Callinan (Clare), Jimmy Barry-Murphy (Cork), Tommy Butler (Tipperary), Tom Cashman (Cork), Joe McKenna (Limerick), Ray Cummins (Cork), Jim Greene (Waterford), Tommy Quaid (Limerick), John McMahon (Clare), John Galvin (Waterford), Dermot McCurtain (Cork), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Noel Casey (Clare), Pat O’Neill (Tipperary).

1980: Semi-Final: Munster 4-16 Ulster 1-10. Final: Connacht 1-5 Munster 0-7
Team: Pat McLoughney (Tipperary), Brian Murphy (Cork), Jim Kehoe, Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Dermot McCurtain (Cork), Ger Loughnane (Clare), Pat McGrath (Waterford), Mossie Carroll (Limerick), Tom Cashman (Cork), Mossie Walsh (Waterford), Joe McKenna (Limerick), John Callinan (Clare), Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Ray Cummins (Cork), Pat O’Connor, Seamus Durack (Clare), John Horgan (Cork), Sean Stack (Clare), Pat Fitzelle (Tipperary), Tim Crowley (Cork).

1981: Semi-Final: Munster 5-13 Ulster 1-8. Final: Munster 2-16 Leinster 2-6
Team: Pat McLoughney (Tipperary), Brian Murphy (Cork), Leonard Enright (Limerick), Tadhg O’Connor (Tipperary), Dermot McCurtain (Cork), Sean Hehir (Clare), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Tom Cashman, John Fenton (Cork), John Callinan (Clare), Pat Horgan (Cork), Mossie Walsh (Waterford), Jimmy Barry-Murphy (Cork), Joe McKenna (Captain, Limerick), Eamonn Cregan (Limerick), Tim Crowley (Cork), Tommy Quaid, Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Paddy Williams (Tipperary), Ger Loughnane (Clare), Eamonn O’Donoghue (Cork), Ollie O’Connor (Limerick), Pat McGrath (Waterford)

1982: Semi-Final: Connacht 1-13 Munster 2-8.
Team: Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Barry Smythe (Clare), Leonard Enright (Limerick), Pat Fox (Tipperary), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Sean Stack (Clare), Dermot McCurtain (Cork), Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Pat McGrath (Waterford), John Callinan (Clare), Tim Crowley (Cork), Mossie Walsh (Waterford), Tom Cashman (Cork), Joe McKenna (Limerick), Jim Greene (Waterford). Seamus Durack (Clare), Brian Murphy (Cork), Mossie Carroll (Tipperary), Pat Horgan, Eamonn O’Donoghue (Cork), Johnny Bunyan (Kerry)

1983: Semi-Final: Connacht 1-9 Munster 0-9.
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), John Galvin (Waterford), Leonard Enright, Pat Herbert, Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Sean Stack (Clare), Dermot McCurtain, Tim Crowley (Cork), Mossie Walsh (Waterford), John Callinan (Clare), Pat Horgan, Tom Cashman (Cork), Tom Casey (Waterford), Tod Nolan (Kerry), Jim Greene (Waterford), Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Sean Hehir (Clare), Dinny Cahill (Tipperary), Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Tony O’Sullivan (Cork).

1984: Semi-Final: Munster 3-21 Ulster 1-7 Final: Munster 1-18 Leinster 2-9.
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), Sean Hehir (Clare), Leonard Enright, Pat Herbert, Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Sean Stack (Clare), Pat Ryan (Waterford), John Fenton (Captain, Cork), Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Nicky English (Tipperary), Danny Fitzgerald (Limerick), Bobby Ryan (Tipperary), Kevin Hennessy (Cork), Joe McKenna (Limerick), Gerry Mclnerney (Clare), Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Donal O’Grady (Cork), Pat Horgan (Cork), Tony Nugent (Clare), Ollie O’Connor (Limerick), Tomas Mulcahy (Cork).

1985: Semi-Final: Munster 3-6 Ulster 2-6. Final: Munster 3-6 Connacht 1-11
Team: Ger Cunningham (Captain, Cork), Sean Hehir (Clare), Leonard Enright (Limerick), Pat Herbert (Limerick), Tom Cashman (Cork), Sean Stack (Clare), Dermot McCurtain (Cork), Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Pat Hartnett (Cork), Nicky English (Tipperary), Donie O’Connell (Tipperary), John Fenton (Cork), Tomas Mulcahy (Cork), Kevin Hennessy (Cork), Tony O’Sullivan (Cork).
Subs: John Callinan (Clare), Seamus Power (Tipperary), Bobby Ryan (Tipperary), Pat Ryan (Waterford), Paddy Kelly (Limerick), Gerry McInerney (Clare), Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Ollie O’Connor (Limerick), Denis Mulcahy (Cork), D. J. Leahy (Kerry)

1986: Semi-Final: Munster 1-19 Ulster 0-11 Final: Connacht 3-11 Munster 0-11
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), Paudie Fitzmaurice (Limerick), Denis Mulcahy (Cork), Tommy Keane (Clare), Daithi Foran (Waterford), Jimmy Carroll (Limerick), Bobby Ryan (Tipperary), John Fenton (Cork), Pat Hartnett (Cork), Nicky English (Tipperary), Kevin Hennessy (Cork), Cyril Lyons (Clare), Danny Fitzgerald (Limerick), Pat McCarthy (Limerick), Donie O’Connell (Tipperary).
Subs: Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Paddy Kelly (Limerick), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Jack Bergin (Tipperary), Christy Walsh (Kerry), Philip Kennedy (Tipperary), Stephen Breen (Kerry), Tony O’Sullivan (Cork).

1987: Semi-Final: Leinster 1-16 Munster 1-11
Team: Ger Cunninghan (Cork), Denis Mulcahy (Cork), Conor O’Donovan (Tipperary), Denis Walsh (Cork), Liam O’Donoghue (Limerick), Pat Hartnett (Cork), Paul Delaney (Tipperary), John Fenton (Cork), James Shanahan (Clare), Gerry McInerney (Clare), Donie O’Connell (Tipperary), Shane Aherne (Waterford), Pat Fox (Tipperary), Tommy Guilfoyle (Clare), Nicky English (Tipperary)
Subs: Ken Hogan (Tipperary), Pa Carey (Limerick), John Kennedy (Tipperary), Jim Cashman (Cork), Shane Fitzgibbon (Limerick), Aidan Ryan (Tipperary), John Russell (Clare), Michael Burke (Kerry), Mickey Mullins (Cork), Tony O’Sullivan (Cork), Terence Kennedy (Limerick)

1988: Semi-Final: Connacht 4-13 Munster 2-11
Team: Ken Hogan (Tipperary), Denis Mulcahy (Cork), Conor O’Donovan (Tipperary), Denis Walsh (Cork), Pat Ryan (Waterford), Noel Sheehy, Paul Delaney, Colm Bonnar, John Kennedy (Tipperary), Brian Finn (Limerick), Donie O’Connell (Tipperary), Shane Aherne (Waterford),Pat Fox, Nicky English (Tipperary), Mark Foley (Cork)
Subs: Tommy Quaid, Joe O’Connor (Limerick), John Heffernan (Tipperary), Michael Guilfoyle, Tommy Guilfoyle (Clare), Damien Byrne, Mossie Walsh (Waterford), Ger Fitzgerald (Cork), Shane Fitzgibbon (Limerick)

1989: Semi-Final: Munster 3-31 Ulster 1-22 a.e.t. Final Connacht 4-16 Munster 3-17
Team: Tommy Quaid (Limerick), Ger Fitzpatrick (Waterford), Conor O’Donovan, John Heffernan, Conal Bonnar (Tipperary), Liam O’Connor (Waterford), Brian Finn (Limerick), Tony O’Sullivan (Cork), Shane Aherne (Waterford), Shane Fitzgibbon (Limerick), Gary Kirby (Limerick), Michael Cleary (Tipperary), Tommy Guilfoyle (Clare), Cormac Bonnar, Nicky English (Tipperary).
Subs: Conor Stakelum (Tipperary), Colm Bonnar (Tipperary), Billy O’Sullivan (Waterford).

1990: No competition.

1991: Semi-Final: Munster 2-19 Leinster 1-10 Final: Connacht 1-13 Munster 0-12
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), Damien Byrne (Waterford), Pa Carey (Limerick), John O’Connell (Clare), Jim Cashman (Cork), Declan Ryan, Bobby Ryan (Tipperary), Mike Houlihan, Ger Hegarty, Ciaran Carey (Limerick), Tommy Guilfoyle (Clare), John Leahy (Tipperary), Billy O’Sullivan (Waterford), Ger Fitzgerald (Cork), Michael Cleary (Tipperary)
Subs: Cathal Casey (Cork), Conal Bonnar, Conor Stakelum (Tipperary), Noel Sheehy, Cormac Bonnar, Nicky English, Declan Carr (Tipperary), Tony O’Sullivan, Sean O’Gorman (Cork), Shane Aherne (Waterford), Tommy Quaid, Shane Fitzgibbon (Limerick), Christy Walsh (Kerry)

1992: Semi-Final: Munster 1-12 Leinster 0-10 Final: Munster 3-12 Ulster 1-8
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), Damien Byrne (Waterford), Noel Sheehy (Captain, Tipperary), Paul Delaney (Tipperary), John O’Connell (Clare), Jim Cashman, Denis Walsh (Cork), Mike Houlihan (Limerick), Declan Carr, Michael Cleary, John Leahy, Aidan Ryan (Tipperary), Billy O’Sullivan (Waterford), Liam Garvey (Limerick), Tommy Quaid, Pa Carey (Limerick), John Russell (Clare), Pat Buckley, Tony O’Sullivan (Cork), Cathal Casey (Cork)

1993: Semi-Final: Ulster 0-21 Munster 0-18
Team: Davy Fitzgerald (Clare), Anthony Daly (Clare), Noel Sheehy (Tipperary), Sean O’Gorman (Cork), Mike Houlihan (Limerick), Michael Ryan (Tipperary), Paul Delaney (Tipperary), Sean McCarthy (Cork), Mike O’Shea (Kerry), Ciaran Carey (Limerick), Declan Carr (Tipperary), John Leahy (Tipperary), Pat Fox (Tipperary), Sean Daly (Waterford), Barry Egan (Cork).
Subs: Nicky English (Tipperary), James O’Connor (Clare), John O’Connell (Clare), J P Hickey (Kerry), Sean Cullinane (Waterford), Denis Walsh (Cork).

1994: Semi-Final: Connacht 1-10 Munster 0-9
Team: Ger Cunningham (Cork), Anthony Daly (Clare), Sean O’Gorman (Cork), Michael Ryan (Tipperary), Declan Nash (Limerick), Stephen Frampton (Waterford), Cathal Casey (Cork), Mike Houlihan (Limerick), Tom Fives (Waterford), Frankie Carroll (Limerick), Gary Kirby (Limerick), John Leahy (Tipperary), Michael Cleary (Tipperary), Pat Fox (Tipperary), Barry Egan (Cork).
Subs: James O’Connor (Clare), Paul Flynn (Waterford) used, Davy Fitzgerald (Clare), Paul Delaney (Tipperary), Noel Sheehy (Tipperary), Sean Cullinane (Waterford), Mike Casey (Kerry), Brian O’Meara (Tipperary), Tony Browne (Waterford)

1995: Semi-Final: Munster 2-25 Leinster 5-12 a.e.t. Final: Munster 0-13 Ulster 1-9
Team: Joe Quaid, Stephen McDonagh, Mike Nash (Limerick), Anthony Daly (Clare), Dave Clarke (Limerick), Michael Ryan (Tipperary), Declan Nash, Ciaran Carey (Limerick), Colm Bonnar, Michael Cleary (Tipperary), Tony Browne (Waterford), Barry Egan, Kevin Murray (Cork), Gary Kirby (Captain, Limerick), Damien Quigley (Limerick).
Subs: Paul Flynn, Johnny Brenner (Waterford), James O’Connor (Clare), Colm Bonnar (Tipperary) used, George Frend, Raymie Ryan (Tipperary), Davy Fitzgerald, Brian Lohan (Clare), Ger Manley (Cork), Tom Fives (Waterford).

1996: Semi-Final: Munster 5-13 Ulster 0-7 Final: Munster 2-20 Leinster 0-10
Team: Davy Fitzgerald (Clare), Stephen McDonagh (Limerick), Brian Lohan (Clare), Declan Nash (Limerick), Tony Browne (Waterford), Sean McMahon, Anthony Daly (Captain, Clare), Ollie Baker (Clare), Ciaran Carey (Limerick), Michael Cleary, Declan Ryan, Tommy Dunne (Tipperary), James O’Connor (Clare), Gary Kirby, Damien Quigley (Limerick).
Subs: Liam Doyle (Clare), Brian Corcoran, Ger Manley (Cork), Mike Ryan, Colm Bonnar (Tipperary), Alan Browne (Cork) played in semi-final, Brendan Cummins (Tipperary), Raymie Ryan (Tipperary), Liam Doyle, PJ O’Connell (Clare), Paul Flynn (Waterford), Brendan O’Sullivan (Kerry).

1997: Semi-Final: Munster 1-19 Connacht 2-15 Final: Munster 0-14 Leinster 0-10
Team: Davy Fitzgerald (Clare), Stephen McDonagh (Limerick), Brian Lohan (Captain, Clare), Michael Ryan (Tipperary), Dave Clarke (Limerick), Liam Doyle (Clare), Tony Browne (Waterford), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Colin Lynch (Clare), Tommy Dunne (Tipperary), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Mike Galligan (Limerick), Michael Cleary (Tipperary), Niall Gilligan (Clare), Sean McGrath (Cork).
Subs: Colm Bonnar (Tipperary), David Forde (Clare), Paul Shelly, John Leahy and Liam Cahill (Tipperary) and Ciaran Carey (Limerick) played in semifinal. Joe Quaid, Mark Foley, James Moran (Limerick), Michael O’Halloran, PJ O’Connell, Fergal Hegarty (Clare), Tommy Dunne (Tipperary).

1998: Semi-Final: Leinster 2-15 Munster 0-9
Team: Brendan Landers, Stephen Frampton, Sean Cullinane (Waterford), Diarmuid O’Sullivan (Cork), Mark Foley (Limerick), Fergal Hartley, Brian Greene, Tony Browne (Waterford), Tommy Dunne (Tipperary), Dan Shanahan (Waterford), Brian Corcoran (Cork), Mike Galligan (Limerick), Seanie McGrath (Cork), Liam Cahill (Tipperary), Paul Flynn (Waterford).
Subs: Ollie Moran (Limerick), Fergal McCormack (Cork) used, Ken McGrath (Waterford), Brendan O’Sullivan (Kerry), Michael Slattery (Kerry).

1999: Semi-Final: Munster 0-29 Ulster 3-14 Final: Connacht 2-23 Munster 1-15
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary), Fergal Ryan, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Brian Corcoran (Cork), Liam Doyle (Clare), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Sean Og O’hAilpin, Mickey O’Connell (Cork), Tommy Dunne (Tipperary), Alan Markham (Clare), Fergal McCormack (Cork), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Liam Cahill (Tipperary), Niall Gilligan (Clare), Seanie McGrath (Cork).
Subs used: Dan Shanahan (Waterford) both games, David Kennedy (Tipperary), James Moran (Limerick) semi-final. Eamon Corcoran (Tipperary), Tom Feeney (Waterford), Brian Quinn (Clare) and Joe Deane (Cork) played in semi-final. Donal Og Cusack (Cork), Brian O’Meara (Tipperary), Peter Queally (Waterford).

2000: Semi-Final: Munster 1-19 Connacht 3-7 Final: Munster 3-15 Leinster 2-15
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary), Fergal Ryan (Captain, Cork), Diarmuid O’Sullivan (Cork), Brian Lohan (Clare), John Carroll (Tipperary), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Eamonn Corcoran (Tipperary), John Leahy (Tipperary), Peter Queally (Waterford), Alan Markham (Clare), Alan Browne (Cork), Brian O’Meara (Tipperary), Seanie McGrath (Cork), Paul Flynn (Waterford), Joe Deane (Cork).
Subs: Frank Lohan (Clare), T.J. Ryan (Limerick), James Moran (Limerick), David Forde (Clare), Derek Barrett (Cork) all used, Donal Og Cusack (Cork), Philip Maher (Tipperary), Mark O’Leary (Tipperary).

2001: Final: Munster 1-21 Connacht 1-15
Team: Brendan Cummins (Captain, Tipperary); TJ Ryan (Limerick), Philip Maher (Tipperary), Frank Lohan (Clare); Damien Reale (Limerick), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Paul Kelly (Tipperary); Ciaran Carey (Limerick), Peter Queally (Waterford); Niall Gilligan (Clare), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Sean McGrath (Cork); David Forde (Clare), Alan Browne (Cork), Eoin Kelly (Tipperary).
Subs: Brian O’Meara (Tipperary); Neil Ronan (Cork), Derek Barrett (Cork)

2002: Semi-Final: Munster 5-18 Ulster 0-10 Final: Leinster 4-15 Munster 3-17
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary); Brian Greene (Waterford), Diarmuid O’Sullivan (Cork), Philip Maher (Tipperary); David Hoey (Clare), Eamonn Corcoran (Tipperary), Sean Og O hAilpin (Cork); Peter Queally (Waterford), Tommy Dunne (Tipperary); Tony Griffin (Clare), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Ben O’Connor (Cork); Eoin McGrath (Waterford), Brian Begley (Limerick), Joe Deane (Cork).
Subs: Damien Reale (Limerick), Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Limerick), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Eoin Kelly (Waterford), Pat O’Connell (Kerry), Sean McMahon (Clare), Benny Dunne (Tipperary), Donal Og Cusack (Cork)

2003: Semi-Final: Connacht 1-20 Munster 1-16
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary); Tom Feeney (Waterford), Diarmuid O’Sullivan (Cork), Damien Reale (Limerick); Eamonn Corcoran (Tipperary), Ronan Curran (Cork), Sean Og O hAilpin (Captain, Cork); Colin Lynch (Clare), Ollie Moran (Limerick); Tony Griffin (Clare), Conor Gleeson (Tipperary), Ben O’Connor (Cork); Setanta O hAilpin (Cork), Shane Brick (Kerry), Eoin Kelly (Tipperary).
Subs: Paul Kelly (Tipperary), John Mullane (Waterford), Benny Dunne (Tipperary), John Gardiner (Cork)

2004: Semi-Final: Munster 1-21 Leinster 0-13; Final: Connacht 1-15 Munster 0-9
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary); Paul Curran (Tipperary), Philip Maher (Tipperary), James Murray (Waterford); Eamonn Corcoran (Tipperary), Ronan Curran (Cork), John Gardiner (Cork); Tony Browne (Waterford), Ollie Moran (Limerick); Dan Shanahan (Waterford), Niall Gilligan (Clare), Niall Moran (Limerick); John Mullane (Captain, Waterford), Eoin Kelly (Tipperary), Joe Deane (Cork).
Subs: Colin Lynch (Clare) for Tony Browne, John Gardiner (Cork) for Paul Curran, Kieran Murphy (Cork) for Joe Deane, Paddy O’Brien (Tipperary) for Niall Gilligan; Davy Fitzgerald (Clare), Jonathan O’Callaghan (Cork), Sean Óg Ó hAilpín (Cork), Shane Brick (Kerry). John Browne (Cork), Diarmaid Fitzgerald (Tipperary), Seamus Prendergast (Waterford), Dave Bennett (Waterford) and Benny Dunne (Tipperary) played in the semi-final.

2005: Semi-Final: Munster 0-25 Ulster 1-13; Final: Munster 1-21 Leinster 2-14
Team: Davy Fitzgerald (Clare); Eoin Murphy (Waterford), Paul Curran (Tipperary), Pat Mulcahy (Cork); John Gardiner (Captain, Cork), Ronan Curran (Cork), Diarmaid Fitzgerald (Tipperary); Ollie Moran (Limerick), Paul Kelly (Tipperary); Eoin Kelly (Waterford), Seamus Prendergast (Waterford), Diarmuid McMahon (Clare); Ben O’Connor (Cork), Micheal Webster (Tipperary), Niall Gilligan (Clare)
Subs: Alan Markham (Clare), Donal Óg Cusack (Cork), Seamus Butler (Tipperary), Tony Carmody (Clare) all used; Gerry O’Grady (Clare), Gerry Quinn (Clare), Kieran Murphy (Cork), James Murray (Waterford), Paul O’Grady (Limerick). Philip Maher (Tipperary) played in the semi-final.

2006: Semi-Final: Connacht 2-17 Munster 1-16
Team: Anthony Nash (Cork); Ger O’Grady (Clare), Stephen Lucey (Limerick), Seamus Hickey (Limerick); Diarmaid Fitzgerald (Tipperary), Conor Plunkett (Clare), Alan Markham (Clare); Paul Kelly (Tipperary), Mike O’Brien (Limerick); Diarmuid McMahon (Clare), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Tony Carmody (Clare); Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Limerick), Niall Gilligan (Clare), Eoin Kelly (Captain, Tipperary)
Subs: Niall Moran (Limerick) for Diarmuid McMahon, Shane McGrath (Tipperary) for Eoin Kelly, Barry Nugent (Clare) for O’Shaughnessy; Damien Young (Tipperary), Jonothan Clancy (Clare), Dan Shanahan (Waterford), Ollie Moran (Limerick)

2007: Semi-Final: Munster 1-21 Leinster 1-13; Final: Munster 2-22 Connacht 2-19
Team: Brian Murray (Limerick); Eoin Murphy (Waterford), Declan Fanning (Tipperary), Gerry Quinn (Clare); John Gardiner (Cork), Tony Browne (Waterford), Seamus Hickey (Limerick); Donal O’Grady (Limerick), Brian O’Connell (Clare); Shane McGrath (Tipperary), Ollie Moran (Limerick), Eoin Kelly (Waterford); John Mullane (Waterford, Captain), Dan Shanahan (Waterford), Lar Corbett (Tipperary)
Subs: Sean Óg Ó hAilpín (Cork) for O’Connell (Blood sub 20th minute to 49th minute); Niall Gilligan (Clare) for McGrath; Gerry O’Grady (Clare) for Murphy; Sean Óg Ó hAilpín for Quinn); Niall Moran for Ollie Moran); Mike O’Brien (Limerick) for Shanahan (Blood sub 58th minute to 64th minute). Gerry Kennedy (Tipperary), Sean O’Connor (Limerick), Michael Fitzgerald (Limerick), Jonothan Clancy (Clare). Conor O’Mahony (Tipperary), Michael Walsh (Waterford) and Timmy McCarthy (Cork) played in the semi-final.

2008: Semi-Final: Munster 2-14 Ulster 1-12; Final: Leinster 1-15 Munster 1-12
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary – Captain); Conor O’Brien (Tipperary), Paul Curran (Tipperary), Seamus Hickey (Limerick); John Gardiner (Cork), Gerry Quinn (Clare), Sean Óg Ó hAilpín (Cork); Tom Kenny (Cork), Brian O’Connell (Clare); Paul Kelly (Tipperary), Tony Carmody (Clare), Ben O’Connor (Cork); Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Limerick), Eoin Kelly (Waterford), Niall Gilligan (Clare)
Subs: Donal Óg Cusack (Cork) for Cummins, Lar Corbett (Tipperary) for Carmody, Declan Fanning (Tipperary) for Quinn, Seamus Callanan (Tipperary) for O’Shaughnessy, Eoin Cadogan (Cork), Pat Donnellan (Clare). Cathal Naughton (Cork), Donal O’Grady (Limerick), Brendan Bugler (Clare) and Brian Corry (Cork) played in the semi-final.

2009: Semi-Final: Connacht 2-20 Munster 2-18
Team: Brendan Cummins (Tipperary); Conor O’Brien (Tipperary), Declan Prendergast (Waterford), Eoin Murphy (Waterford); Benny Dunne (Tipperary), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Seamus Hickey (Limerick); Shane McGrath (Tipperary), Donal O’Grady (Limerick); Seamus Prendergast (Waterford), Ken McGrath (Waterford), Tony Griffin (Clare); Andrew O’Shaughnessy (Limerick), Stephen Molumphy (Waterford), Paul Kelly (Tipperary)
Subs: Diarmaid Fitzgerald (Tipperary) for Murphy (27), James Woodlock (Tipperary) for O’ Grady (h/t), Jonathan Clancy (Clare) for Kelly (49), Shane O’ Sullivan (Waterford) for McGrath (53)

2012: Semi-Final: Leinster 3-14 Munster 1-16
Team: Donal Óg Cusack (Cork); Michael Cahill (Tipperary), Paul Curran (Tipperary), Tom Condon (Limerick); John Gardiner (Cork), Padraic Maher (Tipperary), Pat Donnellan (Clare); Shane O’Sullivan (Waterford), Shane McGrath (Tipperary); Pat Cronin (Cork), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Brendan Maher (Tipperary); John Conlon (Clare), Eoin Kelly (Tipperary, Captain), Pat Horgan (Cork)
Subs: Donal O’Grady (Limerick) for McGrath injured), Stephen Molumphy (Waterford) for Cronin,  Gearoid Ryan (Tipperary) for Kelly, Pauric Mahony (Waterford) for Gardiner, Kevin Moran (Waterford) for Donnellan, Cian Dillon (Clare), Tom Murnane (Kerry), Shane Nolan (Kerry), Declan Hannon (Limerick), Nicky Quaid (Limerick), Conor O’Mahony (Tipperary), Liam Lawlor (Waterford)

2013: Semi-Final: Munster 3-20 Ulster 1-14; Final: Munster 1-22 Connacht 0-15
Team:  Anthony Nash (Cork); Shane O’Neill (Cork), Tom Condon (Limerick), Stephen Daniels (Waterford); Brendan Bugler (Clare), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Wayne McNamara (Limerick); Pat Cronin (Cork), Brendan Maher (Tipperary, Captain); Shane Dowling (Limerick), Lar Corbett (Tipperary), Paudie O’Sullivan (Cork); Graeme Mulcahy (Limerick), Shane O’Sullivan (Waterford), Pat Horgan (Cork)
Subs used: Eoin Kelly (Tipperary) for Cronin (59 mins), Tom Kenny (Cork) for S O’Sullivan, Patrick Maher (Tipperary) for Dowling (both 63), Colin Ryan (Clare) for Corbett, Gavin O’Mahony (Limerick) for McNamara (both 66), Patrick Kelly (Clare), Paul Curran (Tipperary), Pa Bourke (Tipperary), Donal O’Grady (Limerick). Shane McGrath (Tipperary) captained the team in the semi-final but was injured for the final. Noel Connors (Waterford), Brian O’Meara (Tipperary) and Paraic Mahony (Waterford) all played in the semi-final while Brendan Cummins (Tipperary) was sub-goalie in the semi-final.

2014: Semi-Final: Connacht 1-18 Munster 0-16
Team: Anthony Nash (Cork); Tom Condon (Limerick), Richie McCarthy (Limerick), Noel Connors (Waterford); Brendan Bugler (Clare), Michael Walsh (Waterford), Padraic Maher (Tipperary); Wayne McNamara (Limerick – Captain), Brendan Maher (Tipperary); Daniel Kearney (Cork), Noel McGrath (Tipperary), Stephen Molumphy (Waterford); Graeme Mulcahy (Limerick), Pat Horgan (Cork), Colin Ryan (Clare)
Subs: Michael Cahill (Tipperary) for McCarthy (HT), Shane Walsh (Waterford) for Mulcahy (51), Domhnall O’Donovan (Clare) for Condon (53), Pat Donnellan (Clare) for Bugler (59), Lorcan McLoughlin (Cork) for Horgan (66). John Conlon (Clare), Patrick Kelly (Clare), Paul Browne (Limerick), Gavin O’Mahony (Limerick), James Ryan (Limerick)

2016: Semi-Final: Munster 3-21 Ulster 0-15; Final: Munster 2-20 Leinster 2-16
Team: Darren Gleeson (Tipperary); Barry Coughlan (Waterford), James Barry (Tipperary), Noel Connors (Waterford); Diarmaid Byrnes (Limerick), Cian Dillon (Clare), Padraic Maher (Tipperary); Brendan Maher (Tipperary – Captain), Jamie Barron (Waterford); Dan McCormack (Tipperary), Michael Breen (Tipperary), Shane Bennett (Waterford); John O’Dwyer (Tipperary), Seamus Callanan (Tipperary), David Reidy (Clare)
Subs: Noel McGrath (Tipperary) for Shane Bennett (h.t.), Alan Cadogan (Cork) for B Maher (h.t.), Barry Nash (Limerick) for McCormack (h.t.), Shane Dowling (Limerick) for O’Dwyer (50), Aron Shanagher (Clare) for Breen (50), Stephen Bennett (Waterford) for Barron (51), Shane Fives (Waterford) for Coughlan (55), Tom Murnane (Kerry) for Dillon (55), Cian Lynch (Limerick) for Callanan (60+1). Anthony Nash (Cork), Tom Condon (Limerick).

Teams from 1927 to 2000 compiled by Jim Cronin for the Munster GAA Story Volume 2. (2001)

Updated from 2001 onwards by Ed Donnelly. List of Captains and Christian Names added by Ed Donnelly.


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