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Munster GAA Development Grants

Following a meeting of the Munster Council Planning and Physical Development committee on August 25th 2022, the Council is happy to confirm the development grant scheme is ready to reopen.

Please find below the new development grant guidelines for 2022 along with application forms for each of the categories.

The closing date for applications to be submitted to the Council is October 7th 2022. Applications should be submitted to the county committee for vetting and sign off before the end of September.

The County Safety and Facilities Officer will work in tandem with the Munster Council delegate on the Planning and Physical Development Committee to proof all applications before submitting them to the Council.

The final budget for the scheme will be decided once applications have been submitted and considered.


2022 Guidelines on Development Grants Procedures

Application Forms

2022 Category 1 Application Form

2022 Category 2 Application Form

2022 Category 3 Application Form

2022 Category 4 Application Form

2022 Category 6 Application Form

2022 Category 8 Application Form

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