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Guide to Appeals Process

Here at Munster GAA we are conscious of the time constraints on club secretaries. In particular when it comes to putting together an appeal. The following notes will guide club secretaries through the process by providing concise references to specific rules contained in the GAA’s Official Guide 2022.


Official Guide 2022
Rule 7.11
Pages 160 – 165

Communication and Time Limits

Official Guide 2022
Rule 4.6
Pages 64 – 66

Use of Irish in Official Documents/Correspondence

Official Guide 2022
Rule 1.7
Page 6

The Munster Hearings Committee Hear Appeals

Arising from Decisions of :-

  • A County Hearings Committee
  • A County Committee/CCC


  • Misapplication/Infringement of rules/bye laws
  • Infringement of Competition Regulations

Decision of Appeal

  • The Appeal Fails or
  • The Appeal is upheld leading to :-
    1. No further action
    2. Refer back for rehearing/reprocessing
    3. Hearings Committee substitutes its own penalty

Request For Appeal – MS Word Document

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