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08th May 2020

The GAA has released details of a survey into the role that the club membership of the Association has played in the on-going response to Covid-19.

A survey carried out by the GAA’s Community and Health department and sent to 1,600 GAA clubs across Ireland and abroad returned responses from 1,090 GAA clubs and shows that more than 19,000 club members have been involved in the provision of support to more than 34,500 people during the current health emergency.

Some 942 clubs or 86.4 per cent of those who took part in the survey said they were involved in some form of Covid-19 Community Response.

A total of 811 clubs responded to say they are involved the collection and delivery of essential goods and supplies for members of their communities unable to travel due to cocooning or other restrictions.

Additional areas of support recorded include sharing public health information, supporting members online, participation in the Club Together initiative (in partnership with SuperValu and Centra) and meal delivery.

Colin Regan, GAA Community and Health Manager, praised the on-going work of the Association’s membership.

He said: “It had become almost cliché to state that the GAA is as much a community association as it is a sporting one. Covid-19 has brought that reality into sharp focus.

“The cessation of our games has allowed a spotlight to shine on the incredible work undertaken by our volunteers on behalf of our communities.

“Their ability to immediately mobilise in response to the pandemic and maintain that effort over a prolonged period has benefitted almost 35,000 persons across the 32 counties categorised as vulnerable to Covid-19. And that does not include the usage of approximately 20 GAA facilities as vital testing venues by the public health authorities.

“This is testament to the GAA’s values of community identity, teamwork, inclusiveness, and respect, and shows that such values are not bound by the white lines of a playing field.”

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