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Changes in the Coach Education Program
The Coach Education Program is undergoing major structural change. The old Foundation Coaching Course and Level 1 Coaching Course are now being replaced by the Foundation Award Coaching Course and Award 1 and Award 2 Coaching Courses.

Foundation Award Coaching Course
This is a 7.5hour course (or 9hour dual hurling and football course) that introduces coaching. It is aimed at people who are new to coaching and want to discover what is involved in coaching. People who complete this course will be able to assist in coaching children, youth and adults. The only pre-requisite for attending the Foundation Award Course is completion of the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport Course. Foundation Award Certification is based on attendance at a Foundation Coaching Course.

The Foundation Award Course is an activity-based course with the following modules:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Movement Skills in Gaelic Games
  • Technical Skill Development
  • Introduction to Games
  • Coaching Children, Youths and Adults

Award 1 Coaching Courses

The Award 1 Coaching Courses are 16hour courses giving coaches a practical and theoretical base in helping players and teams to improve their performances. It looks at all aspects of coaching through the OTú Coaching Model. Coaches who have completed the Foundation Award Course may attend an Award 1 Course. Coaches who show an understanding of the requirements and a capacity to coach will be certified as Award 1 Coaches.

There are 3 separate courses in Award 1 – Child, Youth and Adult . Coaches select the course to attend depending on the age of the teams and players they will be coaching – Child  – Up to Under 12 grades, Youth – Under 14 to Minor grades, Adult – Under 21 and Senior Grades. Award 1 Course are activity-based with the following modules:

  • Introduction + OTú Model
  • Role of the Coach
  • Communication
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Team Play
  • Physical Fitness
  • Performance Analysis
  • Psychological Focus
  • Rules + Lifestyle
  • Conclusion

Award 2 Coaching Courses

The Award 2 Coaching Courses are 30hour courses for coaches that want to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the coaching process. It is also based on the OTú Coaching Model. There are 3 separate courses in Award 2 – Child, Youth and Adult. Coaches who have completed the relevant Award 1 Coaching Course may attend an Award 2 Course. Certification is on a Pass/Fail basis where coaches are observed coaching and display the ability to apply their learning in a practical capacity as an Advanced Coach.

Coach Education Structure

Coach Education Structure

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