Munster SHC S-Final Replay – Limerick v Waterford

Waterford defeated Limerick by 0-25 to 0-17 in the replay of the Munster Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final on Saturday at Semple Stadium Thurles.

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Round-upWaterford win through to their 5th Munster Senior Hurling Final this decade thanks to an 8 point victory over Limerick. Waterford with wind assistance in the second half eventually overcame a stubborn Limerick challenge but were made fight most of the way for their victory. John Mullane turned in a man of the match performance with six points from play while Eoin Kelly chipped in with 12 points, 10 from placed balls. But it was only in the last 10 minutes that Waterford pulled away, outscoring  Limerick by 0-7 to 0-1 from the 63rd minute onwards.  The standard of play on both sides was much improved from the drawn game six days earlier with 42 scores compared to just 20 scores a week ago. So Waterford march on and Limerick go in to the qualifiers following a game which will benefit both teams as they prepare for stiffer tests in the coming weeks.

RESULT – Waterford 0-25 Limerick 0-17

72nd minute – POINT – Waterford’s Eoin Kelly scores a point from a free – Limerick 0-17 Waterford 0-25

71st minute – POINT Limerick’s Niall Moran scores a point from a free – Limerick 0-17 Waterford 0-24

69th minute – POINT – Waterford substitute Jack Kennedy scores a good point from play. Limerick put in a gallant effort to stay in touch for most of the game but Waterford have pulled away in the last 10 minutes – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-24

69th minute – SUB – James Murray replaces Tony Browne on the Waterford team.

68th minute – POINT – Seamus Prendergast gets another point from play, his fourth of the day – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-23

68th minute – POINT – Seamus Prendergast scores a point from play for Waterford – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-22

66th minute – GOAL CHANCE – David Breen wins a low ball and takes on the Waterford full-back line. He has a half chance for goal under severe pressure but his shot is blocked out for a 65 metre free.

65th minute – POINT – John Mullane is fouled by Tomas Condon and Eoin Kelly points the resultant free – Waterford are now 5 points up with 5 minutes to play – game over? – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-21

64th minute – POINT – Seamus Prendergast scores a point from play for Waterford who are now 4 points up. Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-20

63rd minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points a free for Waterford – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-19

62nd minute – YELLOW CARD – Tomas Condon of Limerick is booked for a foul on John Mullane.

61st minute – in to the last 10 minutes – Waterford still in front but only just.

59th minute – SUB – Tomas Condon replaces Mark O’Riordan on the Limerick team.

58th minute – GOAL CHANCE – David Breen is set up by Graham Mulcahy but his first time shot is hit wide under pressure.

57th minute – SUB – Graham Mulcahy replaces Mark Foley on the Limerick team

57th minute – POINT – Niall Moran scores a point from play after good work by James Ryan – Limerick 0-16 Waterford 0-18

55th minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly scores a point from play for Waterford – Limerick 0-15 Waterford 0-18

54th minute – POINT – Seamus Hickey responds with a point from play for Limerick – Limerick 0-15 Waterford 0-17

54th minute – POINT – John Mullane is now being marked by Denis Moloney – it doesn’t matter as Mullane scores his 6th point from play – – Limerick 0-14 Waterford 0-17

53rd minute – SUB – Aidan Kearney replaces Ritchie Foley on the Waterford team

52nd minute – POINT – Dan Shanahan catches a puckout over Mark Foley and is fouled – Eoin Kelly points the free to put Waterford back in front by two points – – Limerick 0-14 Waterford 0-16

51st minute – POINT – Niall Moran catches a puckout and after a long run is fouled. Andrew O’Shaughnessy points the free for Limerick to leave just one between the sides – – Limerick 0-14 Waterford 0-15

49th minute – Waterford threaten to pull away in this game but Limerick keep adding on points to stay in touch. Any chance of a goal perhaps?

48th minute – POINT – Limerick’s Andrew O’Shaughnessy earns a free which he points himself from 22 metres out. – Limerick 0-13 Waterford 0-15

47th minute – SUB – Eoin Foley repaces Donal O’Grady on the Limerick team.

46th minute – POINT – Limerick’s Donal O’Grady scores a good point from play – – Limerick 0-2 Waterford 0-15

46th minute – POINT – John Mullane scores his 5th point from play as Waterford are now looking to put the game beyond Limerick – – Limerick 0-11 Waterford 0-15

45th minute – SUB – Eoin McGrath replaces Jamie Nagle on the Waterford team.

44th minute – POINT – Waterford’s John Mullane scores his fourth point from play – Limerick 0-11 Waterford 0-14

43rd minute – POINT – Waterford’s Shane O’Sullivan scores an excellent point from long range – – Limerick 0-11 Waterford 0-13

42nd minute – POINT – Limerick’s Andrew O’Shaughnessy points a free after Niall Moran is fouled. – Limerick 0-11 Waterford 0-12

41st minute – POINT – Limerick’s David Breen scores an excellent point from a tight angle under the New Stand – – Limerick 0-10 Waterford 0-12

39th minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points another free from long range – Limerick 0-9 Waterford 0-12

38th minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points a free from the middle of the field – Limerick 0-9 Waterford 0-11

36th minute – POINT – Andrew O’Shaughnessy scores a point from a free for Limerick – Limerick 0-9 Waterford 0-10

Second half Throw-in is won by Limerick and Andrew O’Shaughnessy wins a free in front of goal. Dan Shanahan is on the Waterford team as a substitute for the second half.

Attendance – 15,374

Half-time round-up – two points in it at the interval in favour of Waterford in a high scoring game. A complete contrast from the drawn game in terms of skill, space and the conversion of chances. Waterford will have the aid of the breeze in the second half and have had the better of the goal chances thus far. It’s the type of game where the team who scores the first goal could go on to win the game. Justin McCarthy looks to have the harder job at the interval as Waterford have had the better of the exchanges in the first half. Still all to play for but Waterford look favourites to book a place in the Munster Final as things stand. In the Munster Senior Hurling Championship though you never know.

HALF-TIME – Limerick 0-8 Waterford 0-10

35th minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly scores a pointed free from 60 metres to put Waterford in front by two points heading towards the interval – Limerick 0-8 Waterford 0-10

34th minute – YELLOW CARD – Limerick corner-back Mark O’Riordan is booked for a pull on Waterford’s Seamus Prendergast.

ADDITIONAL TIME – at least 3 minutes in the first half

32nd minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points a 65 metre free to put Waterford back in front – Limerick 0-8 Waterford 0-9

31st minute – GOAL CHANCE – Eoin Kelly gets possession after a short Limerick puck-out goes wrong. His shot for a point from 40 metres dips at the last minute but is saved by Limerick goalie Brian Murray at the expense of a 65 metre free.

29th minute – YELLOW CARDS – Limerick’s Brian Geary is booked for a bad challenge on Stephen Molumphy. Waterford’s John Mullane is booked for his part in the follow-up.

27th minute – POINT – Niall Moran scores a pointed free from 65 metres and the sides are level – Limerick 0-8 Waterford 0-8

27th minute – YELLOW CARD – Waterford Kevin Moran is booked for a foul on Seamus Hickey.

24th minute – GOAL CHANCE – Limerick’s Paul Browne has two chances for a goal in the space of 30 seconds. The first is saved by Waterford goalie Clinton Hennessy and the second hits the side net.

21st minute – A big improvement on the drawn match – 15 scores in 20 minutes. It’s a very open game so far as both sets of forwards appear to be on top of their counterparts and the chances are being converted by both sides.

20th minute – POINT – James Ryan scores his second point from play – Limerick 0-7 Waterford 0-8

19th minute – POINT – John Mullane scores his third point from play for Waterford – Limerick 0-6 Waterford 0-8

17th minute
– POINT – Niall Moran scores a point from play for Limerick after a good run takes him away from 2 Waterford defenders – Limerick 0-6 Waterford 0-7

16th minute – POINT – Paul Browne scores a point from play for Limerick – Limerick 0-5 Waterford 0-7

16th minute – POINT – Seamus Prendergast hits a good point from play – Limerick 0-4 Waterford 0-7

15th minute – POINT  – Niall Moran scores a long range point from play – Limerick 0-4 Waterford 0-6

14th minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points a free from 60 metres – Limerick 0-3 Waterford 0-6

13th minute – Limerick have come more in to the game after a bad start. It may be important as the game wears on that Waterford did not score a goal from their early chances.

11th minute – POINT – James Ryan scores a point from play from 70 metres out – Limerick 0-3 Waterford 0-5

9th minute – POINT – John Mullane scores an excellent point from play from a tight angle – Limerick 0-2 Waterford 0-5

8th minute – POINT – Seamus Hickey gets Limerick’s first point from play – Limerick 0-2 Waterford 0-4

8th minute – POINT – John Mullane scores a good point from play – Limerick 0-1 Waterford 0-4

7th minute – GOAL CHANCE – Waterford full-forward Gary Hurney looks to gain possession behind Limerick full-back Stephen Lucey but his control lets him down and the ball is cleared.

6th minute – POINT – Limerick win a free through David Breen. Andrew O’Shaughnessy points the free from 30 metres to open Limerick’s account. Perhaps they will settle in to the game now. Limerick 0-1 Waterford 0-3

5th minute – POINT – Stephen Molumphy is found by an Eoin Kelly pass and scores a point from play – Limerick 0-0 Waterford 0-3

4th minute – GOAL CHANCE – John Mullane gets in behind Damien Reale and is one on one with Brian Murray who saves with his body from point blank range.

3rd minute – the game’s first wide from Waterford’s Eoin Kelly. Waterford own the ball early on.

2nd minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly takes a good pass from Gary Hurney, rounds his man under pressure and scores a point from play off the top of the post – Limerick 0-0 Waterford 0-2

1st minute – POINT – Eoin Kelly points a free from the centre of the field – Limerick 0-0 Waterford 0-1

Throw-in – Limerick are playing with the assistance of the breeze in the first half. Limerick win the throw-in but the ball is fouled – free to Waterford from the middle of the field.

4:55pm – the preparations are nearly complete as both teams finish their warm-ups. Both sides look nervous with many balls being dropped during the pre-match drills.

4:45pm – 3 changes on the Limerick team announced during the week. Denis Moloney (Doon) starts at wing-back in place of Stephen Walsh. In the full-forward line, David Breen (Na Piarsaigh) replaces James O’Brien while Paul Browne (Bruff) replaces Donie Ryan. No personnel changes for Waterford but positional changes can be expected.

4:39pm – Waterford take the field. No personnel changes apparent from the team photograph. Long serving player Ken McGrath makes his way to the bench on crutches following an operation during the week. How will the Decies cope without his onfield presence today?

4:38pm – Limerick take the field.  There appear to be some changes. Details to come.

4:35pm – it won’t be long now before the teams take the field as the crowd begins to file in to the Field of Legends that is Semple Stadium. Most supporters were disappointed with the standard of the drawn game where 20 scores in 70 minutes told its own story. I expect a more free-flowing game today. Which team can make the most adjustments to secure an advantage over their opponents?  No doubt Davy Fitzgerald and Justin McCarthy have studied the positive and negatives from last weekend and will organise their tactical approach accordingly. Roll on 5:00pm.

4:30pm – the first (and perhaps only) helicopter arrives ahead of the game. Sure tis the only way to travel!  🙂

4:15pm – The Limerick panel arrive at the ground and the bollards (coloured red and white for some reason) are put in place. The wind seems to be getting stronger.

4:10pm – A number of Waterford players walk the pitch before getting togged out. Davy Fitzgerald looks relaxed for the moment – the calm before the storm that is the Munster Championship. No sign of the Limerick panel though 9 out of 10 supporters in the ground thus far are wearing Green. It’s early yet though!

4:05pm – Waterford’s backroom team have been in Semple Stadium for a while by the looks of it – all the necessary bollards and cones (colour coordinated in blue and white) are in place for their warm-up before the game.

4:00pm – an hour before the throw-in and there are just a few diehards in Semple Stadium an hour before throw-in of today’s replay between Limerick and Waterford. The field is looking as well as ever and unlike the drawn match last Sunday, there is little chance of rain as Thurles locals have been enjoying sunshine for most of the day. There is a breeze blowing down the field towards the Town End – perhaps worth 2 or 3 points but nothing more in my opinion.

Deise finish job in style

From the web site

John Mullane was in scorching form as Waterford booked their place in the Munster SHC final with an eight-point victory against Limerick in this semi-final replay.

Munster SHC Semi-final: Limerick 0-17 Waterford 0-25

The De La Salle forward banged over six points from play as Davy Fitzgerald’s Déise outfit set up a meeting with Tipperary or Clare on July 12. Mullane was bettered on the scoresheet by Eoin Kelly, who clipped over 0-12, but the corner forward was the outstanding player on view. Mullane bagged three points in each half and was fouled on countless occasions as Limerick’s backs struggled to cope.

Mullane and Kelly contributed 0-18 of the winning tally but there was also a significant scoring contribution from burly half forward Séamus Prendergast, who notched 0-4. Waterford came with a cracking late finish in front of 15,374 spectators, down 10,000 on the drawn game six days previously, to advance. With 12 minutes remaining, Waterford led by 0-18 to 0-16 but before six points without reply secured the win.

Prendergast bagged three in this period with Waterford’s tails well and truly up but when the chips were down, Mullane was truly superb. Waterford will now feel that the healing process following last September’s crushing All-Ireland final defeat to Kilkenny has moved on significantly and few would back against them in a Munster final, even against holders Tipperary.

This was a hugely important win for Waterford, coming off the back of letting a six-point lead slip in the drawn game between the sides last Sunday. Mullane scored four points from play in the miserable drawn match at the same venue a week ago and he was in scintillating form again here. It became clear from an early stage that this would be an infinitely better game than last Sunday’s forgettable stalemate.

And it took just 17 minutes for both sides to register as many scores, 12, as they had amassed between them during the entire first half of the rain-sodden drawn match. Waterford, who led by 0-10 to 0-8 at half-time, missed a couple of early goal chances as Mullane and Gary Hurney went close. Limerick hung in to draw level at 0-8 apiece approaching half-time, having fallen three points behind on five occasions in the opening half.

Justin McCarthy’s charges had a sight of goal themselves ten minutes before the break but Paul Browne scuffed a shot wide after making good headway at the Town End. Limerick opened with the first point of the second half to cut the gap back to just a single score but they were always playing catch up. The Shannonsiders did manage to trim the gap to the bare minimum twice more in the second half but crucially, they could never draw level and after weathering a number of storms, Waterford finished with a real flourish.

The Waterford players will view this victory as vindication after deciding on mutiny last year to oust their previous boss McCarthy.

Limerick: B Murray; D Reale, S Lucey, M O’Riordan; D Moloney, B Geary, M Foley; D O’Grady (0-1), S Hickey (0-2); P Browne (0-1), J Ryan (0-2), N Moran (0-5, 2f); O Moran, D Breen (0-1), A O’Shaughnessy (0-5f).

Subs: E Foley for O’Grady (47), G Mulcahy for Foley (58), T Condon for O’Riordan (60).

Waterford: C Hennessy; E Murphy, D Prendergast, N Connors; R Foley, M Walsh, K Moran; T Browne, S O’Sullivan (0-1); J Nagle, S Molumphy (0-1), S Prendergast (0-4); J Mullane (0-6), G Hurney, E Kelly (0-12, 8f, 1 65).

Subs: D Shanahan for Molumphy (inj, h/t), E McGrath for Nagle (46), A Kearney for Foley (54), J Kennedy (0-1) for Moran (inj, 65), J Murray for Browne (70).

Referee: B Gavin (Offaly).

Waterford’s pick-me-up

Waterford 0-25 Limerick 0-17

By Michael Moynihan for the Irish Examiner newspaper

Monday, June 22, 2009

NO COMPLAINTS this time.

Waterford and Limerick banished the lingering memory of last Sunday week’s study in dreariness with a peppery Munster SHC semi-final on Saturday night in Thurles.

The game was closer than the scoreline suggests, Waterford’s streak of unanswered points in the last ten minutes overshadowing what was a close game which entertained the 15,347 spectators.

On a dry sod both sides showed a better touch, but Waterford’s was sharper, and their delivery crisper. Their tactical rearrangements worked better too: Justin McCarthy started David Breen and Paul Browne up front for Limerick, but they weren’t as influential as Davy Fitzgerald’s expected switch of Stephen Molumphy to centre-forward, where he greatly reduced the influence of Limerick’s Brian Geary, man of the match in the drawn game.

Waterford started well against the wind, with three early points. Geary himself acknowledged that wasn’t in Limerick’s game plan: “We were trying to get some momentum going, and they tagged on three points straightaway. I don’t know if there’s something psychologically wrong with us or what, but we seem to give them a lead every time, and that’s no good in any sport.”

For all that, Limerick settled. James Ryan and Niall Moran chipped in with scores, and Waterford couldn’t get away: they were grateful to John Mullane for a livewire performance in the right corner (“John’s on fire,” said his teammate Eoin Kelly afterwards, “But I suppose he’s on fire ever since he came onto the senior team; he was outstanding.”)

Approaching half-time Geary lined Molumphy up for a ferocious – and illegal – shoulder, which effectively forced the Waterford man out of the game, but the Deise were in the driving seat, turning to play with the breeze.

“It (the wind) was strong,” said Geary later. “It was one of those if you touched the ball from eighty yards it could go over the bar. I didn’t think we used it enough in the first half, for a breeze like that.”

Waterford were breaking even in midfield, Mullane was torturing every defender who came near him, and their full-back line was well on top, but on the resumption Limerick still refused to let them out of their sights.

Andrew O’Shaughnessy became more involved, as did Seamus Hickey, and the scoreline advanced like a boxing judge’s scorecard: 50 minutes, 15-13 to Waterford; 55 minutes, 17-15; 60 minutes, 18-16.

With ten minutes left David Breen had a chance to repeat last week’s goalscoring heroics, but his touch left him down. It was a turning point, as Justin McCarthy admitted later.

“There was a point in the second half when, had we moved up a gear, we might have taken it, but we didn’t. An experienced team can respond that bit better, and if you have experienced players they can get the scores that count.

“We missed opportunities, and a chance for a goal, and they sensed that – when they sense that they put us on the back foot.”

And Waterford got the scores that counted, rattling off six unanswered points in the last ten minutes.

Seamus Prendergast pointed, won the resulting puck-out, and pointed again; Eoin Kelly steepled over a peach from the right wing; and Mullane was his busy self, winning crucial frees and firing up the crowd with his every touch.

It was a touch unfair to Limerick, who weren’t eight points poorer on the previous sixty minutes’ evidence.

“I’d be disappointed in ourselves a bit,” said Geary. “Waterford are good but we’re good enough to match them. We wouldn’t be looking up to them – we’re not in awe of them or anything like that – but they caught us in the last fifteen minutes.”

Waterford boss Davy Fitzgerald was happy but realistic at the final whistle.

“A lot of people were giving us a kick in the backside last week, but we played well for 35 minutes. We were six up. It’s very hard, when things start going against you, as happened, to turn it. You can’t panic. The moves worked today, but they mightn’t work the next day.

” I was delighted the last day. People had been saying this had affected our team and that had affected them, but we battled at the end and that’s not a bad sign in a team.”

Nor is racking up 25 scores. Waterford have serious injury concerns for the Munster final, but they look to have dispelled doubts about their mental resolve in the wake of last year’s All-Ireland final and will have every intention of making it a glorious twelfth of July.

Scorers for Waterford: E. Kelly 0-12 (o-8 fs, 0-1 65); J. Mullane 0-6; S. Prendergast 0-4; S. Molumphy, S. O’Sullivan and J. Kennedy 0-1 each.

Scorers for Limerick: N. Moran (o-2 fs) and A. O’Shaughnessy (o-5 fs) 0-5 each; S. Hickey, J. Ryan 0-2; D. Breen, P. Browne, D. O’Grady 0-1 each.

Limerick subs: E Foley for O’Grady (47), G Mulcahy for Foley (58), T Condon for O’Riordan (60), D. Ryan for O’Shaughnessy (65).

Waterford subs used: D Shanahan for Molumphy (ht), E McGrath for Nagle (47), A Kearney for Foley (54), J Kennedy for Moran (66), J Murray for Browne (70).

Referee: B. Gavin (Offaly).

Match Coverage

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The game will not be broadcast on television.

Team News

WATERFORD (Munster SHC v Limerick): C. Hennessy; E. Murphy, D. Prendergast, N. Connors; R. Foley, M. Walsh, K. Moran; T. Browne, S. O’Sullivan; S. Prendergast, G. Hurney, S. Molumphy; J. Mullane, E. Kelly, J. Nagle.

LIMERICK (SHC v Waterford): B. Murray; D. Reale, S. Lucey, S. Walsh; M. O’Riordan, B. Geary, M. Foley; D. O’Grady, S. Hickey; J. Ryan, N. Moran, J. O’Brien; A. O’Shaughnessy, O. Moran, D. Ryan.

Fixture Details

SATURDAY JUNE 20th. 2009
Munster GAA Senior Hurling Championship Semi Final Replay
Luimneach v Port Lairge at 5.00p.m.
Referee: Brian Gavin (Uíbh Fhailí)
(E.T. if Necessary)

Transport information

Iarnod  Eireann are providing a special return service from Limerick to Thurles for Saturday’s Munster hurling semi-final replay.The special train leaves Colbert Station Limerick at 2.35pm arriving into Thurles at 3.25pm. It will return from Thurles after the match at 7.30pm and is due back into Limerick at 8.15pm

In addition, there will also be some availability on some of the scheduled services from Limerick, Charleville and Limerick Junction to Heuston which stop at Thurles.

Visit the Iarnod Eireann web site for more details

Match Preview

Munster SHC Preview

From the web site

If predicting the outcome of a game were as simple as choosing the team with the greater momentum, then Limerick are the obvious choice to progress to the Munster final against either Clare or Tipperary.

Munster SHC Semi-final Replay

Semple Stadium: Limerick v Waterford, 5.00pm

Justin McCarthy’s side trailed by six points – 0-9 to 0-3 – at half-time in last Sunday’s first instalment, before a slow and steady comeback saw them reign in Waterford at the death. After a disappointing 2008 Championship campaign – which saw the Treaty tumble out of the Qualifiers against Offaly – there were definitely signs of the green shoots of some sort of recovery under their new manager. For Waterford manager Davy Fitzgerald, there will be the sense of dread that he has taken over a team in terminal decline, having failed to achieve the Holy Grail in the All-Ireland final last year.

Fitzgerald has clearly taken a very different approach to coaching to his predecessor, McCarthy, with the emphasis on building fitness and strength rather than concentrating solely on honing skills. However, it was Limerick who came stronger in the end last week and serious questions have been asked of Waterford in the last few days. Fitzgerald has responded by reshaping his attack, with Eoin McGrath dropped and Jamie Nagle promoted to the starting XV. Gary Hurney comes in at centre-forward in place of the injured Ken McGrath, who picked up a serious knee injury last week.

Into the midfield comes Tony Browne for his first competitive start of the year, with Stephen Molumphy switched to wing-forward and Seamus Prendergast moving to the other flank in a completely changed half-forward line. The extent of the changes shows just how unhappy the Clare native was with the performance last Sunday. By contrast, McCarthy has named an unchanged side – a tip of the cap to the men that battled so gamely for him in Semple Stadium.

Last week’s game was ruined somewhat by the atrocious weather, but the forecast is for more benign conditions and hopefully the standard of hurling will similarly change for the better. All the signs point to a Limerick victory, with the Moran brothers, Ollie and Niall, set for more central roles after being kept quiet on Sunday. The Treaty men look like they have plenty more improvement in them, while Waterford could struggle due to all the changes thay have made.

Waterford: C Hennessy; E Murphy, D Prendergast, N Connors: R Foley, M Walsh, K Moran; T Browne, S O’Sullivan; S Prendergast, G Hurney, S Molumphy; J Mullane, E Kelly, J Nagle.

Limerick: B Murray; D Reale, S Lucey, M O’Riordan; S Walsh, B Geary, M Foley (captain); D O’Grady, S Hickey; J Ryan, O Moran, N Moran; A O’Shaughnessy, J O’Brien, D Ryan.

Verdict: Limerick

Match Preview


It’s back to Thurles on Saturday evening for the Munster semi-final replay after the sides drew last Sunday. It’s the second time in six years that the counties have replayed a semi-final with Waterford having triumphed by two points second time around in 2003.

Last Five Championship Clashes

2009: Limerick 1-8 Waterford 0-11 (Munster semi-final)

2007: Limerick 5-11 Waterford 2-15 (All-Ireland semi-final)

2007: Waterford 3-17 Limerick 1-14 (Munster final)

2003: Waterford 1-12 Limerick 0-13 (Munster semi-final) Replay

2003: Waterford 4-13 Limerick 4-13 (Munster semi-final) Draw

Last Five Championship Replays


2006: Limerick 0-22 Tipperary 2-13 (Munster semi-final) (Second replay –after extra-time)

2006: Limerick 1-24 Tipperary 2-21 (Munster semi-final) (Replay – after extra time)

2005: Tipperary 2-13 Limerick 0-18 (Munster quarter-final) after extra-time.

2003: Waterford 1-13 Limerick 0-14 (Munster semi-final)

1996: Limerick 4-7 Tipperary 0-16 (Munster final)
Won 2, Drew 1, Lost 2.


2007: Waterford 2-17 Cork 0-20 (All-Ireland quarter-final)

2003: Waterford 1-13 Limerick 0-14 (Munster semi-final)

1998: Clare 2-16 Waterford 0-10 (Munster final)

1992: Waterford 0-16 Clare 0-14 (Munster quarter-final)

1989: Waterford 5-16 Cork 4-17 (Munster semi-final)
Won 4, Lost 1.

Seán Hawes   S.O hEachach                    Cratloe

2- Marty O’ Regan  M,O,Riagain               St. Josephs Doora/Barefield

3- Adrian Fleming A.Pleimeann                 Clooney/Quin

4- Enda Collins  E,O,Coilean                      Killanena

5- Darragh Shannon  D.O.Seanain           Corofin

6- Kevin Dilleen  K,O,Duillin                    St. Josephs Doora/Barefield

7- Alan McNamara  A.MacConmara              Killanena

8- Brian Lynch  B.O.Lionsigh                       Tulla

9- Nicky O’ Connell N.O.Conaill              Clonlara

10- Seán Chaplin S,O,Seiplin                     Cratloe

11- Peter O’ Brien   P.O.Briain                Ogonnelloe

12- Damien Kennedy  D,O,Cinneada           St. Josephs Doora/Barefield

13- Clive Earley   C,O,Mochoir                      Tubber

14- Padraig Hickey (capt) P.O.hici     Broadford

15- Blaine Earley   B.O.Mochoir                   Tubber

16- Shane O’ Neill   S,O,Neill                 Ballyea

17- Padraig Chaplin   P,O,Seiplin              Cratloe

18- Pa Reynolds  P.MacRiannaill                     Clooney/Quin

19- Cathal Chaplin  C,O,Seiplin                 Broadford

20- Alan Duggan  A.O.Duagain                     O’ Callaghans Mills

21- Noel Sheedy  N.O.Sioda                    Killanena

22- Michael Noone  M.O.Nuain               Killanena

23- Enda Harrisson E,O,hEarchai                 Clooney/Quin

24- David Ryan D,O,Riann                         Cratloe

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