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31st December 2023

After a busy season, Munster GAA Footballers of the Year Paudie and David Clifford spoke to Munster GAA to look back on 2023.

2023 Munster GAA Joint Senior Footballers of the Year – Paudie and David Clifford (Kerry)

In what has been a huge year on and off the pitch for the Clifford family, it is only right that these brothers be recognised for the fantastic ambassadors they are for Kerry GAA. Coming off a dream run with Fossa GAA in early January when they claimed their first All-Ireland Club title and then straight back into the senior set up, there is certainly no lack of work ethic here. Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention and remember with fondness their fabulous mother Ellen who passed away in May, but her love of GAA was passed on to all three of her children and every time they play, the heart and passion that they show speaks to her memory.

For Paudie, known for his powerful running through the field, his ability to pinpoint the most accurate of passes and of course the sense that when he is on the ball, he is almost conducting the game – pointing to fellow players where to run and finding the smallest pockets of space, this year saw massive performances from him and earned him his third consecutive All Star Award. His passion and drive know no bounds and he is always there to encourage teammates and give momentum when it is most needed. Paudie rises when there are scores needed for Kerry and can kick off both feet, however, his fingerprints can be found on many of the team’s scores this year as he works the ball up the pitch and finds players with his passes. Off the pitch, Paudie is extremely humble and always willing to give his time to fans both young and old and is a shining example for all young Gaelic Games players. We wish to congratulate Paudie on all that he has achieved this year and wish him every success in all his endeavours for 2024.

David is another powerhouse of the GAA and produced heroic performances for Kerry this year. When David attacks it seems as though the football is just an extension of him, and he doesn’t need to break stride to solo or hop the ball as he bypasses defenders. From high fielding and almost uncatchable marks to top class finishes in the back of the net, David’s skillset knows no bounds. Scoring huge points from outside the ’45 metre line to managing to squeeze kicks over the black spot through numerous defenders, the most striking thing about David is his selflessness and how for him it’s always about the team. David will rise when Kerry need him to, but he will also win ball and pass it off to teammates in better scoring positions. This year being named as PWC/GPA Footballer of the Year for the second year in a row really validates the ability of this young man. His skill can only be matched by his humility and David is always willing to give his time and attention to fans and to be the amazing ambassador that he is for Kerry GAA.

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