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02nd October 2017

There will be a new Senior Hurling Championship format between 2018 and 2020.

Following a lengthy debate at Croke Park on Saturday morning 62% of delegates voted for Motion 2. Initially it had been decided that Motions 2, 3, 4, and 5 would be discussed before one would go to the floor.

Ultimately it means there will be two Leinster and Munster Championship round robin groups involving five teams in each.

The top two in each group will contest the respective provincial deciders. The provincial final winners advance to the All Ireland semi-finals.

The beaten provincial finalists will contest the All Ireland quarter-finals.

Motion 6, an amendment to Motion 2, was also carried with an 87% vote ensuring the finalists in a new Tier 2 competition will play the third place teams in Munster and Leinster in a preliminary quarter-final.

All Ireland Under 21 Championship

The All Ireland Under 21 Championship will be organised initially on a provincial basis in Munster and Leinster with Galway and any Ulster team(s) as agreed by Ulster and Leinster Councils participating in the Leinster Championship between 2018 and 2020.

72% of delegates voted in favour of this proposal, but Motion 11 (an amendment to Motion 9) was also carried.

This ensures that the provincial winners of Munster will play the provincial runners-up of Leinster and the provincial winners of Leinster will play the provincial runners-up of Munster in the All Ireland semi-finals.

All Ireland Minor Championship

There will also be a restructured format for three years in the All Ireland Minor Championship.

It will initially be organised on a provincial basis in Munster and Leinster. Ulster teams, as agreed by the Ulster and Leinster Councils, will participate in the Leinster Championship.

The All Ireland series will now feature the Leinster and Munster winners advancing to the semi-final stage.

A ’round-robin’ series will be organised to produce two more All Ireland semi-finalists. The three participating teams will be Galway and the defeated Munster and Leinster finalists.

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