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04th December 2015

Munster GAA Press Release

Munster GAA Awards €1 million to Clubs

Thursday December 3rd 2015

The Munster Council has announced details of the 2015 Development Grant Scheme, funding club and school capital development projects in across the province. Council Chairman Robert Frost said “I am delighted to announce the awarding of €1 million in grants supporting development projects in 118 clubs and 6 schools throughout Munster. These grants have supported an impressive range of capital development projects, which saw GAA Clubs invest over €6 million in total. Of the fund available to us this year, Central Council provided €540,000, with the balance of €460,000 coming from our own resources.

“This year, the GAA clubs of Munster who applied to this scheme spent a total of €6.3 million in physical development and the fruits of this investment can be seen across the six counties of Munster. This level of development underlines the strength of the GAA in the province.

“The Munster Council Development Grant Scheme underlines our commitment to the promotion of our games across the province. Over the last five years, this fund has invested €5 million in Club and School projects as The Association strives to provide best in class facilities for players and supporters alike. These grants would not be possible without the great support we get from the many thousands of people who attend our games each year and we are delighted to be able to redistribute income form games to the clubs and schools of the province.”


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Date: 04th December 2015

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