Senior Hurling

Number of Titles

Cork (52)
Tipperary (42)
Limerick (19)
Waterford (9)
Clare (6)
Kerry (1)

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Senior Hurling Cup: No Name – Presented by Munster Council in 1928, new cup presented in 1990

Holders: Tipperary 2016 (Captained by Brendan Maher)

The teams listed below are those which took part in the Munster Senior Hurling Final in the year listed.

The teams in Bold went on to win the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Final in that season.

1887 – No Munster Championship

TIPPERARY (THURLES) – All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions
Jim Stapleton (Captain), Matty Maher, Tom Maher, Andy Maher, Tom Burke, Martin McNamara, Ned Murphy, Jer Dwyer, Tom Stapleton, Ned Bowe, Tom Healy, Dan Ryan, Ger Ryan, Pat Leahy, Tim Dwyer, Jack Mockler, Jack Dunne, Tom Carroll, John Leamy, Mick Carroll, Ned Lambe.

William Gleeson (Captain), Con Ronayne, Mick Murphy, James Daly, James Delea, Tim Connell, Jim Barrett, Jim Keegan, John Cullinane, John Donovan, John Crowley, Michael Cassidy, William Connor, Denis Bradley, Tim McCarthy, John Gleeson, Stephen Hegarty, Stephen Donovan, Denis Halloran, Richard Donovan, John Kennedy.

1889 – Clare w.o. Kerry scr. (Kerry did not travel)
CLARE (TULLA): John Considine (Captain, non playing), Michael Flynn, John McKenna, Pat McGrath, Pat Vaughan, Martin Russell, Thomas Coughlan, Denis McKenna, Daniel McNamara, John Moloney, Jim King, Mick Kinnery, John McNamara, Dan Quigney, Daniel Moroney, Matt O’Dea, William Moroney, Michael Corry, Pat O’Neill, Tim O’Connell, Edward Corry, Tim Donnellan

1890 – Final: Cork 2-0 Kerry 0-1
CORK (AGHABULLOGUE): Dan Lane (Captain), Jer Henchion, Tom Toomey, John Buckley, Pat Buckley, Dan Sullivan, Dan Drew, John Linehan, Dan Linehan, Tom Goode, Denis Horgan, Michael Horgan, J. Reilly, Tadjy O’Connor, Pat O’Riordan, Ger Sullivan, Dan Looney, John Kelleher, E Reilly, Pat O’Riordan, Tim O’Connor

1891 – Final: Kerry 1-1 Limerick 1-2 (Replay ordered after an objection) Replay: Kerry 2-4 Limerick 0-1
KERRY (BALLYDUFF): John O’Mahony (Captain), James Pierce, Maurice Kelly, Paddy “Carr” Carroll, Pat Flanagan, Pat Wynne, Michael J. O’Sullivan, Richard Kissane, James Crowley, Frank Crowley, J.P. Crowley, P.County, Tom Dunne, R. Dowling, Jack O’Sullivan, John Murphy, John J. Murphy, D.Boyle, J. Nolan, Maurice Fitzmaurice, Jim McDonnell

1892 – Final: Cork 5-3 Kerry 2-5
CORK (REDMONDS): (Teams reduced to seventeen aside) Bill O’Callaghan (Captain), John Kenneally, Denis Scannell, Jas Keegan, Dan Coughlan, John Cashman, William O’Connor, John O’Connor, Tom Irwin, Mickey Sheehan, John Leahy, Denis Halloran, Con O’Callaghan, Dan Drew, Pat Buckley, Michael Casserly, Jas Conway

1893 – Final: Cork 5-3 Limerick 0-0
CORK (BLACKROCK): John Curtis Murphy (Captain), Jer Norberg, Dinny Scannell, Pat Coughlan, David Hayes, John Cashman, James Delea, T O’Leary, David O’Leary, Michael Murphy, Paddy O’Keeffe, Steve Hegarty, Willie John O’Connell, Tom Irwin, John O’Connor, Pat Flaherty, Jack Cullinane.

1894 – Final: Cork 3-4 Tipperary 1-2
CORK (BLACKROCK): Stephen Hayes (Captain), Pat Coughlan, Michael Cronin, Jer Norberg, John Kidney, James Delea, David Hayes, Jamesy Kelleher, John “Boxer” O’Leary, Michael Murphy, Dan Coughlan, John Cashman, Steve Hegarty, John O’Connor, Jim Young, Jack Cullinane, Willie John O’Connell.

1895 – Final: Tipperary 7-8 Limerick 0-2
TIPPERARY (TUBBERADORA): Michael Maher (Captain), Jim Flanagan, Will Kerwick, Paddy Riordan, Johnny Connolly, Will Devane, Denis Walsh, Jack Maher, Ned Brennan, Thady Flanagan, Phil Byrne, Johnny Walsh, Peter Maher, Fergus Moriarty, Jim Gleeson, John Maher, Ed Maher.

1896 – Final: Tipperary 1-3 Cork 1-3 (Unfinished) Replay: Tipperary 7-9 Cork 2-3
TIPPERARY (TUBBERADORA): Mickey Maher (Captain), Ned Maher, Jim Flanagan, Phil Byrne, Ed Ryan, Phil Scanlan, Ned Brennan, Tim Condon, Thady Flanagan, John Walsh, Denis Walsh, Bill Devane, Jack Maher, Paddy Doherty, Jack Maher, Tommy Ryan, Johnny Connolly.

1897 – Final: Limerick 4-9 Cork 1-6
LIMERICK (KILFINANE): Denis Grimes (Captain), Jim Reidy goal, Paddy Buskin, J. Cathrell, Mick Finn, Jim Finn, Paddy “Long” O’Brien, Maurice Flynn, P. Flood, F. Dunworth, Tom “Goatee” Brazil, Sean Og Hanley, Mick Downes, Pat Mulcahy, P. Hynes, John Condon, Pat Butler.

1898 – Final: Tipperary 3-0 Cork 2-3 (unfinished owing to fading light) Replay: Tipperary 1-13, Cork 1-2
TIPPERARY (TUBBERADORA): Mickey Maher (Captain), Ned Maher, Jack Maher, Ed Ryan, Ned Brennan, Will Devane, Phil Scanlon, Denis Walsh, Johnny Walsh, Tommy Ryan, Watty Dunne, Johnny Connolly, Phil Byrne, Tim Condon, Jim O’Keeffe, Dick O’Keeffe, Thady Flanagan.

1899 – Final: Tipperary 5-16 Clare 0-8
TIPPERARY (HORSE AND JOCKEY): Tim Condon (Captain), Joe O’Keeffe, Bill Gleeson (Big) Jack Gleeson, Dick O’Keeffe, Jim O’Keeffe, Denis Walsh, Mickey Maher, Jim Ryan, Tommy Ryan, Mike Wall, Phil Byrne, Watty Dunne, Jack Flanagan, Billy Gleeson (Little), John Walsh, Ned Hayes
Sub: Jack Maher

1900 – Final: Tipperary 6-11 Kerry 1-9
TIPPERARY (TWO-MILE-BORRIS): Ned Hayes (Captain), Mickey Maher, Billy Maher, Ned Maher, Johnny Walsh, Tommy Ryan, Bill Gleeson, Jack Gleeson, Mike Wall, Jim O’Keeffe, Tom Semple, Tom Kennedy, Matty Ryan, Tom Allen, Tom Whelan, Paddy Hayes, Matt Purcell

1901 – Final: Cork 3-10 Clare 2-6
CORK (REDMONDS): Paddy Cantillon (Captain), Michael O’Reilly, Tom Irwin, Chris Young, Dave McGrath, Tom Powell, Dan O’Leary, John Delea, William Sheehan, Pat Sullivan, Jamesy Kelleher, John Ronayne, Tim Hallahan, John “Flocker” O’Neill, Denis O’Keeffe, Denis Daly, Jack Leonard.

1902 – Final: Cork 2-9 Limerick 1-5
CORK (DUNGOURNEY): Jamesy Kelleher (Captain), Jim Ronayne, Jerry Desmond, Jackie O’Shea, Johnny Daly, Will Daly, Pat Leahy, Tim Lynch, Tom Mahony, Tom Coughlan, Michael Cotter, Bill Moloney, Chris Young, Paddy Hallinan, Paddy Cantillon, Dave McGrath, Billy O’Neill.

1903 – Final: Cork 5-16 Waterford 1-1
CORK (BLACKROCK): Steve Riordan (Captain), Dan Coughlan, Tom “Honest Man” Coughlan, Jer O’Leary, Walter Parfrey, William “Billy” Mackessy, Dinny Kidney, Denis Buckley, Jamesy Kelleher, Jim Ronayne, Jerry Desmond, Michael O’Leary, Pat O’Sullivan, Willie O’Neill, Denis O’Keeffe, Dave McGrath, G. “Nigger” Martin

1904 – Final: Cork 3-10 Tipperary 3-4
CORK (ST.FINBARRS): Denis Harrington (Captain), Jimmy Harrington, Denis Sheehan, Willie Sheehan, Jer O’Leary, Bill Moloney, Denis Linehan, Jim Delea, Michael O’Leary, Jamesy Kelleher, Jim Ronayne, Bill Hennessy, Jerry Desmond, Steve Riordan, Tom Coughlan, Dave McGrath, Willie O’Neill.

1905 – Final: Cork 7-12 Limerick 1-4
CORK (ST.FINBARRS): Chris Young (Captain), James Harrington, Denis McCarthy, Michael O’Leary, Bill Hennessy, Bill Moloney, Pat O’Sullivan, John Kelly, Jamesy Kelleher, William “Billy” Mackessy, Jim Ronayne, Andy Buckley, Jerry Beckett, Denis O’Leary, Dave McGrath, Chris Nolan, Daniel McCarthy.

1906 – Final: Tipperary 3-4 Cork 0-9
TIPPERARY (TWO MILE BORRIS): Tom Semple (Captain), Jim “Hawk” O’Brien (Goal), Jer Hayes, Tom Allen, Tom Kerwick, Tim Condon, Paddy Burke, Tim Gleeson, Joe O’Keeffe, Paddy Maher, Jimmy Burke, Jack Mooney, Jack Mockler, Hugh Shelly, Tim Gleeson, Micky Gleeson, P.J. Riordan.

1907 – Final: Cork 1-6 Tipperary 1-4
CORK (DUNGOURNEY): Jamesy Kelleher (Captain), Jim Ronayne, Jerry Desmond, Tim Lynch, Bill Hennessy, Pat Leahy, Jackie O’Shea, Andy Buckley, Tom Mahony, Jack Kelleher, Steve Riordan, Tom “Honest Man” Coughlan, Dinny Kidney, Walter Parfery, Denis O’Keeffe, Pat O’Sullivan, Chris Nolan.

1908 – Final: Tipperary w.o. Kerry scr.
TIPPERARY (THURLES BLUES): Tom Semple (Captain), Tom Kerwick, Jack Mockler, Hugh Shelly, Anthony Carew, Paddy Brolan, Joe McLoughney, Jim “Hawk” O’Brien, Jack Mooney, Tom “Gaffer” Kenna, Tim Gleeson, Frank O’Meara, Jack Gleeson, Joe O’Keeffe, Willie Smee, Michael O’Dwyer

1909 – Final: Tipperary 2-10 Cork 2-6
TIPPERARY (THURLES): Tom Semple (Captain), Tom Kerwick, Martin O’Brien, Jack Mockler, Paddy Brolan, Hugh Shelly, Anthony Carew, Jack Mooney, Jim “Hawk” O’Brien, Paddy Burke, Joe McLoughney, Michael O’Dwyer, Jimmy Burke, John Fitzgerald, Tim Gleeson, Bob Mockler, Pat Fitzgerald.

1910 – Final: Limerick 5-1 Cork 4-2
LIMERICK (CASTLECONNELL): John Burke (Goal), M.Mangan, Mick Feely, Ter Mangan, Con Scanlon, Mick Harrington, Egan Clancy, Ned Treacy, Timmy O’Brien, Tom Hayes (Young Irelands), J.Madden, Patrick Flaherty, John “Tyler” Mackey (Captain), Mick Danagher, J.Carroll, D.Conway, M. Sweeney.

1911 – Final: Limerick 5-3 Tipperary 4-3
LIMERICK (CASTLECONNELL): John “Tyler” Mackey (Captain), Jacky Ryan, Paddy Vaughan, Sean Carroll, M.Sweeney, B O’Connor, Con Scanlon, Stephen Gleeson, Ned Treacy, Egan Clancy, M. Burke, Mick Harrington, J.Shea, T.Hayes (South Liberties), Patrick Flaherty, Tom Hayes (Young Irelands).

1912 – Final: Cork 5-1 Tipperary 3-1
CORK (BLACKROCK): Andy Fitzgerald (Goal), Barry Murphy (Captain – Blackrock), Dinny Barry, Connie Sheehan, Jamesy Kelleher, William O’Mahony, Paddy O’Mahony, Larry Flaherty, Mick Dorney, Mick Byrne, Jim Ronayne, Jim Murphy, William “Billy” Mackessy, Willie “Bowler” Walsh, Dan Kenefick, Andy Buckley, Jimmy Kennedy.

1913 – Final: Tipperary 8-2 Cork 4-3
TIPPERARY (TOOMEVARA): (Teams reduced to fifteen aside). Patrick “Wedger” Meagher (Captain), Bill Kelly, Jack Harty, Ned Cawley, Stephen Hackett, Frank McGrath, Mick Ryan, Jack Kennedy, Ned Gilmartin, Jack “Skinny” O’Meara, Jack Raleigh, Jimmy Murphy, Hugh Shelly, Paddy Brolan, Ed O’Keeffe.

1914 – Final: Clare 3-2 Cork 3-1
CLARE (TULLA): Ambrose Power (Captain), Joe Power, Michael Flanagan, Brendan Considine, James “Sham” Spellissy, Martin Moloney, Tom McGrath, Ned Grace, John Shalloo, Pat “Fowler” Mclnerney, John Fox, Rob Doherty, Jim Clancy, Patrick McDermott, Patrick Moloney.
Sub: Jim Guerin

1915 – Final: Cork 8-2 Clare 2- 1
CORK (REDMONDS): Connie Sheehan (Captain), Barry Murphy (Cloughdubh), Finbarr Buckley, Tommy Riordan, Larry Flaherty, Sean Og Murphy, Willie “Bowler” Walsh, Mick Byrne, Jim Murphy, Jimmy ‘Major” Kennedy, Sean Hyde, Willie Fitzgerald, Paddy O’Halloran, Tim Nagle, Jimmy Ramsell.

1916 – Final: Tipperary 5-0 Cork 1-2
TIPPERARY: Johnny Leahy (Captain), Jack Doherty, Arthur O’Donnell, Jack Power, Dick Walsh, Denis Walsh, Paddy Leahy, Willie O’Dwyer, Willie O’Dwyer, Jimmy Murphy, Joe Fitzpatrick, Hugh Shelly, Tom Dwan, Darby Collison, Jack Gleeson

1917 – Final: Tipperary 3-4 Limerick 3-4 Replay: Tipperary 6-4 Limerick 3-1
TIPPERARY: Johnny Leahy (Captain), Jack Doherty, Willie O’Dwyer, Jack Power, Dick Walsh, Paddy Leahy, Joe Nagle, Jack O’Meara, Darby Collison, Stephen Hackett, Hugh Shelly, Mick Leahy, Tommy Shanahan, Willie O’Dwyer, Joe Fitzpatrick.
Sub: John Hayes.

1918 – Final: Limerick 11-3 Clare 1-2
LIMERICK: Willie Hough (Captain), Paddy Kennedy, Dick Ryan, Mick Rochford, Dan Troy, Tom McGrath, Dinny Lanigan, Paddy Mclnerney, Willie Gleeson, Jack Keane, Paddy Barry, Bob McConkey, Willie Ryan, Jimmy Humphries, Mick Murphy.
Sub: W.McCarthy.

1919 – Final: Cork 3-5 Limerick 1-6
CORK: Jimmy Kennedy (Captain), Ned Grey, John O’Keeffe, Connie Sheehan, Paddy O’Halloran, Tim Nagle, Sean Og Murphy, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Mick Murphy, John Barry Murphy, Dick O’Gorman, Frank Kelleher, Jim Hassett, Con Lucey, Dannix Ring.

1920 – Final: Cork 3-4 Limerick 0-5
CORK: Ned Grey, Paddy O’Halloran, Sean Og Murphy, Frank Kelleher, Jim Hassett, Connie Sheehan, Dannix Ring, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, John O’Keeffe, Mick Murphy, Tim Nagle, Brendan Considine, Dick O’Gorman (Captain), John Barry Murphy, Jimmy Kennedy.

1921 – Final: Limerick 5-2 Cork 1-2 (other counties did not participate)
LIMERICK: Bob McConkey (Captain), Michael Murphy, Willie Gleeson, Jimmy Humphries, Dinny Lanigan, Dave Murnane, Willie Hough, Jack Keane, Willie Ryan, Garrett Howard, Paddy McInerney, Ter Mangan, Mick Mullane, Chris Ryan, Tom McGrath.

1922 – Final: Tipperary 2-2 Limerick 2-2 Replay: Tipperary 4-2 Limerick 1-4
TIPPERARY: Johnny Leahy (Captain), Jack O’Meara, Arthur O’Donnell, Jack Power, Paddy Power, Paddy Browne, John Cleary, Martin Kennedy, Stephen Hackett, Jack Darcy, Tom Dwan, Bill Dwan, John Joe Hayes, Joe Fitzpatrick, Pat Spillane.

1923 – Final: Limerick 2-3 Tipperary 1-0
LIMERICK: Paddy McInerney (Captain), Jack Hanley (Goal), Dinny Lanigan, Dave Murnane, Willie Hough, Jimmy Humphries, Bob McConkey, Micky Fitzgibbon, Tom McGrath, JJ Kinnane, Jack Keane, Micky Cross, Mick Neville, Willie Gleeson, Joe O’Grady.
Subs: P Shinny, Johnny O’Shea.

1924 – Final: Tipperary 3-1 Limerick 2-2
TIPPERARY: Johnny Leahy (Captain), Jim O’Meara, Martin Mockler, Pat Spillane, Stephen Kenny, Paddy Dwyer, Martin Kennedy, Arthur O’Donnell, Willie Ryan, Paddy Leahy, Paddy Power, Jack Darcy, Tom Duffy, Joe Fitzpatrick, John Joe Hayes

1925 – Final: Tipperary 6-6 Waterford 1-2
TIPPERARY: Arthur O’Donnell goal, Johnny Leahy (Captain), Martin Mockler, Mick Darcy, Paddy Dwyer, Martin Kennedy, Jack Power, Willie Ryan, Paddy Leahy, Paddy Power, Jack Darcy, Tom Duffy, Phil Cahill, William Quinn, Stephen Kenny.

1926 – Final: Cork 0-0 Tipperary 1-2 (abandoned) 1st Replay: Cork 4-1 Tipperary 3-4
2nd Replay: Cork 3-6 Tipperary 2-4
CORK: Sean Og Murphy (Captain), John Coughlan goal, Eudie Coughlan, Jim Hurley, Edward O’Connell, Mick Murphy, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Mick “Gah” Aherne, D.J. Kearney, Bill Higgins, Maurice Murphy, David Aherne, Dinny Barry-Murphy, Jim O’Regan, Phil O’Sullivan.
Subs: Matt Murphy, Paddy Delea, Mick O’Connell.

1927 – Final: Cork 5-3 Clare 3-4
CORK: Miah Burke goal, Sean Og Murphy (Captain), Maurice Murphy, Willie Donnelly, Jim Hurley, Bill Higgins, Eudie Coughlan, Edward O’Connell, Mick Leahy, Matt Murphy, Paddy Delea, Connie O’Halloran, Peter Daly, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Dinny Barry Murphy

1928 – Final: Cork 2-2 Clare 2-2 Replay: Cork 6-4 Clare 2-2
CORK: Sean Og Murphy (Captain), Miah Burke goal, Jim O’Regan, Jim Hurley, Eudie Coughlan, Dinny Barry Murphy, Tom Barry, Paddy Delea, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Mick “Gah” Aherne, Mick Leahy, Morgan Madden, Mick O’Connell, Peter O’Grady, Edward O’Connell.

1929 – Final: Cork 4-6 Waterford 2-3
CORK: Dinny Barry Murphy (Captain), Miah Burke goal, Morgan Madden, Edward O’Connell, Paddy “Fox” Collins, Jim O’Regan, Tom Barry, Eudie Coughlan, Jim Hurley, Mick O’Connell, Peter O’Grady, Johnny Kenneally, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Mick “Gah” Aherne, Paddy Delea.

1930 – Final: Tipperary 6-4 Clare 2-8
TIPPERARY: Tommy O’Meara, Jimmy O’Loughlin, Paul McKenna, Mick Ryan, John Maher, Phil Purcell, Tommy Butler, Tommy Treacy, Jack McKenna, Phil Cahill, Mick Cronin, Tommy Leahy, John Joe Callanan (Captain), Martin Kennedy, Jimmy Harney.

1931 – Final: Cork 1-9 Waterford 4-0 Replay: Cork 5-4 Waterford 1-2
CORK: John Coughlan, Morgan Madden, Edward O’Connell, Paddy “Fox” Collins, Dinny Barry Murphy, Jim O’Regan, Tom Barry, Jim Hurley, Mick O’Connell, Eudie Coughlan, Mick “Gah” Aherne, Peter O’Grady, Paddy Delea, Paddy “Balty” Aherne, Willie Clancy.

1932 – Final: Clare 5-2 Cork 4-1
CLARE: Tommy Daly, Pat Mclnerney, John Joe Doyle (Captain), Jim Higgins, Jim Hogan, Jim Houlihan, Larry Blake, Mick O’Rourke, Jack Gleeson, Mick Falvey, Tom McInerney, Martin Connery, Jim Mullane, Tom Burnell, Tull Considine.
Subs: Tom Mullane, Tony Nealon.

1933 – Final: Limerick 3-7 Waterford 1-2
LIMERICK: Micky Fitzgibbon (Captain), Paddy Scanlan, Micky Cross, Garrett Howard, Christy O’Brien, Paddy Clohessy, Dave Clohessy, Tom McCarthy, Timmy Ryan, John Mackey, Mick Mackey, Ned Cregan, Mick Ryan, Pat Ryan, Jim Roche.

1934 – Final: Limerick 4-8 Waterford 2-5
LIMERICK: Timmy Ryan (Captain), Paddy Scanlan, John Mackey, Mick Mackey, Jim Close, Paddy Clohessy, Dave Clohessy, Tom McCarthy, Ned Cregan, Mick Kennedy, Micky Cross, Mick Ryan, Jim Roche, Jackie O’Connell, Garrett Howard.

1935 – Final: Limerick 5-5 Tipperary 1-4
LIMERICK: Paddy Scanlan, Ned Cregan, Tom McCarthy, Mick Kennedy, Micky Cross, Garrett Howard, Jackie Power, Timmy Ryan (Captain), Mick Ryan, John Mackey, Mick Mackey, Jim Roche, Dave Clohessy, Paddy McMahon, Jim Close.

1936 – Final: Limerick 8-5 Tipperary 4-6
LIMERICK: Paddy Scanlan, Paddy Carroll, Tom McCarthy, Mick Kennedy, Micky Cross, Paddy Clohessy, Garrett Howard, Timmy Ryan, Mick Ryan, John Mackey, Mick Mackey (Captain), Jim Roche, Dave Clohessy, Paddy McMahon, Jim Close.

1937 – Final: Tipperary 6-3 Limerick 4-3
TIPPERARY: Tom Butler, Denis O’Gorman, Ger Cornally, Jim Lanigan (Captain), Johnny Ryan, John Maher, Willie Wall, Jim Cooney, Jack Gleeson, Jimmy “Butler” Coffey, Tommy Treacy, Tommy Doyle, Bill O’Donnell, Denis “Bunny” Murphy, Paddy Ryan (Sweeper).

1938 – Final: Waterford 3-5 Clare 2-5
WATERFORD: Mick Curley, Con Curley, Charlie Ware, Johnny Fanning, Willie Walsh (Captain), John Keane, Jimmy Mountain, Christy Moylan, Sean Feeney, Willie Barron, Tom Greaney, Danny Wyse, Jimmy Halpin, Locky Byrne, Declan Goode.
Sub: Jackie Butler.

1939 – Final: Cork 4-3 Limerick 3-4
CORK: Jim Buttimer, Paddy O’Donovan, Batt Thornhill, Alan Lotty, Willie Campbell, John Quirke, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Jack Barrett, Connie Buckley, Jack Lynch (Captain), Bobby Dinneen, Jim Young, Bobby Ryng, Ted O’Sullivan, Micka Brennan.
Sub: Willie Tabb.

1940 – Final: Limerick 4-3 Cork 3-6 Replay: Limerick 3-3 Cork 2-4
LIMERICK – Replay: Paddy Scanlan, Jim McCarthy, Mick Hickey, Mick Kennedy, Tommy Cooke, Paddy Clohessy, Peter Cregan, Timmy Ryan, John Mackey, Jackie Power, Mick Mackey (Captain), Dick Stokes, Tony Herbert, Paddy McMahon, Jim Roche.
Sub: Ned Chawke

1941 – Final: Tipperary 5-4 Cork 2-5
TIPPERARY: Jimmy Maher, Denis O’Gorman, Ger Cornally, Tom Hayes, Johnny Ryan (Captain), John Maher, Tommy Doyle, Bill O’Donnell, Neil Condon, Mutt Ryan, James Heaney, Peader Flanagan, Jim Ryan, Tommy Treacy, Jer Looby.
CORK – 1941 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions – Tipperary were unable to play the Munster Final due to the Foot and Mouth disease in Ireland in 1941. As a result, Cork were nominated to represent Munster and duly won the All-Ireland Final. A few weeks later, Cork lost to Tipperary in the delayed Munster Final.

1942 – Final: Cork 4-15 Tipperary 4-1
CORK: Ned Porter goal, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Batt Thornhill, Con Murphy, Con Cottrill, Din Joe Buckley, Jim Young, Jack Lynch (Captain), Paddy O’Donovan, Christy Ring, Sean Condon, Mick Kennefick, Charlie Tobin, John Quirke, Derry Beckett.

1943 – Final: Cork 2-13 Waterford 3-8
CORK: Tom Mulcahy, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Batt Thornhill, Alan Lotty, Billy Murphy, Con Murphy, Con Cottrill, Jack Lynch, Paddy O’Donovan, Mick Kennefick (Captain), Christy Ring, Jim Young, John Quirke, Ted O’Sullivan, Micka Brennan.
Sub: Paddy Hayes.

1944 – Final: Cork Cork 6-7 Limerick 4-13 Replay: Cork 4-6 Limerick 3-6
CORK: Tom Mulcahy goal, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Batt Thornhill, Con Murphy, Din Joe Buckley, Alan Lotty, Jim Young, Con Cottrill, Jack Lynch, Christy Ring, Paddy Healy, Sean Condon (Captain), John Quirke, Jim Morrison, Joe Kelly.
Sub: Paddy O’Donovan.

1945 – Final: Tipperary 4-3 Limerick 2-6
TIPPERARY: Jimmy Maher, Johnny Ryan, Ger Cornally, Flor Coffey, Jim Devitt, John Maher (Captain), Tom Purcell, Tom Wall, Harry Gouldsboro, Matty Ryan, Tony Brennan, Tommy Doyle, John Coffey, Tommy O’Keeffe, Eddie Gleeson.

1946 – Final: Cork 3-8 Limerick 1-3
CORK: Tom Mulcahy goal, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Con Murphy (Valley Rovers), Din Joe Buckley, Paddy O’Donovan, Alan Lotty, Jim Young, Jack Lynch, Con Cottrill, Paddy Healy, Christy Ring (Captain), Con Murphy (Bride Rovers), Mossy O’Riordan, Gerry O’Riordan, Joe Kelly.

1947 – Final: Cork 2-6 Limerick 2-3
CORK: Tom Mulcahy, Willie “Long Puck” Murphy, Con Murphy, Din Joe Buckley, Paddy O’Donovan, Alan Lotty, Jim Young, Jack Lynch, Con Cottrill, Sean Condon (Captain), Christy Ring, Con Murphy, Mossy O’Riordan, Gerry O’Riordan, Joe Kelly.

1948 – Final: Waterford 4-7 Cork 3-9
WATERFORD: Jim Ware (goal and Captain), Andy Fleming, John Cusack, Jackie Goode, Davy Power, Vin Baston, Mick Hayes, Johnny O’Connor, Eddie Carew, Willie Galvin, John Keane, Christy Moylan, Kevin O’Connor, Ned Daly, Tom Curran.
Sub: Larry Fanning.

1949 – Final: Tipperary 1-16 Limerick 2-10
TIPPERARY: Tony Reddin, Mickey “Rattler” Byrne, Tony Brennan, John Doyle, Jimmy Finn, Pat Stakelum (Captain), Paddy Furlong, Tommy Doyle, Phil Shanahan, Sean Kenny, Tommy Ryan, Mick Ryan, Seamus Bannon, Ned O’Gorman, Bob Stakelum.
Subs: Nicholas Mockler, Paddy Kenny.

1950 – Final: Tipperary 2-17 Cork 3-11
TIPPERARY: Tony Reddin, Mickey “Rattler” Byrne, Tony Brennan, John Doyle, Seamus Bannon, Pat Stakelum, Tommy Doyle, Phil Shanahan, Sean Kenny (Captain), Ned Ryan, Mick Ryan, Tommy Ryan, Paddy Kenny, Sonny Maher, Jimmy Kennedy.

1951 – Final: Tipperary 2-11 Cork 2-9
TIPPERARY: Tony Reddin, Mickey “Rattler” Byrne, Tony Brennan, John Doyle, Jimmy Finn (Captain), Pat Stakelum, Tommy Doyle, Seamus Bannon, Phil Shanahan, Ned Ryan, Mick Ryan, Tim Ryan, Paddy Kenny, Sonny Maher, Jimmy Kennedy.
Sub: Connie Keane.

1952 – Final: Cork 1-11 Tipperary 2-6
CORK: Dave Creedon, Gerry O’Riordan, John Lyons, Tony O’Shaughnessy, Willy John Daly, Vincy Twomey, Sean O’Brien, Joe Twomey, Gerald Murphy, Mossy O’Riordan, Josie Hartnett, Christy Ring, Paddy Healy, Liam Dowling, Paddy Barry (Captain).

1953 – Final: Cork 3-10 Tipperary 1-11
CORK: Dave Creedon, Gerry O’Riordan, John Lyons, Tony O’Shaughnessy, Matt Fuohy, Derry Hayes, Vincy Twomey, Joe Twomey, Gerard Murphy, Willy John Daly, Josie Hartnett, Christy Ring (Captain), Terry Kelly, Liam Dowling, Paddy Barry
Sub: Jimmy Lynam

1954 – Final: Cork 2-8 Tipperary 1-8
CORK: Dave Creedon, Gerry O’Riordan, John Lyons, Tony O’Shaughnessy, Mick Cashman, Gerald Murphy, Paddy Barry, Matt Fuohy, Vincy Twomey, Derry Hayes, Josie Hartnett, Christy Ring (Captain), Tom O’Sullivan, Willy John Daly, Johnny Clifford
Sub: Willie Moore

1955 – Final: Limerick 2-15 Clare 2-6
LIMERICK: Paddy Cunneen, Donal Broderick, Paddy Enright, Jim Keogh, Eugene Noonan, Seamus Ryan, Jack Quaid, Tommy Casey, Jim Quaid, Ralph Prendergast, Dermot Kelly, Liam Ryan (Captain), Gerry Fitzgerald, Sean Leonard, Vivian Cobbe.

1956 – Final: Cork 5-5 Limerick 3-5
CORK: Mick Cashman, Jimmy Brohan, John Lyons, Vincy Twomey, Paddy Dowling, Willie John Daly, Paddy Philpott, Gerald Murphy, Mick O’Regan, Paddy Barry, Josie Hartnett, Christy O’Shea, Florry O’Mahony, Terry Kelly, Christy Ring (Captain).

1957 – Final: Waterford 1-11 Cork 1-6
WATERFORD: Dick Roche, Tom Cunningham, Austin Flynn, John Barron, Michael O’Connor, Martin ‘Og’ Morrissey, Phil Grimes (Captain), Johnny O’Connor, Mick Flannelly, Tom Cheasty, Frankie Walsh, Seamus Power, John Kiely, Larry Guinan, Donal Whelan
Sub: Mick Lacey, Ned Power.

1958 – Final: Tipperary 4-12 Waterford 1-5
TIPPERARY: John O’Grady, Mickey “Rattler” Byrne, Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Jimmy Finn, Tony Wall (Captain), John Doyle, Theo English, John Hough, Donie Nealon, Tom Larkin, Jimmy Doyle, Larry Keane, John McGrath, Liam Connolly.

1959 – Final: Waterford 3-9 Cork 2-9
WATERFORD: Ned Power, Joe Harney, Austin Flynn, John Barron, Mick Lacey, Martin ‘Og’ Morrissey, Jackie Condon, Seamus Power, Phil Grimes, Larry Guinan, Tom Cheasty, Frankie Walsh (Captain), Charlie Ware, Donal Whelan, John Kiely.
Sub: Tom Cunningham.

1960 – Final: Tipperary 4-13 Cork 4-11
TIPPERARY: Terry Moloney, Matt Hassett, Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Mick Burns, Tony Wall (Captain), John Doyle, Tom Ryan, Theo English, Jimmy Doyle, Liam Devaney, Donie Nealon, Liam Connolly, Tom Moloughney, Sean McLoughlin.

1961 – Final: Tipperary 3-6 Cork 0-7
TIPPERARY: Donal O’Brien goal, Matt Hassett (Captain), Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Matt O’Gara, John Doyle, Mick Burns, Theo English, Liam Devaney, Jimmy Doyle, Donie Nealon, Tom Ryan, Tom Moloughney, Billy Moloughney, Sean McLoughlin.
Sub: John “Mackey” McKenna.

1962 – Final: Tipperary 5-14 Waterford 2-3
TIPPERARY: Donal O’Brien, John Doyle, Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Matt O’Gara, Tony Wall, Mick Burns, Theo English, Liam Devaney, Jimmy Doyle (Captain), John “Mackey” McKenna, Tom Ryan, Donie Nealon, Tom Moloughney, Sean McLoughlin.

1963 – Final: Waterford 0-11 Tipperary 0-8
WATERFORD: Ned Power, Tom Cunningham, Austin Flynn, Jimmy Byrne, Larry Guinan, Martin ‘Og’ Morrissey, Jim Irish, John Meaney, Joe Condon (Captain), Mick Flannelly, Tom Cheasty, Frankie Walsh, Seamus Power, John Barron, Phil Grimes.
Sub: Mick Dempsey.

1964 – Final: Tipperary 3-13 Cork 1-5
TIPPERARY: John O’Donoghue, John Doyle, Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Mick Burns, Tony Wall, Michael Murphy (Captain), Theo English, Mick Roche, Michael “Babs” Keating, Larry Kiely, Donie Nealon, Jimmy Doyle, Sean McLoughlin, John “Mackey” McKenna.

1965 – Final: Tipperary 4-11 Cork 0-5
TIPPERARY: John O’Donoghue, John Doyle, Michael Maher, Kieran Carey, Mick Burns, Tony Wall, Len Gaynor, Theo English, Mick Roche, Jimmy Doyle (Captain), Liam Devaney, Paddy Doyle, Donie Nealon, John “Mackey” McKenna, Sean McLoughlin.

1966 – Final: Cork 4-9 Waterford 2-9
CORK: Paddy Barry, Peter Doolan, Tom O’Donoghue, Denis Murphy, Tony Connolly, Denis O’Riordan, Paddy Fitzgerald, Justin McCarthy, Mick Waters, Seanie Barry, John O’Halloran, Gerard McCarthy (Captain), Charlie McCarthy, Colm Sheehan, John Bennett.

1967 – Final: Tipperary 4-12 Clare 2-6
TIPPERARY: John O’Donoghue, John Doyle, Kieran Carey, Noel O’Gorman, Mick Burns, Tony Wall, Len Gaynor, Theo English, Mick Roche (Captain), Donie Nealon, Larry Kiely, Liam Devaney, John Flanagan, Michael “Babs” Keating, Sean McLoughlin

1968 – Final: Tipperary 2-13 Cork 1-7
TIPPERARY: John O’Donoghue, Matt Stapleton, John Costigan, John Gleeson, Mick Burns, Mick Roche (Captain), Len Gaynor, P.J. Ryan, Donie Nealon, Michael “Babs” Keating, Jimmy Ryan, Jimmy Doyle, John “Mackey” McKenna, Sean McLoughlin, Liam Devaney.

1969 – Final: Cork 4-6 Tipperary 0-9
CORK: Paddy Barry, Tony Maher, Tom O’Donoghue, Denis Murphy (Captain), Donal Clifford, Justin McCarthy, Gerard McCarthy, Denis Coughlan, Roger Tuohy, Tomas Ryan, Willie Walsh, Pat Hegarty, Charlie McCarthy, Charlie Cullinane, Eddie O’Brien.
Sub: Ray Cummins.

1970 – Final: Cork 3-10 Tipperary 3-8
CORK: Paddy Barry (Captain), Tony Maher, Pat McDonnell, John Horgan, Pat Hegarty, Donal Clifford, Con Roche, Gerard McCarthy, Joe Murphy, Tomas Ryan, Willie Walsh, Eddie O’Brien, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Charlie Cullinane.
Subs: Seamus Looney, Jerry O’Sullivan, Seanie Barry.

1971 – Final: Tipperary 4-16 Limerick 3-18
TIPPERARY: Peter O’Sullivan, Noel Lane, John Kelly, John Gleeson, Tadhg O’Connor (Captain), Mick Roche, Len Gaynor, Seamus Hogan, P.J. Ryan, Francis Loughnane, Noel O’Dwyer, John Flanagan, Jimmy Doyle, Michael “Babs” Keating, Dinny Ryan.
Subs: Liam King, Roger Ryan, Paul Byrne.

1972 – Final: Cork 6-18 Clare 2-8
CORK: Paddy Barry, Tony Maher, Pat McDonnell, Brian Murphy, Frank Norberg (Captain), Seamus Looney, Con Roche, Justin McCarthy, Denis Coughlan, Gerard McCarthy, Mick Malone, Pat Hegarty, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Sean O’Leary.
Sub: Ted O’Brien.

1973 – Final: Limerick 6-7 Tipperary 2-18
LIMERICK: Seamus Horgan, Willie Moore, Pat Hartigan, Jim O’Brien, Phil Bennis, Jim O’Donnell, Sean Foley, Eamonn Grimes (Captain), Richie Bennis, Liam O’Donoghue, Mossy Dowling, Bernie Hartigan, Frankie Nolan, Ned Rea, Eamonn Cregan.
Sub: Tom Ryan

1974 – Final: Limerick 6-14 Clare 3-9
LIMERICK: Seamus Horgan, Willie Moore, Pat Hartigan, Jim O’Brien, Tom Ryan, Eamonn Cregan, Sean Foley (Captain), Bernie Hartigan, Eamonn Grimes, Joe McKenna, Richie Bennis, Paudie Fitzmaurice, Liam O’Donoghue, Ned Rea, Frankie Nolan.
Subs: Paddy Kelly, Willie Fitzmaurice, Jim O’Donnell.

1975 – Final: Cork 3-14 Limerick 0-12
CORK: Martin Coleman, Tony Maher, Pat McDonnell, Brian Murphy, Pat Hegarty, Martin O’Doherty, Con Roche, Gerard McCarthy (Captain), Pat O’Connor, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Willie Walsh, Dinny Allen, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Sean O’Leary.
Subs: Teddy O’Brien, John Horgan, John Fenton.

1976 – Final: Cork 3-15 Limerick 4-5
CORK: Martin Coleman, Brian Murphy, Pat Barry, Martin O’Doherty, John Crowley, John Horgan, Denis Coughlan, Gerard McCarthy, Pat Moylan, Mick Malone, Brendan Cummins, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins (Captain), Sean O’Leary.
Subs: Denis Burns, John Allen, Pat McDonnell.

1977 – Final: Cork 4-15 Clare 4-10
CORK: Martin Coleman, Brian Murphy, Martin O’Doherty (Captain), John Horgan, John Crowley, Pat McDonnell, Denis Coughlan, Tom Cashman, Tim Crowley, Mick Malone, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Gerard McCarthy, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Sean O’Leary.
Sub: Dermot McCurtain.

1978 – Final: Cork 0-13 Clare 0-11
CORK: Martin Coleman, Denis Burns, Martin O’Doherty, John Horgan, Dermot McCurtain, John Crowley, Denis Coughlan, Tom Cashman, Tim Crowley, Gerard McCarthy, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Pat Moylan, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Mick Malone.
Subs: Eamonn O’Donoghue, Pat Horgan.

1979 – Final: Cork 2-14 Limerick 0-9
CORK: Martin Coleman, Brian Murphy, Martin O’Doherty, John Horgan, Dermot McCurtain, John Crowley, Denis Coughlan, John Fenton, Pat Moylan, Tim Crowley, Gerard McCarthy, Tom Cashman, Charlie McCarthy, Ray Cummins, Jimmy Barry-Murphy.

1980 – Final: Limerick 2-14 Cork 2-10
LIMERICK: Tommy Quaid, Donal Murray, Leonard Enright, Dom Punch, Paudie Fitzmaurice, Mossy Carroll, Sean Foley (Captain), Jimmy Carroll, David Punch, Liam O’Donoghue, John Flanagan, Willie Fitzmaurice, Ollie O’Connor, Joe McKenna, Eamonn Cregan.

1981 – Final: Limerick 3-12 Clare 2-9
LIMERICK: Tommy Quaid, Paudie Fitzmaurice (Captain), Leonard Enright, Pat Herbert, Liam O’Donoghue, Sean Foley, Dom Punch, Mike Grimes, Jimmy Carroll, Paddy Kelly, John Flanagan, Brian Carroll, Ollie O’Connor, Joe McKenna, Eamonn Cregan.
Sub: Willie Fitzmaurice.

1982 – Final: Cork 5-31 Waterford 3-6
CORK: Ger Cunningham, Brian Murphy, Martin O’Doherty, John Blake, John Buckley, John Crowley, Dermot MacCurtain, Tom Cashman, Tim Crowley, Tony O’Sullivan, Pat Horgan, Jimmy Barry-Murphy (Captain), Sean O’Leary, Ray Cummins, Kevin Hennessy.
Subs: John Fenton, Donal O’Grady, Eamonn O’Donoghue.

1983 – Final: Cork 3-22 Waterford 0-12
CORK: Ger Cunningham, Brian Murphy, Donal O’Grady, Dermot MacCurtain, Pat Horgan, John Crowley, Tom Cashman, Tim Crowley, John Fenton, Bertie Og Murphy, Kevin Hennessy, John Buckley, Tomas Mulcahy, Jimmy Barry-Murphy (Captain), Eamonn O’Donoghue.
Sub: Tony O’Sullivan.

1984 – Final: Cork 4-15 Tipperary 3-14
CORK: Ger Cunningham, Denis Mulcahy, Donal O’Grady, John Hodgins, Tom Cashman, John Crowley, Dermot MacCurtain, John Fenton (Captain), Pat Hartnett, Pat Horgan, Tim Crowley, Kevin Hennessy, Tomas Mulcahy, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Sean O’Leary.
Subs: John Blake, Tony O’Sullivan, Denis Walsh.

1985 – Final: Cork 4-17 Tipperary 4-11
CORK: Ger Cunningham (Captain), Denis Mulcahy, John Crowley, John Blake, Tom Cashman, Pat Horgan, Dermot McCurtain, Pat Hartnett, John Fenton, Denis Walsh (Cloughdubh), Tim Crowley, Kevin Hennessy, Tomas Mulcahy, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Tony O’Sullivan.
Subs: Colm O’Neill, John Hodgins.

1986 – Final: Cork 2-18 Clare 3-12
CORK: Ger Cunningham, John Crowley, Denis Mulcahy, John Hodgins, Denis Walsh (St Catherines), Tom Cashman (Captain), Dermot McCurtain, John Fenton, Pat Hartnett, Tony O’Sullivan, Kevin Hennessy, Jim Cashman, John Fitzgibbon, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Tomas Mulcahy.
Sub: Pat Horgan.

1987 – Final: Tipperary 1-18 Cork 1-18 Replay: Tipperary 4-22 Cork 1-22 (after extra-time)
TIPPERARY: Ken Hogan, John Heffernan, Conor O’Donovan, Seamus Gibson, Richard Stakelum (Captain), John Kennedy, Paul Delaney, Colm Bonnar, Pat Fitzelle, Gerry Williams, Donie O’Connell, Aidan Ryan, Pat Fox, Nicky English, Bobby Ryan.
Subs Martin McGrath, Michael Doyle, Gerry Stapleton, Joe Hayes, John McGrath played in drawn game. Liam Stokes, Philip Kenny substituted.

1988 – Final: Tipperary 2-19 Cork 1-13
TIPPERARY: Ken Hogan, Conor O’Donovan, Noel Sheehy, Seamus Gibson, Bobby Ryan, John Kennedy, Paul Delaney, Colm Bonnar, Joe Hayes, Declan Ryan, Donie O’Connell, Aidan Ryan, Pat Fox, Nicky English, Pat O’Neill (Captain)
Subs: John Leahy, Cormac Bonnar.

1989 – Final: Tipperary 0-26 Waterford 2-8
TIPPERARY: Ken Hogan, John Heffernan, Conor O’Donovan, Noel Sheehy, Conal Bonnar, Bobby Ryan (Captain), Paul Delaney, Colm Bonnar, Declan Ryan, Michael Cleary, Joe Hayes, John Leahy, Pat Fox, Cormac Bonnar, Nicky English.
Subs: John Cormack, John Kennedy, Aidan Ryan.

1990 – Final: Cork 4-16 Tipperary 2-14
CORK: Ger Cunningham, John Considine, Denis Walsh, Sean O’Gorman, Seanie McCarthy, Jim Cashman, Kieran McGuckian (Captain), Brendan O’Sullivan, Pat Buckley, Dave Quirke, Mark Foley, Tony O’Sullivan, Ger Fitzgerald, Kevin Hennessy, John Fitzgibbon.
Subs: Anthony O’Sullivan, Cathal Casey.

1991 – Final: Tipperary 2-16 Cork 4-10 Replay: Tipperary 4-19 Cork 4-15
TIPPERARY: Ken Hogan, Paul Delaney, Noel Sheehy, Michael Ryan, John Madden, Bobby Ryan, Conal Bonnar, Colm Bonnar, Declan Carr (Captain), Declan Ryan, Donie O’Connell, John Leahy, Pat Fox, Cormac Bonnar, Michael Cleary.
Subs: Aidan Ryan, Joe Hayes. Conor O’Donovan, Joe Hayes, Nicky English played in drawn game.

1992 – Final: Cork 1-22 Limerick 3-11
CORK: Ger Cunningham, Brian Corcoran, Denis Mulcahy, Sean O’Gorman, Cathal Casey, Jim Cashman, Denis Walsh, Pat Buckley, Seanie McCarthy, Ger Fitzgerald (Captain), Tony O’Sullivan, Tomas Mulcahy, Barry Egan, Kevin Hennessy, John Fitzgibbon.
Subs: Ger Manley, Teddy McCarthy.

1993 – Final: Tipperary 3-27 Clare 2-12
TIPPERARY: Ken Hogan, Paul Delaney, Noel Sheehy, Michael Ryan, Raymie Ryan, Michael O’Meara (Captain), Conal Bonnar, Colm Bonnar, Declan Carr, Michael Cleary, Declan Ryan, John Leahy, Aidan Ryan, Anthony Crosse, Pat Fox.
Subs: Nicky English, Bobby Ryan

1994 – Final: Limerick 0-25 Clare 2-10
LIMERICK: Joe Quaid, Seamus McDonagh, Mike Nash, Joe O’Connor, Dave Clarke, Ger Hegarty, Declan Nash, Ciaran Carey, Mike Houlihan, Frankie Carroll, Gary Kirby (Captain), Mike Galligan, TJ Ryan, Pat Heffernan, Damien Quigley.
Subs: Mick Wallace, John Roche.

1995 – Final: Clare 1-17 Limerick 0-11
CLARE: Davy Fitzgerald, Michael O’Halloran, Brian Lohan, Frank Lohan, Liam Doyle, Sean McMahon, Anthony Daly (Captain), Ollie Baker, James O’Connor, Fergus Tuohy, P J O’Connell, Fergal Hegarty, Stephen McNamara, Conor Clancy, Ger O’Loughlin
Subs: Gerry McInerney, Cyril Lyons

1996 – Final: Limerick 0-19 Tipperary 1-16 Replay: Limerick 4-7 Tipperary 0-16
LIMERICK: Joe Quaid, Seamus McDonagh, Mike Nash, Declan Nash, Dave Clarke, Ciaran Carey (Captain), Mark Foley, Mike Houlihan, Sean O’Neill, Frankie Carroll, Gary Kirby, Mike Galligan, Owen O’Neill, Damian Quigley, T.J. Ryan
Subs: Barry Foley, Padraig Tobin

1997 – Final: Clare 1-18 Tipperary 0-18
CLARE: Davy Fitzgerald, Michael O’Halloran, Brian Lohan, Frank Lohan, Liam Doyle, Sean McMahon, Anthony Daly (Captain), Ollie Baker, Colin Lynch, James O’Connor, Fergus Tuohy, P.J O’Connell, Stephen McNamara, Ger O’Loughlin, Barry Murphy.
Subs: David Forde, Andrew Whelan, Conor Clancy

1998 – Final: Clare 1-16 Waterford 3-10 Replay: Clare 2-16 Waterford 0-10
CLARE: Davy Fitzgerald, Frank Lohan, Brian Lohan, Brian Quinn, Liam Doyle, Sean McMahon, Anthony Daly (Captain), Ollie Baker, Colin Lynch, David Forde, Fergus Tuohy, James O’Connor, Niall Gilligan, Conor Clancy, Alan Markham.
Subs: Fergal Hegarty, Ger O’Loughlin. P.J. O’Connell & Eamonn Taaffe played in drawn game. Conor Clancy, Fergus Tuohy & Ger O’Loughlin substituted.

1999 – Final: Cork 1-15 Clare 0-14
CORK: Donal Og Cusack, Fergal Ryan, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, John Browne, Wayne Sherlock, Brian Corcoran, Sean Og O’hAilpin, Mark Landers (Captain), Mickey O’Connell, Timmy McCarthy, Fergal McCormack, Neil Ronan, Sean McGrath, Joe Deane, Ben O’Connor.
Subs: Pat Ryan, Alan Browne, Kevin Murray

2000 – Final: Cork 0-23 Tipperary 3-12
CORK: Donal Og Cusack, Fergal Ryan (Captain), Diarmuid O’Sullivan, John Browne, Wayne Sherlock, Brian Corcoran, Sean Og O’hAilpin, Mickey O’Connell, Derek Barrett, Timmy McCarthy, Fergal McCormack, Alan Browne, Sean McGrath, Joe Deane, Ben O’Connor.
Subs: Pat Ryan, Kevin Murray.

2001 – Final: Tipperary 2-16 Limerick 1-17
TIPPERARY: Brendan Cummins, Thomas Costello, Philip Maher, Paul Ormond; John Carroll, David Kennedy, Eamonn Corcoran; Tommy Dunne (Captain), Paul Kelly; Mark O’Leary, Eddie Enright, Brian O’Meara; Eoin Kelly, Declan Ryan, Lar Corbett
Subs: Eugene O’Neill, Noel Morris, John O’Brien, Liam Cahill

2002 – Final: Waterford 2-23 Tipperary 3-12
WATERFORD: Stephen Brenner; Brian Flannery, Tom Feeney, Brian Greene; Eoin Murphy, Fergal Hartley (Captain), Peter Queally; Tony Browne, James Murray; Eoin Kelly, Seamus Prendergast, Paul Flynn; John Mullane, Ken McGrath, Eoin McGrath.
Subs: Dave Bennett, Micheal White, Andy Moloney, Dan Shanahan

2003 – Final: Cork 3-16 Waterford 3-12
CORK: Donal Óg Cusack; Wayne Sherlock, Pat Mulcahy, Diarmuid O’Sullivan; Tom Kenny, Ronan Curran, Sean Óg O hAilpín; Mickey O’Connell, John Gardiner; Ben O’Connor, Niall McCarthy, Timmy McCarthy; Setanta O hAilpín, Joe Deane, Alan Browne (Captain)
Subs: Mark Prendergast, Jerry O’Connor

2004 – Final: Waterford 3-16 Cork 1-21
WATERFORD: Stephen Brenner; James Murray, Declan Prendergast, Eoin Murphy; Tony Browne, Ken McGrath (Captain), Brian Phelan; Eoin Kelly, Dave Bennett; Dan Shanahan, Michael Walsh, Paul Flynn; John Mullane, Seamus Prendergast, Eoin McGrath.
Subs: Paul O’Brien; Shane O’Sullivan; Jack Kennedy
CORK – 2004 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions – Cork lost to Waterford in the Munster Senior Final. However, they won the All-Ireland by beating Kilkenny having qualified for the final via the backdoor system which allowed the Munster and Leinster runner-up to stay in the Championship.

2005 – Final: Cork 1-21 Tipperary 1-16
CORK: Donal Óg Cusack; Pat Mulcahy, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Brian Murphy; John Gardiner, Ronan Curran, Sean Óg Ó hAilpín (Captain); Tom Kenny, Jerry O’Connor; Ben O’Connor, Niall McCarthy, Timmy McCarthy; Kieran Murphy (Sarsfields), Brian Corcoran, Joe Deane.
Subs: Neil Ronan for Corcoran (injured, 13th minute); Wayne Sherlock for Murphy (59th); Jonathan O’Callaghan for Kenny (66th); Kieran Murphy (Erin’s Own) for T McCarthy (69th).

2006 – Final: Cork 2-14 Tipperary 1-14
CORK: Donal Óg Cusack; Pat Mulcahy, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Brian Murphy; John Gardiner, Ronan Curran, Sean Óg Ó hAilpín (Captain); Tom Kenny, Jerry O’Connor; Cian O’Connor, Niall McCarthy, Timmy McCarthy; Ben O’Connor, Brian Corcoran, Joe Deane.
Subs: Neil Ronan for Cian O’Connor, Kieran Murphy (Sarsfields) for Niall McCarthy

2007 – Final: Waterford 3-17 Limerick 1-14
WATERFORD: Clinton Hennessy; Eoin Murphy, Declan Prendergast, Aidan Kearney; Tony Browne, Ken McGrath, Jack Kennedy; Kevin Moran, Michael Walsh (Captain); Dan Shanahan, Eoin Kelly, Stephen Molumphy; John Mullane, Seamus Prendergast, Paul Flynn
Subs: James Murray for Moran (56), Eoin McGrath for Kennedy (61)

2008 – Final: Tipperary 2-21 Clare 0-19
TIPPERARY: Brendan Cummins; Eamonn Buckley, Paul Curran, Conor O’Brien; Eamonn Corcoran, Conor O’Mahony, Shane Maher; James Woodlock, Shane McGrath; Pat Kerwick, Seamus Callanan, John O’Brien; Eoin Kelly (Captain), Lar Corbett, Seamus Butler
Subs: Declan Fanning for Curran, Micheal Webster for Kerwick, Hugh Maloney for Butler, Benny Dunne for Woodlock

2009 – Final: Tipperary 4-14 Waterford 2-16
TIPPERARY: Brendan Cummins; Paddy Stapleton, Paul Curran, Conor O’Brien; Declan Fanning, Conor O’Mahony, Padraic Maher; James Woodlock, Shane McGrath; Pat Kerwick, Seamus Callanan, John O’Brien; Noel McGrath, Eoin Kelly, Lar Corbett
Subs: Brendan Maher for Curran (35 mins), Willie Ryan (Captain) for Kelly (half-time), Benny Dunne for Woodlock (46), Hugh Maloney for Kerwick (56), Micheal Webster for O’Brien (69)

2010 – Final: Waterford 2-15 Cork 2-15; Replay: Waterford 1-16 Cork 1-13 (after extra time)
WATERFORD:  Clinton Hennessy; Eoin Murphy, Liam Lawlor, Noel Connors; Tony Browne, Michael Walsh, Declan Prendergast; Shane O’Sullivan, Richie Foley; Stephen Molumphy (Captain), Kevin Moran, Eoin Kelly; Seamus Prendergast, John Mullane, Shane Walsh.
Subs: Brian O’Halloran for Prendergast (48); Maurice Shanahan for Walsh (60); Jamie Nagle for Lawlor (67); Dan Shanahan for Mullane (inj 70); Eoin McGrath for O’Halloran (80); Ken McGrath for Moran (83); Shane Casey for M Shanahan (91)
TIPPERARY – 2010 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions – Tipperary lost to Cork in the Munster Senior Quarter-Final. However, they won the All-Ireland by beating Kilkenny having qualified for the final via the backdoor system which allowed Provincial losers a second chance.

2011 – Final: Tipperary 7-19 Waterford 0-19
TIPPERARY: Brendan Cummins; Paddy Stapleton, Paul Curran, Michael Cahill; John O’Keeffe, Conor O’Mahony, Padraic Maher; Gearóid Ryan, Shane McGrath; Seamus Callanan, Noel McGrath, Patrick Maher; Eoin Kelly (Captain), John O’Brien, Lar Corbett.
Subs used: Brendan Maher for O’Keeffe (35+1 mins-half-time, blood sub), Pa Bourke for Callanan (50), Benny Dunne for Ryan (54), Shane Bourke for N McGrath (61), Brendan Maher for Padraic Maher (63), Darren Gleeson for Cummins (64).

2012 – Final: Tipperary 2-17 Waterford 0-16
TIPPERARY: Brendan Cummins; Conor O’Brien, Paul Curran (Captain), Michael Cahill; Thomas Stapleton, Conor O’Mahony, Padraic Maher; Brendan Maher, Shane McGrath; Brian O’Meara, Patrick Maher, Pa Bourke; Lar Corbett, Noel McGrath, John O’Brien
Subs: Eoin Kelly for Pa Bourke (34), Shane Bourke for O’Meara (53), Donagh Maher for Stapleton (64), Seamus Callanan for N McGrath (66)

2013- Final: Limerick 0-24 Cork 0-15
LIMERICK: Nicky Quaid; Stephen Walsh, Richie McCarthy, Tom Condon; Paudie O Brien, Wayne McNamara, Gavin O’ Mahony; Paul Browne, Dónal O Grady (Captain); David Breen, James Ryan, Seamus Hickey; Graeme Mulcahy, Declan Hannon, Seanie Tobin
Subs: Shane Dowling for Breen (46 mins); Conor Allis for Mulcahy (52 mins); Cathal King for O’Brien (58 mins); Kevin Downes for Tobin (65 mins); Niall Moran for Hickey (69 mins)
CLARE – 2013 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Champions – Clare lost to Cork in the Munster Senior Semi-Final. However, they won the All-Ireland by beating Cork in a replay having qualified for the final via the backdoor system which allowed Provincial losers a second chance.

2014 – Final: Cork 2-24 Limerick 0-24
CORK: Anthony Nash; Christopher Joyce, Shane O’Neill, Stephen McDonnell; Lorcan McLoughlin, Mark Ellis, Damien Cahalane; Daniel Kearney, Aidan Walsh; Seamus Harnedy, Bill Cooper, Conor Lehane; Alan Cadogan, Pa Cronin (Captain), Patrick Horgan
Subs: Paudie O’Sullivan for Cronin (half-time, injured); William Egan for Cahalane (43); Stephen Moylan for Cadogan (69)

2015 – Final: Tipperary 0-21 Waterford 0-16
TIPPERARY: Darren Gleeson; Cathal Barrett, James Barry, Michael Breen; Kieran Bergin, Padraic Maher, Ronan Maher; James Woodlock, Shane McGrath; Jason Forde, Brendan Maher (Captain), Patrick Maher; John O’Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, Niall O’Meara
Subs: Lar Corbett for Breen (35 mins); Seamus Bourke for Forde (67 mins); Conor O’Brien for McGrath (70 mins)

2016 – Final: Tipperary 5-19 Waterford 0-13
TIPPERARY: Darren Gleeson; Cathal Barrett, James Barry, Michael Cahill; Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher, Pádraic Maher; Brendan Maher (Captain), Michael Breen; Dan McCormack, Patrick Maher, Noel McGrath; John McGrath, Seamus Callanan, Niall O’Meara
Subs: Jason Forde for O’Meara (51); Sean Curran for Dan McCormack (56); Kieran Bergin for Brendan Maher (61); Aidan McCormack for Noel McGrath (66); Donagh Maher for Ronan Maher (67).


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