Minor Football

Number of Titles

Kerry (45)
Cork (29)
Tipperary (7)
Clare (3)
Limerick (1)

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Minor Football Cup: Tadhg Crowley Cup presented by Munster Council in 1990 to commemorate late Treasurer.

Holders: Kerry 2016 (Captained by Sean O’Shea)

The teams listed below are those which took part in the Munster Minor Football Final in the year listed.

The teams in Bold went on to win the All-Ireland Minor Football Final in that season.

1928 – No Munster Championship

1929 – Final: Clare 1-6 Waterford 0-4
CLARE: Tom Crowe; Danny O’Leary, George Comerford (Capt.), Eddie Kelly; Willie Ter McMahon, Con Twomey, J. Keane; L. Conlon, J. Morgan; John Kilmartin, J. Lucy, P. Keane; P. Lucy, J. Browne, Paddy Duggan.

1930 – Final: Clare 2-3 Tipperary 1-3
CLARE: M. Doolan ; J. O’Shea, M. O’Shea, Jack O’Gorman; J. McSweeney, P. McSweeney, J. O’Kane; F. Taylor, M. Lacy; Joe Cusack, Mickey Browne, J. Kenny; J. Connellan, J. Tuohy, Eddie Kelly.
Subs: T. McMahon, Patrick Reilly.

1931 – Final: Kerry 3-6 Tipperary 0-7
KERRY: Brendan Reidy, F O’Neill, Paddy Walsh, E O’Mahony, Dan Joe McCarthy, Jack O’Keeffe, D. McCarthy, T.Murphy, Jimmy O’Gorman (Captain), T. McMahon, J.P. Doyle, E. Barrett, Tim Chute, P.J. O’Sullivan, Bernie Healy
Sub: Charlie O’Sullivan

1932 – Final: Kerry 4-5 Cork 2-5
KERRY: Brendan Reidy, F O’Neill, P.Ferriter, Willie Brick, T Wrenne, J.P. Doyle, W.Brosnan, P.McMahon, Timmy O’Leary, Peter Ronan, D.McCarthy, J.O’Sullivan, Charlie O’Sullivan (Captain), T. Weir, Bernie Healy

1933 – Final: Kerry 2-9 Cork 3-4
KERRY: Brendan Reidy, Billy Myers, Christy Spring, Derry Griffin, E. Buckley, Brendan Cronin, Jim Brosnan, Paddy Kennedy, Timmy O’Leary, J. Fitzgibbon, Michael O’Gorman, Johnny Counihan, Mikie Lyne, D O’Regan, Peter Ronan

1934 – Final: Tipperary 3-10 Waterford 0-5
TIPPERARY: Andy Greensmith (Captain), James O’Connor, Willie Griffin, Dick Power, Mick Byrne, Hugh O’Donnell, Jimmy Hickey, Mick Lawlor, Harry McGrath, Tom Kenny, Charles Dillon, Mick Gavin, John Maher, Martin Power, Pat Blanchfield, Eamon O’Toole.

1935 – Final: Tipperary 3-5 Cork 0-4
TIPPERARY: Eddy Smyth, William Quirke, Tom Kenny, Bill Hennessy, Mick Gavin, Maurice Flynn, Eddie Mythen, Neddy O’Meara, Charles Dillon, Billy Treacy, Jimmy Hickey, Billy O’Donoghue, Harry Greensmith, Jimmy Rafferty, Dick Power (Captain)

1936 – Final: Kerry 1-5 Tipperary 1-2
KERRY: Paddy Kennedy, Gerald Teahan, Bill Casey, P. Dowling, C O’Sullivan, Tadhg Healy, M. Walsh, Tom “Gega” O’Connor (Captain), D. Healy, Paddy Sexton, T O’Sullivan, Teddy Lyne, T Rohan, M Scannell, Tim Brosnan.

1937 – Final: Kerry 3-8 Clare 1-2
KERRY: M. Farrell, M. Switzer, P. Sugrue, R. Connor, C. O’Sullivan, Gerald Teahan, J. Bailey, Tadhg Healy, J. Rice, Jackie McKenna, Tony McAuliffe, T. Brosnan, D.Burke, J.Curtin, P.O’Donnell.

1938 – Final: Kerry 8-9 Cork 1-2
KERRY: M. Kennedy, M. Fitzgerald, D. Lyons, J. Bailey, M. O’Shea, D.Rice (Captain), T. Flavin, Tom Long, Dan Kavanagh, Jackie McKenna, P.O’Donnell, M.Farrell, Eddie Dunne, Derry Burke, Paddy Burke, P. O’Brien.
Sub: Teddy O’Connor.

1939 – Final: Cork 3-3 Kerry 3-2
CORK: Sean Begley; Fintan McCarthy, Joe Twomey, Finbarr O’Neill; Noel Ryan, David O’Driscoll, Fachtna O’Donovan; Paddy Cronin, Eamonn Young; Sean McCarthy, Paddy O’Keeffe, Paddy (Hawker) O’Grady; Michael Fleming, Michael Fenton, John Carey

1940 – Final: Kerry 1-3 Clare 1-2
KERRY: S.Begley goal, D. Aherne, M. Shea, S. Connor, D. Collins, F.Cox, T.P. O’Sullivan, Tom Spillane, M. Sullivan, Owen Collins, M. Leary, E. West, C.O’Donovan, J. Cronin, K. Kennedy.
Sub: J. Brennan.

1941 – Final: Kerry 7-5 Waterford 2-1
KERRY: S.O’Connor, J.Griffin, C. Hourigan, D. Collins, Owen Collins, B. Malone, Tom Spillane, P. Fogarty, Jas Murphy, M. O’Leary, Eddie Dowling, D. Creedon, J. B. O’Sullivan, Frank O’Keeffe, Jackie Lyne.


1945 – Final: Kerry 2-4 Cork 2-3
KERRY: Tommy Cooper, Danno O’Keeffe, T. O’Sullivan, E. O’Shea, D. O’Sullivan, T.O’Donnell, Dermot O’Connell, Tom Ashe, P.C. O’Mahony, S.Slattery, Tom Moriarty, S. O’Sullivan, E Barry, T. Lawlor, S. Moriarty.

1946 – Final: Kerry 4–17 Tipperary 0-2
KERRY: John Ryan, L. O’Connor, Bennie O’Sullivan, Donie Murphy, J. O’Sullivan, John Joe Sheehan, J. Courtney, Tom Moriarty (Captain), J.Fenton, P. O’Sullivan, Tom Ashe, Dan O’Regan, Johnny O’Brien, C. Madden, Paddy Godley.

1947 – Final: Kerry 0-07 Cork 1-3
KERRY: Johnny Foley, J. Clifford, J. Colgan, Donie Murphy, Haulie Lynch, John Joe Sheehan, J.O’Connor (Desmonds), Eamonn O’Neill, Sean Lovett, John C. Cooper, John Dowling, M. O’Connor, M. Brick, C. Madden, J.O’Connor (Mitchels).

1948 – Final: Kerry 3-4 Cork 1-5
KERRY: Gerard Stack goal, Paddy Clifford, John Trant, Mickey Bailey, Declan O’Sullivan, Pat Colgan, Teddy O’Connor, John Dowling, J. Moriarty, Mick Brosnan, Jim Brosnan, John C. Cooper, G. Dunne, Gerald Spillane, S. Conway.
Sub: J.Miller.

1949 – Final: Kerry 0-7 Cork 0-5
KERRY: Johnny Foley, Jerome O’Shea, Paddy Colgan, Pat O’Sullivan, Micheál Kerins, Jerry Moriarty (Captain), Louis McGonagle, Sean Murphy, Dinny Falvey, Bobbie Miller, Mick Brosnan, Paudie Sheehy, Mick Galvin, Bernie O’Connor, Paddy O’Donnell

1950 – Final: Kerry 4–10 Limerick 1-5
KERRY: Danno “Marcus” O’Neill, Tom Keane, Mick Brosnan (Captain), Mike Galwey, Brendan O’Sullivan, Paddy O’Donnell, Joe Kerins, Sean Murphy, Paudie Sheehy, Bobbie Miller, Colm Kenneally, Micky A. Kerins, Brendan Galvin, Tom Lawlor, Paddy Fitzgerald

1951 – Final: Kerry 0-7 Cork 0-3
KERRY: T. Grogan, P. O’Donoghue, Kevin Barry, S. Collins, C. Ryan, Tomas Murphy, Mick Ashe, Colm Kennelly, Paddy O’Donnell, Sean Gill, Connie O’Riordan, Dan McAulliffe, S.Switzer, P. Lynch, D. Quirke
Sub: Patsy O’Sullivan

1952 – Final: Cork 3-9 Clare 1-1
CORK: Tom Murphy; Timmy O’Callaghan, Dick Cronin (Captain), Sean O’Sullivan; Donal Herlihy, Vince Collins, Bertie Doherty; Dan Murray, Dick Murphy; Jack Higgins, Dermot O’Donovan, Eamonn Goulding; Jim O’Donovan, Arthur O’Brien, Tommy Connolly

1953 – Final: Clare 0-7 Cork 0-2
CLARE : Michael Garry; Joe Carmody, Tommy Griffin, Desmond Fitzgerald; Jamesy Power, Tommy Mangan, Jimmy Barrett; Pat O’Dea, Cyril Comer; John Drury, Frank Cassidy, Pat Griffin; Tom Flynn, Michael J. Greene, Michael McGrath

1954 – Final: Kerry 4-10 Cork 1-3
KERRY: Jas Flaherty, Tim Barrett, John Dowling, Liam Coughlan, Brendan Kennelly, Tim O’Sullivan, Frank O’Leary, Tom Long, John Foley, Teddy O’Dowd, Georgie White, Freddy Lynch, Eamon “Mongey” Horan, Brian Sheehy, Johnny Culloty

1955 – Final: Tipperary 0-9 Kerry 1-6; Final Replay – Tipperary 0-9 Kerry 1-5
TIPPERARY: Sean Ryan, Jerry King, Sean Condon, Patrick Burke, Sean Connolly, Tom Walsh, Sean Walsh, Philly Tobin, Liam Boland (Captain), Gus Danagher, Eddie Casey, Davy Stapleton, Jack Connors, John Ferris, Mick Moroney.

1956 – Final: Limerick 1-7 Kerry 1-5
LIMERICK: J.J. O’Donovan, Mick Walsh, Paddy Cearney, Martin McNamara, Liam Whelan, Jack Quinlivan, Eamon O’Connor (Captain), Joe Myles, Moss Downey, Liam Downey, Charlie Quaid, Ger Phelan, John Fitzgerald, Tom O’Connor, Liam Moloney

1957 – Final: Kerry 1-5 Cork 0-5
KERRY: Louis Nolan, Alan Conway, Jim Hegarty, Sean Whelan, Pat Kerins, Con Clifford, Pat Dowling, Jerry O’Riordan, Jer D. O’Connor, Ollie Kerins, Donie Griffin, Austin McMahon, Mick O’Sullivan, John Dunne, Bernie O’Callaghan

1958 – Final: Kerry 3-11 Waterford 0-4
KERRY: Louis Nolan, Alan Conway, Sean Whelan, Willie Hanrahan; Pat Kerins, Pat Dowling, Harry Burke; Austin McMahon, Jer D O’Connor, Ollie Kerins, Dave Geaney (Captain), Oliver O’Driscoll; Con Stack, John Dunne, Brendan O’Rourke

1959 – Final: Cork 2-7 Kerry 0-7
CORK: Sean McGann, Dave O’Riordan, Willie White, Timmy Breen, Dan Buckley, Tom Corbett, Corneilius Cronin, Diarmuid McGann, Michael O’Brien, Dave McCarthy, Denis O’Sullivan, Mick Burke, Jim Travers, Patsy Harte (Captain), Willie Hanrahan.
Subs: Tony Connolly, Eugene O’Connor.

1960 – Final: Cork 3-8 Kerry 0-7
CORK: Sean McGann, Jim Burke, Myles Lyne, Vince Cronin, Paddy Pyne, Eugene O’Connor, Gus Harrington, Diarmuid McGann, Michael O’Brien, Jim Travers (Captain), Brendan Coughlan, Brendan Larkin, Ned Coughlan, Donal Moynihan, Willie Hanrahan

1961 – Final: Cork 2-12 Clare 0-2
CORK: Ray Cawley, John McGrath, Myles Lyne, Des Nangle, Gus Harrington, Vince Cronin, Brendan Larkin, Frank Cogan, Ned Coughlan (Captain), Flor Hayes, Donal Barrett, Mick Archer, Joe O’Keeffe, Tom Monaghan, Denis Philpott.
Sub: Tom Burke.

1962 – Final: Kerry 2-9 Cork 0-9
KERRY: Seamus Fitzgerald, Declan Lovett, Kieran O’Connor, Sean Burrowes, Ted Fitzgerald, Paud O’Donoghue, Bruddy Burrowes, Ger O’Shea, Denis O’Sullivan, Jimmy O’Mahony (Captain), Eamonn Scully, Derry O’Shea, John Flavin, Tony Barrett, T.P. O’Connor.
Sub: Paddy F O’Connor

1963 – Final: Kerry 0-11 Cork 0-4
KERRY: Seamus Fitzgerald, Micheál O’Shea, John McCarthy, Sean Burrowes, Tom O’Shea, Bruddy Burrowes, Paudie Finnegan, Denis O’Sullivan, Mike O’Sullivan, Georgie Curran, John Saunders, Harry McKinney, Kevin Donnelly, Tony Barrett, Paddy Kennelly
Subs: Con Riordan, Tommy O’Callaghan

1964 – Final: Cork 4-11 Clare 0-5
CORK: Colm Crowley, Dickie Kelly, John Cawley, Pierce Lyne, Barry O’Brien, Noel O’Donovan, Colman McCarthy, John Cogan, Jimmy Downing, Eric Philpott, Brian O’Leary, Con Roche (Captain), Liam McAuliffe, Tim F. Hayes, Charlie McCarthy.

1965 – Final: Kerry 3-11 Cork 1-5
KERRY: Brendan Lynch, James O’Sullivan, Jim Coughlan, Tim Crean, Pat O’Donovan, Mick Ahern, Pol Scanlon, Pat O’Connell, Fergus Moroney, Brian McCarthy, Dermot Moriarty, Dick Geaney, Mick Costelloe, Kevin Griffin, Tim Kelleher.

1966 – Final: Cork 5-12 Kerry 1-7
CORK: Frank Reen, John Daly, Pat Geary, Niall O’Leary, Simon Murphy, P.J. Kirby, Neilus Collins, Teddy Holland, Maurice O’Callaghan, Dan Morley, Donal Hunt, Philip. McLoughlin, Barry Hanley, Ray Cummins, Ned Kirby.

1967 – Final: Cork 2-8 Kerry 0-3
CORK: Michael Cotter, Seamus Looney, Teddy Murphy, John Fahy, Simon Murphy, Dave Aherne, Kevin Kehilly, Donal Hunt, Denis Long, Christy O’Sullivan, Jimmy Barrett, Donal Aherne (Captain), Dan Morley, Ned Kirby, Teddy O’Brien.

1968 – Final: Cork 2-13 Kerry 0-2
CORK: Declan O’Mahony, Jerry Coleman, Pat McDonnell, Seamus Looney, Der Cogan, Robbie O’Sullivan, Con Hartnett, Brian Murphy (St. Finbarrs), Donal Aherne (Captain), Tony Murphy, John Coleman, Georgie Ward, Brendan Cummins, Declan Barron, Denis McCarthy (St. Ml.).
Subs: Hugh O’Sullivan (Kanturk), Billy Cogan.

1969 – Final: Cork 3-11 Kerry 0-12
CORK: Bertie O’Brien, Paddy Barry, Ger Batt O’Sullivan, Danno Moloney, Donal Murray, Martin Doherty, Con Hartnett, John Coleman, Donal Curran, Eamonn Fitzpatrick (Captain), Hugh O’Sullivan, Eamonn Hallinan, John Courtney, Declan Barron, Patsy Lonergan
Sub: Brian Murphy

1970 – Final: Kerry 4-9 Cork 1-11
KERRY: Paudie O’Mahony, Batt O’Shea, Ger O’Keeffe, Jimmy Deenihan, Dan Healy, Mickey O’Sullivan, Mick O’Connor, John Long, Paudie Lynch, Christy O’Connell, Pat Bawn Brosnan, Ger Power (Captain), Ger Dillon, John Egan, Jamesy. Murphy.
Subs: Sean Clifford, Archie Moore

1971 – Final: Cork 2-13 Kerry 1-2
CORK: Ger Stanton, Kieran Collins, John O’Shea, Kieran Murphy, Mick Corbett, Con Kelleher, Robert Wilmot, Jerry Lynch, Seamie Fitzgerald, Denis Crowley, Seamus Coughlan, Sean Murphy, David Philpott, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Aidan Fahy.

1972 – Final: Cork 2-14 Kerry 1-14
CORK: Tim O’Sullivan, Kieran Collins, Conor Barrett, Kieran Murphy, Sean O’Farrell, Gerard Aherne (Captain), Donal Keohane, Robert Wilmot, Richard Whitley, Leo Gould, Derry O’Hare, Liam Goode, Seamus Kirby, Jimmy Barry-Murphy, Gerry McCarthy.
Subs: Eamonn O’Sullivan, Bertie Og Murphy, Andrew Monaghan

1973 – Final: Cork 1-13 Kerry 3-5
CORK: Finbarr Delaney, Frank Lynch, Finbarr O’Leary, Gene Desmond, Mickey Browne, Kieran Murphy, Junior Murphy, Derry O’Hare, Brian Twomey, Jerry Aherne, Michael O’Regan, Diarmuid McCarthy, John Allen, Richard Whitley, Andrew Monaghan.
Subs: John Evans, Declan Murphy, Vincent Coakley.

1974 – Final: Cork 0-13 Kerry 1-6
CORK: Finbarr Delaney, Liam Lynch, Jim Slattery, Gene Desmond (Captain), Brian Twomey, Johnny Crowley, Paul O’Sullivan, Richie Kenny, Tadhg Murphy, Ger O’Sullivan, Diarmuid McCarthy, Declan Murphy, Don McCarthy, Michael O’Regan, Liam Holland.
Subs: Tom Cashman, Willie O’Driscoll.

1975 Final: Kerry 3-7 Cork 1-11
KERRY: Charlie Nelligan, Vincent “Shin” O’Connor, Michael O’Sullivan, Michael Colgan, Mick Spillane, Neilly O’Donovan, Gabriel Casey, Sean Walsh, Tom Bridgeman, Fintan Scannell, Pat Brosnan, Humphrey Moynihan, Robert Bunyan (Captain), Jack O’Shea, Sean Kelleher.
Subs: Paudie Sheehan, Jo Jo O’Connor, Con O’Connor.

1976 – Final: Cork 0-10 Kerry 1-5
CORK: Sean Martin, Tadhg Healy, Jimmy Murphy, Mick Moloney, Donal Buckley, Damien Philpott, James Nolan, John Wilmot, James Daly, Timmy Dalton, Mick Mullins, Brian McSweeney, Billy Collins, Ger Mulcahy, John O’Sullivan.
Sub: Mickey Shinnick, Eddie Forde

1977 – Final: Cork 1-7 Kerry 1-3
CORK: Brendan O’Driscoll, J.M. O’Sullivan, Tom Hennebry, Paul Collins, Jimmy Kerrigan, Stephen Hayes, Damien Philpott, Brian McSweeney, Tim Horan, Liam Hedderman, Eddie Forde, Timmy Dalton, Robbie O’Dwyer, Alan Lotty, Mickey Shinnick.
Subs: John Murphy, Martin Dorney

1978 – Final: Kerry 1-4 Cork 0-6
KERRY: John Kennelly, Michael Keane, Kevin O’Donovan, Michael F. O’Shea (Captain), David Keane, Denis Walsh, Anthony Shannon, Frank O’Donoghue, Tom Sheehy, P.J. Kerins, Peadar O’Sullivan, Tom Spillane, John O’Neill, James Sheehan, Billy Carroll.
Subs: Ambrose O’Donovan, Joe Murphy.

1979 – Final: Kerry 3-6 Cork 2-9; Final Replay: Kerry 1-11 Cork 1-5
KERRY: Niall Flynn, John Keane, Brian Ladden, Colm Bambury, David Keane, Pat Sheehan, Anthony Shannon, Ambrose O’Donovan, Eddie O’Brien, John Chute (Captain), Liam Kerins, Denis Kennelly, Tom Dee, Tom Spillane, Eddie O’Neill.
Subs: Willie O’Connor, Greg O’Donnell

1980 – Final: Kerry 1-12 Cork 1-10
KERRY: Tom McCarthy, Dave Keane, Seamus Doherty, Michael Counihan, James O’Sullivan, Tom Sheehy, John T. O’Sullivan, Ambrose O’Donovan, Tom Dee, Liam Kearns, Tom Spillane, Joe Shannon, Timmy O’Dowd, Michael Crowley, Michael McAuliffe (Captain)
Sub: Willie O’Connor.

1981 – Final: Cork 0-9 Kerry 1-5
CORK: Michael Maguire, Denis O’Brien, John Murphy, Niall Cahalane, Con Hannon, Pat Buckley, Vivian Hedderman (Captain), Tony Leahy, Tom Mannix, Tony O’Sullivan, Eoin O’Mahony, Peter Fitzgerald, Peadar Healy, Colm O’Neill, John Cleary.

1982 – Final: Kerry 1-11 Cork 0-5
KERRY: Donie O’Neill, Denis Cremin, John Keane, Jack O’Connell, Jimmy Moriarity, Eamon Fitzgerald, Jimmy O’Donnell, Timmy Brosnan, Sean Wright, Tom O’Connor, Michael Keating, Pat Galvin, Bernie Keane, David O’Donoghue, Michael McAuliffe.
Sub: John Rice.

1983 – Final: Cork 1–11 Tipperary 1-5
CORK: Ray Duffy, Michael Maguire, Terry Minihane, Denis Walsh, Mick Slocum (Captain), Brendan Searles, Johnny Moynihan, Brendan Stack, Barry Coffey, Michael McCarthy, Teddy McCarthy, Eddie Kenneally, Martin Kelleher, Tony Power, Paddy Harrington.

1984 – Final: Tipperary 2-3 Kerry 0-8
TIPPERARY: Ger Enright, David Walsh, Richie Quirke, David Williams, John Owens, Frank Howlin (Captain), Michael Holland, Brian Burke, Gerry Ryan, Michael Goonan, Jim O’Meara, Kevin Farrelly, John Hackett, Anthony Crosse, Thomas Sheehan.
Sub: Derek Pyke.

1985 – Final: Cork 1-8 Kerry 0-4
CORK: Jerome O’Mahony, Mossy Murphy, Denis Duggan, John Allen, Noel Creedon, Brian Murphy, Tony Griffin, John O’Driscoll, Kevin Kiely (Captain), Barry Harte, Padraig Collins, Paul Cahill, Ger O’Regan, Dominic O’Connell, Aidan Shields

1986 – Final: Cork 2-12 Kerry 0-4
CORK: Paul Hayes, Stephen O’Brien, Mark O’Connor, Sean O’Rourke, Niall Murphy, Michael Crowley, David Burke, Fintan Corrigan (Captain), Gabriel Lally, Pat Davis, Michael Mullins, Paul Coleman, Noel Twomey, David Larkin, Ronan Sheehan.
Subs: Mark Farr, Ivan Aherne

1987 – Final: Cork 0-8 Kerry 0-8; Final Replay: Cork 0-12 Kerry 1-8
CORK: Aidan Cawley, Damien O’Callaghan, Michael Lyons, Peter Healy, Seamus Coughlan, Stephen O’Brien, David Burke, Liam Honohan, Stephen Dineen, Gary McPolin, Michael Burke, Don Davis, John Barrett, Denis O’Sullivan, Noel Twomey (Captain)
Subs: Frank Fitzgerald, Denis Harrington. Barry Cooney played in drawn game Peter Healy substituted.

1988 – Final: Kerry 1-8 Cork 0-10
KERRY: Peter O’Leary, Peter Linehan (Captain), Niall Savage, John Brendan O’Brien, Sean Walsh, Vincent Knightly, Liam Flaherty, D.D. O’Rahilly, Eamon Stack, Pa Laide, Danny Cahill, Francis O’Doherty, Colm Geaney, Sean O’Sullivan, Billy O’Sullivan.
Subs Fintan Ashe, David Farrell, T.J. O’Connor

1989 – Final: Kerry 2-10 Cork 2-9
KERRY: Seamus Murphy, Fergus Stack, Colm Healy, Patrick Murphy, Owen Joy, Sean O’Shea, John Cronin, Conor Kearney, William O’Donnell, Kieran O’Shea, T.J. O’Connor, Peter Keane, John Daly, Billy O’Sullivan (Captain), Tim Corkery.
Subs: Conor Ryle

1990 – Final: Kerry 1-10 Cork 0-3
KERRY: Declan O’Keeffe, Owen Joy (Captain), John Cronin, Fergus Stack, John O’Driscoll, Kyran O’Shea, Billy O’Shea, Cormac Kennedy, Seamus Moynihan, Michael O’Connor, John Bowler, William O’Donnell, Cathal O’Grady, Jason Wiedboldth, Pat O’Driscoll.

1991 – Final: Cork 0-10 Kerry 0-8
CORK: Kevin O’Dwyer, Donal O’Callaghan, Brian Corcoran, Brian Murphy, Jer McCullagh, Tadhg Og Lynch, Alan McCarthy (Captain), Fachtna Collins, Pat Hegarty, Sean Barrett, Joe Kavanagh, Pat O’Mahony, Paul O’Rourke, Kevin Harrington, Donal Hegarty
Subs: Jody Dillon, Dave Linehan

1992 – Final: Cork 0–11 Kerry 2-5; Final Replay: Cork 3-8 Kerry 2-7
CORK: Brian McCarthy, Timmy O’Mahony, Fergal McCormack, Michael Kingston, Jer McCullagh, Mark Cogan, Brian Collins, John Clifford, Brian O’Connell, John Buckley, Martin Hayes, Donal O’Mahony, Kevin Harrington (Captain), Alan O’Regan, Edward Harrington.
Subs: Jimmy Smiddy, Jody Dillon, Michael McCarthy.

1993 – Final: Cork 2–15 Tipperary 2-7
CORK: Des McAuley, Timmy O’Mahony, Ken O’Connell, James Kingston, Gavin O’Connor, Eoin Sexton, Shane Prendergast, Jerome O’Connell, Dave Dempsey, Martin Cronin, Alan O’Regan, John Buckley, Seamus Collins, Paul O’Flynn, Conor O’Brien (Captain)

1994 – Final: Kerry 2-11 Clare 3-5
KERRY: Brian Murphy, Kieran O’Driscoll, Barry O’Shea, Morgan O’Shea, Sean O’Mahony, Charlie McCarthy, Michael Foley, Fergus O’Connor, Denis O’Dwyer, Gene O’Keeffe, Jack Ferriter (Captain), Liam Brosnan, Gerry Lynch, James O’Shea, Pat O’Sullivan, Gerry Murphy
Subs: Mike Frank Russell, Timmy Fleming.

1995 – Final: Tipperary 2-6 Cork 0-10
TIPPERARY: Paul Fitzgerald, Brendan McKeogh, Niall Kelly, Mark Cummins, Thomas Keane, Ben Walsh, Brendan O’Dwyer, Paul Ormond, David Fogarty, P.J. Sweeney, Brian Maguire, Darren Owens, Terry Kearns, Mark O’Shea (Captain), Declan Browne.
Subs: Mark Ryan, Alan Fogarty.

1996 – Final: Kerry 3-9 Cork 2-6
KERRY: Kenneth O’Keeffe, Kenneth Leen, Michael McCarthy, Owen O’Connell, Paul McCarthy, Tomás Ó Sé, Pa Murphy, Tommy Griffin, John Lynch (Captain), William Harmon, Noel Kennelly, Liam Murphy, Bernard O’Connor, Gareth Clifford, Michael D. Cahill.
Sub: Ian Twiss

1997 – Final: Kerry 4-12 Limerick 1-7
KERRY: Niall Hobbert, Stephen O’Sullivan, Trevor McKenna, Niall Corbett, Martin Beckett, Sean Hegarty, Paul McCarthy (Captain), Michael O’Shea, John Sugrue, William Harmon, Noel Kennelly, Tadhg Kennelly, Paul Galvin, Bernard O’Connor, Kevin Lynch.
Sub: Liam Higgins.

1998 – Final: Kerry 2-11 Limerick 0-8
KERRY: Kieran Cremin, Ronan O’Connor (Ballyduff), Stephen O’Sullivan, Keith Moynihan, Marc Ó Sé, Eugene Courtney (Captain), Ronan O’Connor (Kilcummin), Ken O’Connor, Liam Keane, Sean O’Sullivan, Liam Boyle, Tadhg Kennelly, Ronan O’Connor (Saint Michaels) Ciaran Fitzmaurice, Kevin Lynch.
Subs: Eoin Brosnan, Paul Galvin, Michael Burke.

1999 – Final: Cork 2-16 Kerry 1-8
CORK: Patrick O’Shea (Captain), Noel O’Leary, Noel Furlong, Finbarr Crowley, Donal O’Sullivan, Ronan Curran, Tom Kenny, Damien Delaney, David Niblock, John Flavin, Conor McCarthy, Paudie Hurley, Robert O’Mahony, Bernard Collins, Conor Brosnan.
Sub: Conrad Murphy

2000 – Final: Cork 1-13 Kerry 0-14
CORK: Kieran Murphy, Noel O’Donovan, Ray Cahalane, Brian O’Regan, Noel O’Leary, Eddie Bourke, Pat McCarthy, Kieran Murphy, Garry McLoughlin, John Collins, Conrad Murphy, Conor Brosnan, James Masters (Captain), Kevin McMahon, David Burns.
Subs: Paul Deane, Denis O’Hare, Mark O’Connor, Barry Hegarty, Declan Barron Junior.

2001 – Final: Kerry 0-15 Cork 0-12
KERRY: Bryan Sheehan; Brian Sugrue, Ronan O Flaitheartaigh, Shane O’Neill; Padraig Sheehan, Fergal Griffin, Wayne O’Sullivan; Paddy Kelly, Donnacha Walsh; Ger O’Shea, Mark O’Connor, Declan O’Sullivan (Lispole); Colm “Gooch” Cooper, Declan O’Sullivan (Dromid Pearses – Captain), Conal O Cruadhlaioch.
Subs: Donal Kelleher, Michael Slattery

2002 – Final: Kerry 3-16 Tipperary 2-6
KERRY: Bryan Sheehan (Captain); Martin Breen, Ciaran O Ceilleachair, Colin McKenna; John Brosnan, Padraig Sheehan, Paul Fitzmaurice; Donnacha Walsh, Pat Madden; Michael O’Riordan, Declan O’Sullivan, Cathal McGearailt; Ben Brosnan, Dan Doona, Colin O’Connor.
Subs: John Martin Clifford, Damien Breen, Jeremiah Houlihan

2003 – Final: Kerry 1-14 Cork 0-10
KERRY: Brendan Kealy; Michael Curran, Luke Quinn, Padraig Reidy; Ciarán Kelliher, Shane O’Sullivan, Joseph McGillacuddy; Damien Breen (Captain), Brian Moran; Mike Murphy, Barry O’Grady, Mikey Bowler; Kevin O’Sullivan, Bryan Sheehan, David Geaney.
Subs: Seán O’Shea, Jeremiah Houlihan, James O’Sullivan, Ger Moynihan

2004 – Final: Kerry 0-9 Cork 0-9; Final Replay: Kerry 0-13 Cork 1-7
KERRY: Brendan Kealy, Padraig Reidy, Luke Quinn, Killian Young, Daniel Doyle, Ciarán Kelliher, Danny O’Connor, Brian Moran, Rory Keating, Mark Evans, Andrew Kennelly, Michael O’Donoghue, Shane Murphy (Captain), Darren O’Sullivan, John Buckley.
Subs: Billy Dennehy for Evans, Kieran O’Leary for O’Donoghue, David Culloty for O’Connor

2005 – Final: Cork 3-8 Kerry 1-11
CORK: Tom O’Connor; Jason O’Callaghan, Eoin Cotter (Captain), Colin O’Brien; Sean Kiely, Mark O’Brien, Anthony Fenton; Fiachra Lynch, Alan Barry; Colm O’Driscoll, Denis Crowley, Rickey Kenny; Colm O’Neill, David Scannell, David Kearney.
Subs. Pat Carroll for Kenny; Bart Daly for Crowley; Eric Hegarty for Scannell; Ross O’Dwyer for Kiely.

2006 – Final: Kerry 1-13 Tipperary 0-8
KERRY: Tomás Mac an tSaoir; Bryan Russell, Stephen Browne, Daithí Ó Sé; Shane Enright, Adrian Greaney, Bryan Costello; Michael Moloney, Garry O’Driscoll; Johnny Buckley, Tommy Walsh, David Moran; Garry Sayers, Paddy Curran (Captain), Patrick Curtin.
Subs Daniel O’Shea for Michael Moloney, Eoin Kennedy for Johnny Buckley, Jamie Doolan for Garry Sayers

2007 – Final: Cork 1-16 Kerry 2-8
CORK: Brian Walsh; Ian Jones, Rory Buckley, Liam Long; Brian Kelliher, Michael Minnis, Denis O’Sullivan; Chris O’Donovan (Captain), Derry O’Callaghan; Barry O’Driscoll, Ciaran Sheehan, Aidan Walsh; Eoin Buckley, Paul Honohan, Con Dunne
Subs: Aidan O’Reilly for B Kelliher, Martin Hickey for C Dunne

2008 – Final: Kerry 1-9 Tipperary 1-9; Final Replay: Kerry 2-12 Tipperary 0-8
KERRY: Brian Kelly; Padraig Reidy, Barry Shanahan, Fionn Fitzgerald; Peter Crowley, Jonathan Lyne, Maurice Hickey; Jamie O’Sullivan, Wayne Guthrie; Daithi Casey, Mike Tim O’Sullivan, Cian Tobin; James O’Donoghue, Barry John Walsh, Paul Geaney (Captain)
Subs: Barry John Keane for Geaney, John O’Mahony for Reidy, Niall O’Shea for Tobin, Colm Moriarty for Jamie O’Sullivan

2009 – Final: Kerry 0-12 Tipperary 0-6
KERRY:  Paul O’Sullivan; Matthew Galvin, Philip Galvin, Danny Wrenn; Greg Gibson, James Coffey, Niall Fitzgerald; Jack Sherwood, Donal O’Sullivan; Niall O’Shea (Captain), Shane Carroll, Michael Brennan; Ian Galvin, Damien Kelly, Eanna O’Connor.
Subs: Max Thiemann for Brennan (45), Mark Reen for I Galvin (53), Declan Doody for O’Connor (55), Mark Griffin for Gibson (60), David Culhane for Fitzgerald (60)

2010 – Final: Cork 1-8 Kerry 1-7
CORK: David Hanrahan; Kevin Fulignati , Damian Cahalane, Darren Murphy; Sean Ryan, Tom Clancy, Jamie Wall; Jamie Burns, John O’Rourke; Kevin Hallissey, Mark Sugrue, Alan Cronin; Kevin Sheehan, Shane Duggan, Brian Hurley
Subs: Daniel Fitzgerald (Captain) for S Ryan (45), Dan McEoin for M Sugrue, Stephen O’Mahony for S Duggan ( 50).

2011 – Final: Tipperary 3-11 Cork 1-9
TIPPERARY: Gearoid Slattery; Niall O’Sullivan, Conor O’Sullivan, Adrian McGuire; Colin O’Riordan, Dylan Fitzelle, Seamus Kennedy; Steven O’Brien, Ian Fahey; Bill Maher, Philip Quirke, Greg Henry; Liam McGrath, Michael Quinlivan, T.J. Ryan.

Subs: John Meagher for McGuire (31), Colman Kennedy for Ryan (54), Jason Lonergan for Henry (55), Dean Lonergan for Quinlivan (61), Darragh Butler for Maher (61)

2012 – Final: Tipperary 2-14 Kerry 1-14
TIPPERARY:  Evan Comerford; Lorcan Egan, James Feehan, Darren Cass; Kevin Fahey, Dylan Fitzelle (Captain), Bill Maher; Steven O’Brien, Ian Fahey; Jason Lonergan, John Martin, Greg Henry; Colman Kennedy, Philip Quirke, Tom Kirwan
Subs used: Jack Loughnane for Cass (27 mins), Colin O’Riordan for Egan (h/t), TJ Ryan for Lonergan (53), John McGrath for Martin (55), Jack Shelly for Kirwan (60+3)

2013 – Final: Kerry 0-15 Tipperary 0-10
KERRY: Shane Ryan; Fionán Clifford, Cathal Ó’Luing, Pádraig Ó’Conchúir; Matthew Flaherty, David Foran, Robert Wharton; Greg Horan, Conor Jordan; Michéal Burns, Jack Savage, Kevin Shanahan (Captain); Conor Keane, Shane O’Connor, Killian Spillane
Subs: Eanna Ó’Conchúir for Shanahan (22 mins); Brian Sugrue for Flaherty (h/t); Tomás O’Shea for O’Connor (53 mins); Tony Brosnan for Eanna O’Conchuir (60 mins)

2014 – Final: Kerry 2-17 Cork 2-13
KERRY: Shane Ryan; Brian Sugrue, Brian Begley, Tom O’Sullivan; Mark O’Connor, Dan O’Donoghue, Cormac Coffey; Barry O’Sullivan, Liam Kearney (Captain); Matthew Flaherty, Brian Rayle, Michéal Burns; Jordan Kiely, Killian Spillane, Tomás Ó Sé

Subs: Liam Carey for Rayle (45 mins); Stephen O’Sullivan for Tom O’Sullivan (55 mins); Robert Wharton for O’Connor (58 mins)

2015 – Final: Kerry 2-14 Tipperary 1-11
KERRY: Billy Courtney; Darren Brosnan, Jason Foley, Jack Morgan; Gavin White, Mike Breen, Daniel O’Brien; Mark O’Connor (Captain), Andrew Barry; Brian O’Seanacháin, Cormac Linnane, Sean O’Shea; Stephen O’Sullivan, Michael Foley, Conor Geaney
Subs: Bryan Sweeney for Linnane (29 mins); Ronan Buckley for O’Seanacháin (42 mins); Dara O Shea for Breen (50 mins); Brandon Barrett for Seán O’Shea (55 mins); Jack Goulding for O’Sullivan (55 mins)

2016 – Final: Kerry 3-14 Cork 3-8
KERRY: Billy Courtney; Micheál Reidy, Niall Collins, Graham O’Sullivan; Michael Potts, Daniel O’Brien, Micheál Foley; Mike Breen, Mark Ryan; Dara Moynihan, Seán O’Shea (Captain), Diarmuid O’Connor; David Clifford, Bryan Sweeney, Brian Friel
Subs: David Naughton for Reidy (30 mins); Cormac Linnane for Sweeney (41 mins); David Shaw for Friel (44 mins); Caolim Teahan for Ryan (59 mins); Ferdia O’Brien for O’Connor (63 mins); Stefan Okunbar for Foley (63 mins)

Teams from 1929 to 2000 compiled by Jim Cronin for the Munster GAA Story Volume 2. (2001)


Updated from 2001 onwards by Ed Donnelly. List of Captains and Christian Names added by Ed Donnelly.


Back to Provincial Winning Teams

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