Announcing “36 and Counting…Kerry’s Football Story” by Niall Flynn

Weeshie Fogarty says: No County has a publication that even comes close to the level of detail presented in Niall Flynn’s “36 and Counting…Kerry’s Football Story to 2009”

It’s amazing despite being the most successful football county in Ireland that some scribe has not put pen to paper earlier and record for posterity the names and achievements of the long list of Kerry men who have worn the green and gold with such distinction. This book rights a terrible wrong; that of not remembering our past as it should be. This magnificent publication is a tribute to all those great men who donned the green and gold for their county through the decades.

Between the covers of this book are the names and achievements, not alone of the Kerry players who have won the coveted Celtic cross on All Ireland final day in Croke Park, but also, and for me more importantly, the names of the unknown and almost-forgotten men who gave their all for the sake of their county without achieving the glory of an All Ireland medal.

The teams, the names, the facts, the figures, the scorers, the opponents, the dates are all brought together here for you in one superb publication for the very first time. What Niall has published is one of the greatest contributions to the story of Kerry football since The Kerryman’s legendary GAA reporter, Paddy Foley, published his history of Kerry football in 1944. That work was entitled simply “Kerry’s Football Story”. Niall includes the same words here as a small tribute to PF’s account.

Niall’s addition of a short summary of news events, both at home and abroad, for each year adds a touch that will educate, recall, and enlighten all of his readers to events long since forgotten. This section of the publication is fascinating in its own right. I am fully convinced that a copy of this publication will in time rest in every GAA home in Kerry and beyond. On this score it is a must. It will settle many an argument and browsing through its 400 pages or so will pass many an idle hour during those long winter evenings.

Most importantly of all, Niall has now assured that those men who donned the jersey even once with their beloved county have not been forgotten or erased from history’s pages but thankfully have been written into the pages of Kerry’s amazing football story.

Statistics on Players are from 1928-2009, while County Statistics go from 1884-2009:

Top 20 Scorers (goals and points combined); Top Goal Scorers; Top Points-only scorers; Top Average per Game Scorers (20 game minimum); Top Scorers in an Individual Game; Most Goals-only in One Game; Most Points-only in One Game; Top Appearances from 1928-2009 – the 36 with 40; Darragh Ó’Sé – Details of an Ironman All the Goalkeepers 1928-2009; Top 6 Family Names.

Kerry’s Record when scoring x (goals and points combined) expressed as a percentage.

Kerry’s Record when Scoring Goals; Kerry’s Record when Conceding Goals; Goal Scoring Differential Analysis; Kerry’s Record Points-only; Replay Records; Kerry’s Biggest Winning Margins; Kerry’s Greatest Losing Margins County by County and Province by Province Records 1884-2009;

Instead of an index, the book has a Register of Players, which reads as a players CV, for example, the 5 players with last name starting with A that played Championship Football for Kerry since 1928 are:

Aherne, Darren; 1995; (1-1) in 1 appearance Aherne, Pat; 1963; 1 appearance

Aherne, Roger; 1928; 1 appearance Ashe, Mickey; 1959; 1 appearance

Ashe, Tom; 1949-1953; (4-9) in 9 appearances


1970 – 1979 Summary of the Decade

Kerry played 35 games, scoring 84-531, conceding 34-353.

Munster Championship titles: 7 (1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979) All Ireland titles: 4 (1970, 1975, 1978, 1979)

National League titles: 5 (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1977)

U-21 titles: 4 (1973, 1975, 1976, 1977) Minor titles: 1 (1975)

Top Scorers: Mike Sheehy (17-88), Pat Spillane (12-48), Mick O’Dwyer (2-78)

Top Points-only scorers: Mike Sheehy (88), Mick O’Dwyer (78)

Top Goals-only scorers: Mike Sheehy (17), Pat Spillane (12)

Most Appearances: John O’Keeffe (34), Paudie Lynch (27)


Kerry 2-19 Limerick 2-5;

Munster Final: Kerry 2-22 Cork 2-9;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 0-23 Derry 0-10; All-Ireland Final: Kerry 2-19 Meath 0-18.


Kerry 1-14 Tipperary 1-7;

Munster Final: Cork 0-25 Kerry 0-14.


Kerry 1-12 Tipperary 0-9;

Munster Final: Kerry 2-21 Cork 2-15;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 1-22 Roscommon 1-12; All-Ireland Final: Kerry 1-13 Offaly 1-13;

Replay: Offaly 1-19 Kerry 0-13.


Kerry 3-11 Tipperary 0-5;

Munster Final: Cork 5-12 Kerry 1-15.


Kerry 7-16 Waterford 0-8;

Munster Final: Cork 1-11 Kerry 0-7.


Kerry 3-13 Tipperary 0-9;

Munster Final: Kerry 1-14 Cork 0-7;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 3-13 Sligo 0-5; All-Ireland Final: Kerry 2-12 Dublin 0-11.


Kerry 3-17 Waterford 0-6;

Munster Final: Kerry 0-10 Cork 0-10;

Replay: Kerry 3-20 Cork 2-19;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 5-14 Derry 1-10; All-Ireland Final: Dublin 3-8 Kerry 0-10.


Kerry 3-14 Tipperary 0-9;

Munster Final: Kerry 3-15 Cork 0-9;

All-Ireland semi-final: Dublin 3-12 Kerry 1-13.


Kerry 4-27 Waterford 2-8;

Munster Final: Kerry 3-14 Cork 3-7;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 3-11 Roscommon 0-8; All-Ireland Final: Kerry 5-11 Dublin 0-9.


Kerry 9-21 Clare 1-9;

Munster Final: Kerry 2-14 Cork 2-4;

All-Ireland semi-final: Kerry 5-14 Monaghan 0-7; All-Ireland Final: Kerry 3-13 Dublin 1-8.


Summary: Played two championship games, lost Munster Final.

Game 1 – versus Tipperary in Killarney on June 13. Final Score: Kerry 1-14; Tipperary 1-7.

Johnny Culloty

Donie O’Sullivan Paud O’Donoghue Derry Crowley

Tom Prendergast John O’Keeffe (0-1) Micheál Ó’Sé

Mick O’Connell DJ Crowley (0-1)

Brendan Lynch (0-4) Pat Griffin (0-1) Eamon O’Donoghue

Mick Gleeson (0-1) Liam Higgins Mick O’Dwyer (1-6)

No substitutes used.

Game 2 – Munster Final versus Cork in Cork on July 18. Final Score: Cork 0-25; Kerry 0-14.

Johnny Culloty

Donie O’Sullivan Paud O’Donoghue Seamus MacGearailt

Tom Prendergast John O’Keeffe Micheál Ó’Sé

Mick O’Connell (0-2) DJ Crowley

Brendan Lynch (0-2) Pat Griffin Eamon O’Donoghue (0-1)

Mick Gleeson (0-2) Liam Higgins Mick O’Dwyer (0-7)

Substitutes: Paudie Lynch for Pat Griffin, Mickey O’Sullivan for Eamon O’Donoghue, Donal Kavanagh for Brendan Lynch.

Scorers for the Year: Mick O’Dwyer (1-13), Brendan Lynch (0-6), Mick Gleeson (0-3), Mick O’Connell (0-2), John O’Keeffe (0-1), DJ Crowley (0-1), Pat Griffin (0-1), Eamon O’Donoghue (0-1).

Total Scored: 1-28


2 – Johnny Culloty, Donie O’Sullivan, Paud O’Donoghue, Tom Prendergast, John O’Keeffe, Micheál Ó’Sé, Mick O’Connell, DJ Crowley, Brendan Lynch, Pat Griffin, Eamon O’Donoghue, Mick Gleeson, Liam Higgins, Mick O’Dwyer.

1 – Derry Crowley, Seamus MacGearailt, Paudie Lynch, Mickey O’Sullivan, Donal Kavanagh.

1971 – GAA Winners:

All-Irelands: Senior Football: Offaly Minor Football: Mayo Under-21 Football: Cork

National Leagues: Football: Kerry Hurling: Limerick

Senior Hurling: Tipperary

Kerry Co. Champions: Football: Mid-Kerry Hurling: Kilmoyley

1971 Football All-Stars:

P.J.Smyth (Galway), Johnny Carey (Mayo), Jack Cosgrove (Galway), Donie O’Sullivan (Kerry), Eugene Mulligan (Offaly), Nicholas Clavin (Offaly), Pat Reynolds (Meath), Liam Sammon (Galway), Willie Bryan (Offaly), Tony McTague (Offaly), Ray Cummins (Cork), Mickey Kearns (Sligo), Andy McCallin (Antrim), Sean O’Neill (Down), Seamus Leydon (Galway).

1971 – In The News:

• The Eurovision Song Contest is held in Dublin. Presented by Bernadette Ní Ghallchóir, it is the first colour broadcast by RTÉ.

• The GAA votes to lift its ban on members participating in “foreign games” such as soccer, rugby and cricket.

• Seán Lemass, Taoiseach from 1959 to 1966, dies in Dublin aged 71. He was active during the 1916 Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War.

• Members of the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement return to Dublin by train from Belfast bringing contraceptives as a protest against the law banning their importation.

• The Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) announces that it is withdrawing from Stormont.

• Internment without trial is introduced in Northern Ireland. Over 300 republicans are “lifted” in pre-dawn raids. Some Loyalists are later arrested.

• British troops begin clearing operations in Belfast following the worst rioting in years in August. Taoiseach Jack Lynch calls for an end to the Stormont administration.

• A rally takes place in Dublin in September in support of a campaign of civil disobedience in Northern Ireland.

• The government defeats a motion of no confidence in Minister for Defence, Jim Gibbons.

• Neil Blaney and Paudge Brennan are expelled from the Fianna Fáil parliamentary party.

• Taoiseach Jack Lynch has talks with British Prime Minister Harold Wilson in Dublin in November.

• A bomb in McGurk’s Bar in Belfast kills 15 people on December 4.

GAA Interprovincial Football Final – Munster v Ulster

Ulster defeated Munster by 0-15 to 1-8 in the GAA M Donnelly Interprovincial Football Championship Final in Ruislip, London on Sunday.

Ulster dig deep to seal provincial title

Ulster 0-15 Munster 1-8

By Tony Tighe of the Irish Examiner newspaper

Monday, November 09, 2009

THERE was drama at Ruislip yesterday, where an Ulster late show saw them overcome defending champions Munster in this M Donnelly Interprovincial final. In what was a highly entertaining and competitive encounter, Ulster looked in complete control as the teams headed for the interval, leading by four points and looking much the stronger side. But they were rocked moments after the restart when Waterford’s Gary Hurney rattled in an opportunistic goal, and by the three-quarter stage Munster had surged ahead. The cup looked destined to be heading down south for a second successive year, but Ulster dug deep and fired five points without reply in the final eight minutes to clinch a thrilling victory.

“We’re really pleased with the win,” said Ulster manager Joe Kernan. “The lads put in a big effort, especially in the last 10 minutes. They kept their heads and showed great character to come back. We lost our way for about 10 minutes after half time, but the lads fought hard, we started to use the ball a lot better and took some inspirational scores. That lifted us. We may not have done it for the whole game but we did when it mattered most.” The interprovincial championship has only survived in recent years due to the generosity of Martin Donnelly, who admitted last week that the success of the football final in Ruislip would influence his decision to sponsor the competition. But after witnessing a thrilling and highly competitive encounter, attended by a crowd of around 1,500 fans, Donnelly has confirmed that he will continue to back the series. “It’s early November, a cold day, but I was delighted with the crowd, the whole day was tremendous,” he said. “It showed that there is a future, whether it be this side of the water or abroad for the final. “With the intensity the players showed, you can’t say there’s a lack of interest in the competition. And that’s what it’s all about, it’s really about players wanting to compete for their province.”

The conditions were freezing at the Emerald Grounds but Ulster looked red hot in the opening exchanges, their full-forward line of Paddy Bradley, Stephen O’Neill and Michael Murphy causing Munster all sorts of problems. Cork duo Daniel Goulding and Donncha O’Connor kept Munster in touch. They should have led midway through the half when Liam O Lionnain spun past his marker and raced in goal, only to hit the side netting. It was a major let off for Ulster and as the wind picked up, they pushed on, Kevin Hughes hitting a superb late brace to give his side a 0-8 to 0-4 advantage at the break.

That lead would be short-lived however, as within minutes of the restart Munster were level. Hurney looked to be going nowhere when he picked the ball to the right of goal, but he somehow managed to escape his marker’s clutches and drilled a fine low shot across Joe Devine. Ulster should have had a goal of their own moments later when a superb flowing move saw Paul Finlay play Joe McMahon through on goal, but his shot flew harmlessly wide. Points from superb substitute James Ryan and Goulding put Munster in front for the first time on 48 minutes, and with their opponents squandering possession all too easily, the cup looked set to return to the southern province. But Ulster mounted a stunning late salvo, with Down’s Danny Hughes and namesake Gordon making an immediate impact upon their introduction by hitting the winning scores.

“Over the hour I felt Ulster were worthy of their win. They have some fantastic players and a great backroom team,” said disappointed Munster boss Ger O’Sullivan. “We were just a little bit tight with our panel. We lost two players during the week, and then before the game we lost Seamus Scanlon and Colm O’Neill. I think that caught up with us in the end. I thought our players were fantastic; they gave 100% commitment. I’m very proud of them.”

Scorers for Ulster: P Bradley 0-3 (1f); M Murphy (1f), K Hughes, G O’Kane, D Hughes 0-2 each; S O’Neill, P Finlay, E McGinley, C Gormley 0-1 each.

Scorers for Munster: D Goulding 0-4 (1f); G Hurney 1-0; D O’Connor 0-2f; N Murphy, J Ryan 0-1 each.

ULSTER: J Devine (Tyrone); K Lacey (Donegal), Justin McMahon (Tyrone), G O’Kane (Derry); A Kernan (Armagh), C McKeever (Armagh), R Flanagan (Cavan); K Hughes (Tyrone), E McGinley (Tyrone); P Finlay (Monaghan), B Coulter (Down), Joe McMahon (Tyrone); P Bradley (Derry), S O’Neill (Tyrone), M Murphy (Donegal).

Subs: C Gormley (Tyrone) for McKeever (28); R McCloskey (Fermanagh) for Lacey (ht); D Hughes (Down) for Joe McMahon (41); D Gordon (Down) for Murphy (43); T Freeman (Monaghan) for Hughes (52).

MUNSTER: P Fitzgerald (Tipperary); T O’Gorman (Waterford), J McCarthy (Limerick), P Reidy (Kerry); M O’Gorman (Waterford), M Shields (Cork); P Ranahan (Limerick); N Murphy (Cork), P O’Neill (Cork); P Kelly (Cork), D O’Connor (Cork), P Kerrigan (Cork); G Hurney (Waterford), D Goulding (Cork), L O’Lionnain (Waterford).

Subs: R Costigan (Tipperary) for M O’Gorman (ht); J Ryan (Limerick) for Kerrigan (ht); S Scanlon (Kerry) for O’Neill (56); A Walsh (Cork) for O’Lionnain (59).

Referee: D Fahy (Longford)


M Donnelly Interprovincial SFC Final: Record win for Ulster

From the web site

Nov 08, 2009

Ulster regained the M Donnelly Interprovincial senior football title on Sunday with a 0-15 to 1-8 win over 2008 winners Munster in London. The Ruislip encounter was the first such final to be played in the British capital and Joe Kernan’s men emerged from it with a record 29th crown at this level, leading to delighted captain Stephen O’Neill lifting the trophy. Kernan’s side were the better for much of the game though did find themselves trailing after a third-quarter Munster comeback. However, Ulster did not let Waterford man Gary Hurney’s goal derail them and scored the game’s last five scores for a four-point win. Derry scoring ace Paddy Bradley started the day’s scoring in front of over 1,000 spectators but Cork’s Daniel Goulding then hit a double, with Michael Murphy pointing for Ulster, the sides level after ten minutes. Points from Michael Murphy and O’Neill restored the Ulster advantage and further efforts from Bradley, Paul Finlay and Kevin Hughes had them looking very good before they lost Armagh defender Ciaran McKeever to a suspected fractured leg.

Goulding grabbed a couple of quick scores but Hughes’ second for Ulster saw them lead by double scores at the break, 0-8 to 0-4. Three minutes into the second half, however, it became anybody’s game. Cork man Nicholas Murphy was growing in stature in the important midfield area for Munster and when Hurney turned his man to power an effort into John Devine’s net there was just one point in it. Murphy, James Ryan, Goulding and Donncha O’Connor also scored as Munster had a lead with 12 minutes to play. But Ulster steadied themselves and sub Daniel Hughes of Down brought an extra spark onto the field with him. He hit two scores and Derry’s Gerard O’Kane his second as Ger O’Sullivan’s men were sent into arrears again. Dan Gordon and another sub, Conor Gormley, added late points to seal the win and the latest crown for Ulster, who last won this cpmpetition in 2007.


M Donnelly Inter-Provincial Final

Ulster finish strongly to claim deserved 29th title

By Larry Cooney

Ulster 0-15 Munster 1-8

Ulster are the Martin Donnelly inter-provincial football champions after a deserved four-point victory over Munster at Ruislip yesterday. Before a sizeable attendance of just under two thousand on a cold but dry afternoon in West London both teams served up an entertaining encounter that was tied at 1-6 to 0-9 with fourteen minutes of normal time remaining. But six unanswered points in reply to a late point from Munster substitute Aidan Walsh gave the Northerners a deserved record-breaking title 29th title.

Playing into the pavilion end in the opening half the winners had the benefit of the elements and were on the score-sheet within thirty seconds of the throw-in. Pivotal full-forward and captain Stephen O’Neill broke the ball to the on-rushing Paddy Bradley and he made no mistake for the opening point. Although late selection Daniel Goulding equalised for Munster within two minutes the scores were still tied at 0-2 each after ten minutes.

But Ulster appeared to have the cutting edge in terms of finishing and aided by another Bradley point and two each from Kevin Hughes and Michael Murphy, Joe Kernan’s Ulster side deservedly led by 0-8 to 0-4 at half-time. A pointed free each from Daniel Goulding and captain Donncha O’Connor and another Goulding point from play were Munster’s first-half scorers.

The first-half was also marred by a serious injury to Ulster centre-back Ciaran McKeever eight minutes before the interval and he was replaced by Conor Gormley after which a Kevin Hughes brace of points put Ulster in a comfortable position by half-time when the score was: Ulster 0-8 Munster 0-4. Munster made a significant double substitution at half-time with Limerick’s James Ryan replacing an off-form Paul Kerrigan and Tipperary’s Robbie Costigan replacing Maurice O’Corman. Ulster also introduced Ryan McCloskey for Karl Lacey.

The Southerners need a good start to the half and within four minutes of the restart it was looking for them when Gary Hurney rifled to the net before a long range point from Nicholas Murphy tied the scores. But Ulster refused to panic even after a Daniel Goulding point in the 48th minute gave Munster the lead for the only time of an interesting match.  With Ulster through their clever use of the bench stepping up the tempo they hit the last five points of the game, two of them from impressive substitute Daniel Hughes to leave the final score Ulster 0-15 Munster 1-8.


Ulster –  P Bradley 0-3(0-1)f, M Murphy, K Hughes, G O’Kane and D Hughes 0-2 each, S O’Neill, P Finlay, D Gordon and R McCloskey 0-1 each.

Munster – D Goulding 0-4(0-1)f, G Hurney 1-0, D O’Connor 0-2(0-1)f, N Murphy and A Walsh 0-1 each.

TEAMS: Ulster – J Devine; K Lacey, J McMahon,  G O’Kane; Aaron Kernan, C McKeever, R Flanagan; K Hughes, E McGinley; P Finlay, B Coulter, Joe McMahon; P Bradley, S O’Neill, M Murphy. Subs: C Gormley for McKeever (inj) 22, R McCloskey for Lacey h/t, D Hughes for Joe McMahon 40, D Gordon for Murphy 42.

Munster – P Fitzgerald; T O’Gorman, J McCarthy, P Reidy; M O’Gorman, M Shields, P Ranahan; Nicholas Murphy, P O’Neill; P Kelly, Daniel Goulding, Donncha O’Connor; P Kerrigan, G Hurney, L O’Lionnain. Subs: J Ryan for Kerrigan h/t, R Costigan for M O’Gorman h/t, A Walsh for O’Lionnain 56.

REFEREE: D Fahy (Longford)


Team News

The Munster team to play Ulster in the 2009 GAA M Donnelly Interprovincial Football Championship Final on Sunday has been announced – MUNSTER (v Ulster) -Paul Fitzgerald (Tipperary); Tomas O’Gorman (Waterford), Johnny McCarthy (Limerick), Padraig Reidy (Kerry);Maurice O’Gorman (Waterford), Michael Shields (Cork), Pa Ranahan (Limerick); Nicholas Murphy (Cork), Seamus Scanlon (Kerry); Patrick Kelly (Cork), Pearse O Neill (Cork), Donncha O Connor (Cork – Captain); Gary Hurney (Waterford), Colm O Neill (Cork), Liam O Lionnain (Waterford)
Subs: Joe Hayes (Clare), Paul Kerrigan (Cork), Robbie Costigan (Tipperary), Ger Quinlan (Clare), Aidan Walsh (Cork), Daniel Goulding (Cork), Alan O Connor (Cork), Shane Walsh (Waterford), James Ryan (Limerick)

Match Preview

Rumble at Ruislip!

BY GRAHAM CLIFFORD for the Irish Post newspaper

AFTER years of waiting and months of planning the stage is set for the first ever Railway Cup football final to be held on British soil. Thousands are expected to descend on Ruislip for the 2pm throw-in of Ulster and defending champions Munster with both sides boasting a host of top names from the world of inter-county GAA. While on paper Ulster will undoubtedly start this M. Donnelly Inter-Provincial final at the headquarters of London GAA as favourites Munster’s bid to collect back-to-back titles has been aided by the inclusion of last year’s winning captain Nicholas Murphy from Cork as well as the All Star trio of Seamus Scanlon of Kerry and Daniel Goulding and Pearse O’Neill from Cork. The four Munster players were not involved in the semi-final win over Connacht at the Gaelic grounds in Limerick.

While there are no new names in the Ulster squad Joe Kernan’s side includes some of the best in the game and supporters who attend this year’s eagerly-awaited final will see the likes of Tyrone’s Stephen O’Neill, Down’s Benny Coulter and Derry’s Paddy Bradley in action. Munster defeated Ulster in last year’s semi-final by 1-5 to 0-5 but the manager of the defending champions Ger O’Sullivan told The Irish Post this week that Ulster are a seriously good side. He said: “Any team that can boast an inside-forward line of Stephen O’Neill, Michael Murphy and Paddy Bradley must be feared.” One huge incentive for Ulster is that if they do go on to win Sunday’s final they will become the most successful province in the history of the competition.

Organisers are keeping their fingers crossed that the monsoon-like conditions which battered Britain last weekend do not return over the coming one. Thankfully at the time of going to print the weathermen predict only a 10 per cent chance of rain for London. On the evening before the final up to 500 guests will attend a special celebration to mark 125 years of the GAA with all the talk surely to be about whether it’ll be Stephen O’Neill of Tyrone or Donncha O’Connor of Cork who will be lifting the M. Donnelly-sponsored trophy the following afternoon. It’s sure to be a massive day for British GAA and an amazing opportunity for Gaels on this side of the Irish Sea to see some of the game’s top players in full flight — can you afford to miss it?

All Ireland Senior Club Camogie Final – Cashel v Athenry – Match Off

Please be advised, due to the inclement weather, both of today’s All Ireland club (senior and junior) camogie finals have to be postponed.



Athenry, Galway –v- Cashel, Tipperary, St. Conleth’s Park Newbridge, Co. Kildare, 2pm Ref: Fintan McNamara, Clare


Lavey, Derry –v- St. Anne’s, Dunhill, Waterford, Donaghmore Ashbourne, Co. Meath, 2.30pm Ref: Mike O’Kelly, Cork

The fixtures committee will reconvene asap to re-schedule both matches for next weekend (Dec 6th).

Match Preview

A repeat of the 2007 All Ireland final when Cashel claimed their only title. So, revenge is on the mind of Athenry who are attempting to win the Cup for the first time in 32 years.

Both captains will play a major role. Una O’Dwyer is skipper of Cashel, and the full back will pull the strings from the edge of the square where up front Claire Grogan is the big threat.

Athenry captain Therese Maher is a massive player and her influence will have a big say.

Verdict: Cashel

Team News

Athenry: S Gannon; K Glynn, A Poniard, D Coen; C Cunniffe, R Glynn, K Ruddy; S Donohue, L Linnane; N Jordan, T Maher (Capt), N Coen; B Kerins, K O’Dwyer, M Keogh.

Cashel: H Breen; C Ryan, U O’Dwyer (Capt), N Dwyer; P Bulfin, P Fogarty, J McGrath; J Horan, L Grogan, C Hennessy, M Morrissey, C Grogan; A Lonergan, E Hayden, C Dwyer.

All-Ireland Junior Club Camogie Final – St. Anne’s, Dunhill (Waterford) v Lavey (Derry) – Match Off

Please be advised, due to the inclement weather, both of today’s All Ireland club (senior and junior) camogie finals have to be postponed.



Athenry, Galway –v- Cashel, Tipperary, St. Conleth’s Park Newbridge, Co. Kildare, 2pm Ref: Fintan McNamara, Clare


Lavey, Derry –v- St. Anne’s, Dunhill, Waterford, Donaghmore Ashbourne, Co. Meath, 2.30pm Ref: Mike O’Kelly, Cork

The fixtures committee will reconvene asap to re-schedule both matches for next weekend (Dec 6th).

Tesco Ladies Football All Ireland Junior Club Final – Clonakilty (Cork) v Drumcliffe Rosses Point (Sligo)

Clonakilty (Cork) defeated Drumcliffe Rosses Point (Sligo) by 4-12 to 0-1 in the Tesco Ladies Football All Ireland Junior Club Final on Sunday in Dr. Cullen Park, Carlow.

Match Report

Clonakilty became the fifth Cork team to claim the Tesco All-Ireland ladies junior club football title as they crushed Sligo opponents Drumcliffe by 4-12 to 0-1 at Dr. Cullen Park in Carlow on Sunday. All six of Clonakilty’s forwards were on target during a one-sided encounter as Drumcliffe were restricted to just a solitary first half point, scored by Nicole Fowley. Clonakilty had the game wrapped up by half-time, leading by 2-6 to 0-1 as two goals in a five-minute spell gave them real breathing space.

There was no score at all in the game from the fifth minute until Aoife Deasy scored the first of her two goals in the 25th minute with a soccer-style effort that crept into the net. Four minutes later, Erica Jennings found the direct from a free as Clonakilty established an eleven-point half-time lead. Clonakilty, who had a player of the match performance from Beulah McManus, tacked on another 2-6 in the second half as Deasy grabbed her second goal 17 minutes after the restart before Mary O’Donovan added the fourth goal a minute later.

Tesco Ladies All-Ireland Junior club football final details:

Scorers for Clonakilty: A Deasy 2-0, E Jennings 1-4, Marie O’Donovan 1-1, Mary O’Donovan 0-4, S Whelton, C O’Leary & J Brennan 0-1 each.

Scorer for Drumcliffe: N Fowley 0-1

Match Preview

The Tesco Junior All Ireland Club final sees Clonakilty of Cork take on Drumcliffe/Rosses Point of Sligo. This is a first appearance in an All Ireland club final for both clubs and Drumcliffe/Rosses Point could become the first club from Connacht to win the junior title. Clonakilty powered past Corduff of Monaghan to reach the final while Drumcliff/Rosses Point eked out a one point victory over St James of Wexford to secure their spot in the final. The Tesco Junior All Ireland final will take place in Ferbane GAA Club in County Offaly at 1pm on Sunday 29th November.

Pat Quill, President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, was in GAA Headquarters to wish the players luck. “The club scene is the foundation of our game. It cements our communities and is an integral part of our local identity. The chance to win an All Ireland Club medal does not come around very often and all the players competing this weekend should treasure the experience of playing in a final in front of their family, friends and neighbours. I would also like to pay tribute to our club competition sponsors Tesco who have come on board this year and will play an important role in developing the club game over the next three years. I have no doubt they will be a huge asset to the club competitions and to Ladies Football alike.” Kenny Jacobs, Marketing Director, Tesco Ireland, commented, “We are delighted to be the new sponsors of the Club Championships. I would like to congratulate all four teams in reaching the finals and I would like to wish everyone involved the very best of luck next Sunday.”

Tesco Ladies Football All Ireland Senior Club Final – Donoughmore (Cork) v Donaghmoyne (Monaghan)

Tesco All-Ireland Ladies senior club football championship final.

Donaghmoyne (Monaghan) 2-7 Donoughmore (Cork) 1-8

Jackie Cahill reports from St Rynagh’s GAA club, Banagher, Offaly.

DONAGHMOYNE were crowned Tesco All-Ireland Ladies senior club football champions for the second time in four seasons as they saw off Cork opponents Donoughmore by two points in a gripping decider on Sunday. The Monaghan and Ulster standard bearers held on for victory at the home of St Rynagh’s GAA club in the Offaly town of Banagher as Donoughmore suffered defeat in the final for the second time in six years. Donaghmoyne did much of the hard work in before half-time as they recovered from a sluggish start to lead by 2-2 to 1-3 at the break, having played against a strong and icy first half breeze. Donaghmoyne, who also won the title in 2006, found themselves 1-2 to 0-1 behind after just seven minutes as Donoughmore piled on the pressure from the start in front of an estimated attendance of 1500.

Patrice Kearney scored an excellent goal in the seventh minute for Donoughmore as she finished a flowing move which also involved Rena Buckley and Louise Murphy. Juliet Murphy claimed the player of the match award despite finishing on the losing side and she was a massive influence on the game in the early stages. The Cork midfield ace and team captain drove her team forward but ten minutes before half-time, Donaghmoyne were handed a route back into the game from a penalty. Donoughmore full-back Linda Barrett was sin-binned for a foul on Donaghmoyne midfielder Cora Courtney and from the resultant penalty, Catriona McConnell shot high into the net. Monaghan county star McConnell, who finished as top scorer for her team with 2-3, netted again with the game’s next score, just a minute before half-time.

Centre back Sharon Courtney was the creator with a driving run from the middle of the field and when McConnell took the pass, the full-forward made no mistake with a low finish. 2001 and 2003 champions Donoughmore turned to face the breeze two points in adrift and they fell further behind just six seconds after the restart when the inspirational Courtney stormed forward for a point. Donoughmore hit back to within a point but Hazel Kingham replied for Donaghmoyne with arguably the score of the game in the 41st minute, a magnificent long range point. Kingham was harshly sin-binned soon after but Donaghmoyne coped well with her absence and led by 2-6 to 1-6 with six minutes remaining. Murphy cut the gap back to the bare minimum with a brace of frees and in stoppage time, Donaghmoyne were hanging on for victory before McConnell made sure of the win in the sixth minute of stoppage time with a nerveless free.

DONAGHMOYNE: L Martin; J Geoghegan, F Courtney, N Lynch; H Kingham, S Courtney, J Courtney; A Casey, C Courtney; E McElroy, M Woods, L Kingham; G McGowan, C McConnell, M Grimes.

Subs: A Lennon for L Kingham (44), L Daly for A Lennon (inj, 50).

DONOUGHMORE: C O’Connell; E Walsh, L Barrett, R O’Mahony; A Barrett, V Sheehan, A.M. O’Shea; R Buckley, J Murphy; O Healy, R Curtin, P Kearney; Y Twomey, L Murphy, A O’Connor.

Sub: R Barrett for O’Connor (53).

Referee: D McEnery (Westmeath)

Captains gather ahead of Tesco Ladies finals

Nov 26, 2009

From the web site

The captains of the teams competing in the Tesco All Ireland Club Championship finals gathered in Croke Park today ahead of the action this weekend. The senior final sees Donaghmoyne of Monaghan take on Donoughmore of Cork. Both clubs have won the senior all Ireland club title in the past but it is the Farney girls who have won the title most recently beating Carnacon in 2006. Donoughmore have claimed the All Ireland Club crown twice in 2003 and 2001 with their last appearance in a final coming in 2004 when they lost out to Dublin outfit Ballyboden St Endas. Despite boasting four members of the All Ireland winning Cork panel, Donoughmore were not expected to win the county championship. However the quality of Juliet Murphy and Rena Buckley propelled the team to county and provincial success before accounting for defending champions Carnacon in the All Ireland semi-final.

Five time All Ireland winner and Donoughmore star, Rena Buckley, said, “We had a very quiet start to the season with small numbers at training so there was very low expectations for the team. We just took it game by game and had a very positive approach to each match and none of us thought we would get this far in the competition.” Donaghmoyne are a powerhouse of ladies football in Monaghan. They have nine members of the Monaghan county panel in their ranks including Amanda Casey, Catriona McConnell, Linda Martin and the Courtney sisters Sharon, Fiona, Cora and Joanne. Donaghmoyne defeated Leinster champions Timahoe of Laois to book a place in the final. Donaghmoyne captain Niamh Lynch said, “We are trying to get to the levels we were at back in 2006 when we won the senior club title and our goal is to bring the cup back to Donaghmoyne. Everyone is flying fit and rearing to go but anything can happen on the day.” The senior final will take place in St Rynagh’s GAA Club, Banagher, Co Offaly. Throw-in is at 2.30pm and the game will be televised by TG4.

The Tesco Junior All Ireland Club final sees Clonakilty of Cork take on Drumcliffe/Rosses Point of Sligo. This is a first appearance in an All Ireland club final for both clubs and Drumcliffe/Rosses Point could become the first club from Connacht to win the junior title. Clonakilty powered past Corduff of Monaghan to reach the final while Drumcliff/Rosses Point eked out a one point victory over St James of Wexford to secure their spot in the final. The Tesco Junior All Ireland final will take place in Ferbane GAA Club in County Offaly at 1pm on Sunday 29th November. Pat Quill, President of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association, was in GAA Headquarters to wish the players luck. “The club scene is the foundation of our game. It cements our communities and is an integral part of our local identity. The chance to win an All Ireland Club medal does not come around very often and all the players competing this weekend should treasure the experience of playing in a final in front of their family, friends and neighbours. I would also like to pay tribute to our club competition sponsors Tesco who have come on board this year and will play an important role in developing the club game over the next three years. I have no doubt they will be a huge asset to the club competitions and to Ladies Football alike.” Kenny Jacobs, Marketing Director, Tesco Ireland, commented, “We are delighted to be the new sponsors of the Club Championships. I would like to congratulate all four teams in reaching the finals and I would like to wish everyone involved the very best of luck next Sunday.”

AIB Munster GAA Intermediate Football Final – Spa (Kerry) v Cratloe (Clare)

Spa (Kerry) defeated Cratloe (Clare) by 2-11 to 0-10 in the AIB Munster GAA Intermediate Football Final on Sunday in Mallow.

AIB Munster GAA Junior Football Championship Semi-Final – Castlegregory (Kerry) v Glanworth (Cork)

Castlegregory (Kerry) defeated Glanworth (Cork) by 1-10 to 1-6 in the AIB Munster GAA Junior Football Championship Semi-Final on Sunday in Austin Stack Park Tralee.

AIB Munster GAA Junior Football Championship Semi-Final – Kilgobnet (Waterford) v Mountcollins (Limerick)

Mountcollins (Limerick) defeated Kilgobnet (Waterford) by 0-8 to 0-3 in the AIB Munster GAA Junior Football Championship Semi-Final on Sunday in Fraher Field Dungarvan.

Munster Club SFC S-Final – Kerins O’Rahilly’s v Moyle Rovers

Kerins O’Rahillys (Kerry) defeated Moyle Rovers (Tipperary) by 1-9 to 0-10 in the AIB Munster GAA Football Senior Club Championship Semi-Final on Sunday at Austin Stack Park Tralee.

Quill right on cue for O’Rahillys

Kerins O’Rahillys 1-8 Moyle Rovers 0-9

By Jim O’Sullivan for the Irish Examiner newspaper

Monday, November 23, 2009

THERE was a serious question mark hanging over Kerins O’Rahillys ability to win in Austin Stack Park yesterday until Declan Quill inspired them with a 53rd-minute goal. Coming immediately after a hard-earned Barry John Walsh point restored their lead, following an admirable third quarter recovery from a brave Moyle Rovers side, its timing as much as its execution was decisive in earning them a place in the AIB Munster club SFC final for the first time in their history. And, they were also grateful for the save made by their goalkeeper David Hennessy less than half a minute after the start of the second half, when his alertness – and positioning – denied Brian Mulvihill a goal which could have produced a different result.

A relieved Strand Road manager Mark Fitzgerald emphasised the importance of the block, commenting: “If it had gone it would have been all over. We only got two scores in the second half. The goal was the difference.’’ Moyle Rovers coach Jim Cahill was bitterly disappointed. “Second best is no good to us. When it was seven points each we needed a fillip to drive us on. Goals win matches. Unfortunately we couldn’t get one. “If we got the goal we could have gone on – and their goal came when it was too late for us to turn around again.’’

While the pitch was in good condition, the combination of a strong wind and driving rain made it very difficult for both sides. The hosts enjoyed wind advantage in the opening half – Timmy O’Sullivan kicked the first point after three minutes, before Barry John Walsh set up Declan Quill for one and then scored himself. And, after the first of only three Moyle Rovers points from a Declan Browne free in the 10th minute, O’Rahilly’s had five points to their credit in a two-minute period. So far so good for the Kerry club champions, with Quill quick to make an impression at right corner-forward, Barry John Keane eager at centre-forward and Barry John Walsh threatening in the left corner.

With Fitzgerald acknowledging that the presence of Australian-based Tommy Walsh and David Moran would have given them ‘extra physicality’ in conditions where strength and mobility were invaluable, it was noteworthy that things didn’t run smoothly for them in the 15-minute period before the break. Yes their finishing deteriorated but credit also the Tipperary champions. The tenacity of their defensive play, allied to their ability to work the ball upfield with a short passing style, gradually brought them into contention. They managed that with strong play at midfield, mainly through Paul Johnson, whose high work-rate brought him a better return than Micheal Quirke, who wasn’t to produce his best football until the second half.

And, selected half-back Peter Acheson (at left half-forward) was one of the players who impressed most, with Browne giving the expected leadership when he was given the right ball. At the break, it was 0-7 to 0-3 in favour of the hosts. Fitzgerald admitted the management were ‘a little unhappy’ at that stage, saying: “we felt we weren’t playing particularly well, that four points of a lead wasn’t going to be enough. There were five or six guys who could have upped it a bit more. The conditions and the fact that Rovers came at us forced a lot of guys into working harder.’’ However, it wasn’t until much later in the game that the necessary improvement was forthcoming, with Quirke influential and Brian Moran forceful at half-back.

Moyle Rovers were in control, overcoming the disappointment of not getting their goal on the resumption. Browne kicked over three frees, one a brilliant score from far out on the left wing, and continuous pressure had them level at 0-7 each in the 44th minute. Crucially, when it needed something special to decide the game, it was Quill who was in position to oblige. This was after Barry John Keane had tried for a score from out near the right corner and the wind pushed the ball away from the posts – into Quill’s hands. He explained: “I saw one in the first half when they had a kick and it went like that. I thought the wind was going to take it out, so I positioned myself under it. I thought I lost control of the ball and just threw my right leg at it. When I saw it going into the right corner I couldn’t believe it!’’

Scorers for Kerins O’Rahillys: D. Quill 1-2; B.J. Walsh and B.J. Keane 0-2 each; T. O’Sullivan and J. O’Connor (free) 0-1 each.

Scorers for Moyle Rovers: D. Browne 0-5 (0-4 frees, 0-1 ‘45); S. Keating, S. Carey, P. Acheson and J. Williams 0-1 each.

KERINS O’RAHILLYS: D. Hennessy; B. O’Shea, M. O’Shea, P. Begley; R. O’Callaghan, B. Moran, J. Kelly; M. Quirke (capt.), G. Duffy; J. O’Connor, B.J. Keane, R. Molloy; D. Quill, T. O’Sullivan, B.J. Walsh.

Subs: B. Quill for Molloy (46th minute); Molloy for Moran (injured, 56th).

MOYLE ROVERS: G. Kenrick; L. Cronin (capt.), R. Power, R. Desmond; P. Acheson, N. Fitzgerald, D. Dwyer; M. Dunne, P. Johnson; B. Mulvihill, P. Foley, S. Keating; S. Carey, D. Browne, D. Foley.

Subs: J. Shanahan for P. Foley; J. Williams for Keating (53rd); D. Lyne for Acheson (60th).

Referee: Rory Hickey (Clare)

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