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All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Qualifiers – Leitrim 0-12 Waterford 0-8

Leitrim defeated Waterford by 0-12 to 0-8 in the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship Qualifiers on Sunday June 19th at Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada Carrick-on-Shannon.

Losing streak continues for Waterford footballers at Leitrim

By Declan Rooney for the Irish Examiner online

Leitrim 0-12 Waterford 0-8

There wasn’t quite the same fanfare that greeted Leitrim’s first qualifier win against Wicklow back in 2012, but Shane Ward’s side were far more convincing today as they picked up their second backdoor victory in Carrick-on-Shannon.

A 13-point defeat to Roscommon saw their Connacht championship campaign grind to a halt in May, but the home side were far better than their visitors, who finished with a flourish, but only when Leitrim realised they had the win secured.

Waterford are still without a championship win since 2011 and Tom McGlinchy’s side will regret 13 wides – although two of them looked like they could have been awarded by the ponderous umpires – while Patrick Hurney also missed a 13 metre free from in font of the posts in the first half. It could have been a lot closer.

McGlinchey didn’t want to be drawn on his future after two years as Waterford manager, but he hinted that it might be time for a change after a couple of seasons with little progress. “We’re still in Division 4 and we still haven’t won a championship game so there’s no progression really. It’ll take time,” said McGlinchy.

“When you’re playing football in a hurling county, it’s hard because the lure of hurling always wins out. Even next year, whoever’s there next year and whoever’s playing next year, you just don’t know are fellas going to progress on to hurling or whatever they’re going to do. There’s potential there.”

This game was really won by Leitrim’s Ronan Kennedy either side of half-time. The Mohill forward brought his first-half tally to four point with two sweet points in the dying embers of the first-half, and put his team seven points clear with another two straight after the restart. Even when Liam Lawlor and sub Mark Ferncombe combined for the last four scores of the game there was no way back for Waterford.

“It’s a good day out. Despite the conditions, I thought we worth it today. I thought there was bit of response from the boys and they played well for large parts of the game,” said Leitrim manager Shane Ward. “We spoke about it before, playing well for 15 and then lying low for 15 but I thought we worth it today and we were really good for large parts of the game which makes me somewhat happy.”

Leitrim: B Flynn; K McHugh, R Gallagher, P Maguire; S McWeeney, G Reynolds (c), J Rooney; P McGowan, S Moran; T Mulvey, E Mulligan (0-3, 2f), C Gilheaney (0-1); R Kennedy (0-7, 2f, 1’45), D Wrynn (0-1), A Croal.
Subs: B Prior for Rooney (h-t), N O’Donnell for Mulvey (68), C Gaffney for Croal (68), R O’Rourke for Gilheaney (71).

Waterford: S Enright; M O’Gorman, T O’Gorman, T Ó hUallacháin; S Prendergast, J McGrath, B Looby; R Ó Ceallaigh, T Prendergast (c); G Crotty (0-1), P Hurney (0-1, 1f), M O’Halloran; J Veale, L Lawlor (0-2), L Ó Corraoin.
Subs: C Murray for O Ceallaigh (h-t), F O Cuirrin for Hurney (h-t), S Corcoran (0-01) for O Corraoin (h-t), M Ferncombe (0-3, 3f) for Veale (43 BC), M Curry for O’Halloran (51), J O’Mahony for Looby (68-70 temp).

Referee: Noel Mooney (Cavan)

They meet in the championship for the first time. Their last competitive clash was in this year’s Allianz League Division 4 when Waterford won by a point (0-10 to 1-6) in Dungarvan in the final round in early April.

Leitrim lost to Roscommon by 1-21 to 0-11 in the Connacht quarter-final while Waterford lost to Tipperary by 1-15 to 1-7 in the Munster quarter-final.

Louth 1-16 Leitrim 0-11 (Round 1 – Drogheda)
Offaly 1-20 Waterford 1-7 (Round 1 – Dungarvan)

Leitrim last won a qualifier game in 2012 (v Wicklow) while Waterford’s last win was in 2011 (v London).

The winners will enter Round 2 of the qualifiers on July 2; the losers’ season will be over.

John West Feile na nGael 2016 Camogie Results

See below the John West Feile na nGael Camogie Results.

John West Feile na nGael Camogie Division 1 Results

John West Feile na nGael Camogie Division 2 Results

John West Feile na nGael Camogie Division 3 Results

John West Feile na nGael Camogie Division 4 Results

John West Feile na nGael Camogie Division 5 Results

Feile na nGael Camogie Division 5 Results

Group A

St Brides 0-3 Abbeyleix St Lazarians 1-1
Ballybacon Grange 12-4 St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel 0-0

St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel 0-0 St Brides 1-10
Ballybacon Grange 2-1 Abbeyleix St Lazarians 0-0

Ballybacon Grange 3-1 St Brides 0-5
Abbeyleix St Lazarians 1-4 St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel 0-1

Ballybacon Grange – 6 points
Abbeyleix St Lazarians – 4 points
St Brides – 2 points
St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel – 0 points

Group B

Burt 1-1 Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s 0-1
Templemore 4-3 Kilruane Mac Donaghs 0-0

Kilruane Mac Donaghs 0-2 Burt 0-0
Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s 0-0 Templemore 3-2

Kilruane Mac Donaghs 0-2 Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s 0-1
Burt 0-0 Templemore 4-3

Templemore – 6 points
Kilruane Mac Donaghs – 4 points
Burt – 2 points
Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s – 0 points

Group C

Moyle Rovers 2-3 Burren Rangers 1-0
Cappoquin 0-1 San Francisco 1-1

Burren Rangers 0-0 San Francisco 1-0
Cappoquin 0-0 Moyle Rovers 2-3

Cappoquin 0-0 Burren Rangers 1-2
San Francisco 1-0 Moyle Rovers 1-2

Moyle Rovers – 6 points
San Francisco – 4 points
Burren Rangers – 2 points
Cappoquin – 0 points

Cup Competition

Q-Final 1 – Ballybacon-Grange 1-1 Kilruane MacDonaghs 1-0

Q-Final 2 – Templemore defeated Abbeyleix St Lazarians

S-Final 1 – San Francisco 1-0 Ballybacon-Grange 0-2

S-Final 2 – Moyle Rovers 0-2 Templemore 1-1

Final – Templemore 4-4 San Francisco 2-0

Shield Competition

Q-Final 1 – Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s defeated Blackrock

Q-Final 2 – Burt 0-1 St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel 0-2

S-Final 1 – Burren Rangers 0-0 Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s 2-0

S-Final 2 – Cappoquin 3-0 St Mary’s Hurling Club Clonmel 0-1

Final – Naomh Ádhamhnáin/St Eunan’s 1-2 Cappoquin 0-0

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Feile na nGael Camogie Division 4 Results

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Group A

Dún Garbhan 0-0 Na Brideoga 4-3
Abbeyside 1-0 Lacken GAA 1-1

Dún Garbhan 3-0 Abbeyside 0-3
Lacken GAA 0-0 Na Brideoga 9-1

Dún Garbhan 0-0 Lacken GAA 0-1
Abbeyside 0-1 Na Brideoga 2-3

Na Brideoga – 6 points
Lacken GAA – 4 points
Dún Garbhan – 2 points
Abbeyside – 0 points

Group B

Cillard 3-8 Donard/Glen 0-1
Clonea 0-0 Tramore 5-3

Tramore 0-0 Cillard 7-6
Clonea 0-2 Donard/Glen 5-2

Clonea 0-0 Cillard 9-11
Tramore 0-1 Donard/Glen 1-3

Cillard – 6 points
Donard/Glen – 4 points
Tramore – 2 points
Clonea – 0 points

Group C

Westport GAA 2-8 An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 1-1
Burgess 2-0 Druim agus Inse 3-4

Druim agus Inse 4-0 Westport GAA 2-2
Burgess 0-3 An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 1-7

Druim agus Inse 1-1 An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 1-4
Burgess 2-0 Westport GAA 1-0

An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig – 4 points
Druim agus Inse – 4 points
Burgess – 2 points
Westport GAA – 2 points

Group D

Moycarkey-Borris 0-1 Bray Emmets 2-1
Rockwell Rvs 4-3 Castleblayney 2-2

Bray Emmets 3-2 Castleblayney 1-1
Rockwell Rvs 3-2 Moycarkey-Borris 1-0

Rockwell Rvs 1-2 Bray Emmets 1-3
Moycarkey-Borris 2-3 Castleblayney 1-0

Bray Emmets – 6 points
Rockwell Rvs – 4 points
Moycarkey-Borris – 2 points
Castleblayney – 0 points

Cup Competition

Q-Final 1 – Na Brideoga 2-3 Donard 0-1

Q-Final 2 – Cillard 4-9 Lacken 0-0

Q-Final 3 – An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 5-8 Rockwell Rovers 4-0

Q-Final 4 – Bray Emmets 1-1 Drom & Inch 3-1

S-Final 1 – Na Brideoga 3-0 An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 2-6

S-Final 2 – Cillard 2-10 Drom & Inch 0-1

Final – Cillard 2-7 An Eaglais, Naoimh Pádraig 2-4

Shield Competition

Q-Final 1 – Dungarvan 8-0 Clonea 1-0

Q-Final 2 – Tramore 2-1 Abbeyside 4-1

Q-Final 3 – Burgess 4-1 Castleblaney 1-0

Q-Final 4 – Moycarkey-Borris 0-0 Westport 3-4

S-Final 1 – Dungarvan 1-1 Burgess 2-0

S-Final 2 – Abbeyside 2-0 Westport 5-5

Final – Burgess 2-0 Westport 0-5

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Feile na nGael Camogie Division 3 Results

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Group A

Brickey Rangers 0-3 Myshall 2-2
An Rinn 0-0 Maynooth 2-5

Myshall 2-4 Maynooth 0-2
An Rinn 0-2 Brickey Rangers 4-4

An Rinn 0-1 Myshall 5-6
Brickey Rangers 1-0 Maynooth 0-1

Myshall – 6 points
Brickey Rangers – 4 points
Maynooth – 2 points
An Rinn – 0 points

Group B

Portlaoise GAA 2-3 Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre 1-0
De La Salle 4-0 Portlaw 2-4

Portlaw 0-1 Portlaoise GAA 8-2
De La Salle 0-1 Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre 2-4

De La Salle 0-1 Portlaoise GAA 2-4
Portlaw 7-8 Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre 0-0

Portlaoise GAA – 6 points
De La Salle – 2 points (For 14, Against 30)
Portlaw – 2 points (For 40, Against 38)
Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre – 2 points (For 13, Against 39)

Note – in the case of three or more teams being level on points, the teams are sorted in order of those who conceded the least number of scores, i.e. scores against

Group C

Boherlahan Dualla 1-2 Mt Leinster Rangers 3-7
Clonoulty/Rossmore 3-5 Pádraig Pearses 2-1

Boherlahan Dualla 3-1 Clonoulty/Rossmore 7-1
Pádraig Pearses 2-2 Mt Leinster Rangers 0-2

Boherlahan Dualla 0-2 Pádraig Pearses 3-1
Clonoulty/Rossmore 0-4 Mt Leinster Rangers 3-3

Mt Leinster Rangers – 4 points (For 30, Against 17)
Pádraig Pearses – 4 points (For 25, Against 18)
Clonoulty/Rossmore – 4 points (For 40, Against 29)
Boherlahan Dualla – 0 points

Note – in the case of three or more teams being level on points, the teams are sorted in order of those who conceded the least number of scores, i.e. scores against

Group D

Fíodh Árd/Fethard 0-2 Naas 8-7
Brian Boru 2-1 Camross GAA Club 2-1

Fíodh Árd/Fethard 0-1 Brian Boru 1-2
Camross GAA Club 0-0 Naas 6-9

Fíodh Árd/Fethard 1-5 Camross GAA Club 1-3
Brian Boru 0-0 Naas 0-6

Naas – 6 points
Brian Boru – 3 points
Fíodh Árd/Fethard – 2 points
Camross GAA Club – 1 point

Cup Competition

Q-Final 1 – Myshall 5-6 De La Salle 0-0

Q-Final 2 – Portlaoise 3-3 Brickey Rangers 0-1

Q-Final 3 – Mt Leinster Rangers 3-1 Brian Boru 2-6

Q-Final 4 – Naas 3-4 Pádraig Pearses 0-0

S-Final 1 – Myshall 1-5 Brian Borus 1-1

S-Final 2 – Portlaoise 0-0 Naas 1-2

Final – Naas 1-3 Myshall 1-1

Shield Competition

Q-Final 1 – Maynooth 1-2 Four Roads/Na Ceithre Boithre 0-2

Q-Final 2 – Portlaw 5-4 An Rinn 1-1

Q-Final 3 – Clonoulty/Rossmore 0-1 Camross GAA Club 4-3

Q-Final 4 – Fíodh Árd/Fethard 2-7 Boherlahan Dualla 1-1

S-Final 1 – Maynooth 1-2 Camross 3-2

S-Final 2 – Portlaw 0-2 Fíodh Árd/Fethard 3-4

Final – Camross 1-3 Fíodh Árd/Fethard 0-4

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Feile na nGael Camogie Division 2 Results

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Group A

St. Brigids 4-0 St. Annes 2-1
Raharney 5-7 Butlerstown 0-0

St. Annes 2-4 Butlerstown 1-1
Raharney 3-6 St. Brigids 0-2

St. Annes 1-1 Raharney 2-3
Butlerstown 0-1 St Brigid’s 2-5

Raharney – 6 points
St Brigid’s – 4 points
St. Annes – 2 points
Butlerstown – 0 points

Group B

Cahir 4-2 Modeligo 2-1
Swatragh 1-3 Kilcormac-Killoughey 4-3

Cahir 0-1 Kilcormac-Killoughey 6-6
Swatragh 4-2 Modeligo 2-4

Cahir 0-6 Swatragh 0-4
Kilcormac-Killoughey 3-5 Modeligo 0-2


Kilcormac-Killoughey – 6 points
Cahir – 4 points
Swatragh – 2 points
Modeligo – 0 points

Group C

CLG Béal An Átha 1-6 Ballygalget 1-2
Tulach Sheasta 2-9 Na Fianna 1-1

CLG Béal An Átha 3-4 Tulach Sheasta 2-1
Na Fianna 1-2 Ballygalget 1-2

CLG Béal An Átha 2-4 Na Fianna 0-1
Tulach Sheasta 1-3 Ballygalget 4-3

CLG Béal An Átha – 6 points
Ballygalget – 3 points
Tulach Sheasta – 2 points
Na Fianna – 1 point

Group D

Holycross/Ballycahill 0-2 Bellaghy 4-5
Silvermines 2-0 Cuchullains-Dunloy 2-4

Holycross/Ballycahill 1-2 Silvermines 3-1
Cuchullains-Dunloy 0-1 Bellaghy 1-3

Holycross/Ballycahill 0-1 Cuchullains-Dunloy 2-5
Silvermines 1-2 Bellaghy 5-2

Bellaghy – 6 points
Cuchullains-Dunloy – 4 points
Silvermines – 2 points
Holycross/Ballycahill – 0 points

Cup Competition

Q-Final 1 – Raharney 3-7 Cahir 1-1

Q-Final 2 – Kilcormac-Killoughey 7-3 St Brigid’s 1-0

Q-Final 3 – Ballina 1-4 Cuchullains-Dunloy 1-12

Q-Final 4 – Bellaghy 2-8 Ballygalget 0-0

S-Final 1 – Raharney 1-2 Ballina 2-4

S-Final 2 – Kilcormac-Killoughey 2-1 Bellaghy 3-6

Final – Bellaghy 1-5 Ballina 0-3

Shield Competition

Q-Final 1 – St. Annes 0-9 Modeligo 0-0

Q-Final 2 – Swatragh 9-3 Butlerstown 0-0

Q-Final 3 – Newport / Ballinahinch 1-5 Holycross-Ballycahill 0-2

Q-Final 4 – Na Fianna 1-0 Silvermines 0-1

S-Final 1 – St. Annes 2-5 Newport / Ballinahinch 3-1

S-Final 2 – Swatragh 1-6 v Na Fianna 0-1

Final – Swatragh 2-5 St. Annes 1-4

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Feile na nGael Camogie Division 1 Results

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Group A

Gaultier GAA Club 2-4 Crecora Manister 3-1
Lismore 0-1 An Fiachoill/Cill An Aoinigh 1-7

Gaultier GAA Club 5-6 Lismore 0-1
An Fiachoill/Cill An Aoinigh 0-2 Crecora Manister 0-2

Gaultier GAA Club 2-3 An Fiachoill/Cill An Aoinigh 3-4
Lismore 1-0 Crecora Manister 2-9

An Fiachoill/Cill An Aoinigh – 5 points
Crecora Manister – 4 points
Gaultier GAA Club – 3 points
Lismore – 0 points

Group B

Sarsfields 1-4 Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 1-1
Thomastown 6-3 Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 0-2

Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 1-3 Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 1-2
Thomastown 0-6 Sarsfields 0-6

Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 1-2 Thomastown 2-9
Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 1-2 Sarsfields 2-5

Thomastown – 5 points (For 42, Against 13)
Sarsfields – 5 points (For 24, Against 15)
Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill – 2 points
Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams – 0 points

Group C

Nenagh Éire Óg 0-1 Lucan Sarsfields 3-5
Shannon Rovers 1-3 HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí 5-5

HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí 1-2 Lucan Sarsfields 0-2
Nenagh Éire Óg 0-0 Shannon Rovers 0-0

Nenagh Éire Óg 0-2 HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí 2-2
Shannon Rovers 0-0 Lucan Sarsfields 4-5

HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí – 6 points
Lucan Sarsfields – 4 points
Nenagh Éire Óg – 1 point (For 3, Against 22)
Shannon Rovers 1 point (For 6, Against 37)

Group D

Toomevara 0-3 Athenry 0-3
St. Cronans Roscrea 0-2 Newcastle West 1-4

Toomevara 4-9 St. Cronans Roscrea 0-0
Athenry 3-4 Newcastlewest 1-3

Toomevara 3-9 Newcastle West 0-0
St. Cronans Roscrea 0-0 Athenry 6-6

Toomevara – 5 points (For 42, Against 3)
Athenry – 5 points (For 40, Against 9)
Newcastle West – 2 points
St. Cronans Roscrea – 0 points

Cup Competition

Q-Final 1 – An Fiachoill/Cill An Aoinigh 0-5 Sarsfields 2-8

Q-Final 2 – Thomastown defeated Crecora Manister

Q-Final 3 – HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí 2-2 Athenry 0-2

Q-Final 4 – Toomevara 2-6 Lucan Sarsfields 2-5

S-Final 1 – Sarsfields 5-1 HWH Bunclody/Tig Leath Slí Bun Clóidí 0-0

S-Final 2 – Thomastown 2-5 Toomevara 1-7

Final – Sarsfields 1-3 Thomastown 0-3

Shield Competition

Q-Final 1 – Gaultier GAA Club 2-2 Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 2-7 at 3:30pm in Lismore

Q-Final 2 – Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 6-4 Lismore 0-0

Q-Final 3 – Shannon Rovers 3-4 Roscrea 0-2

Q-Final 4 – Newcastle West 0-7 Nenagh Éire Óg 2-2

S-Final 1 – Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 3-6 Shannon Rovers 1-2

S-Final 2 – Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 1-6 Nenagh Éire Óg 0-1

Final – Knockavilla Donaskeigh Kickhams 2-6 Éire Óg Annacarty/Donohill 1-1

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Munster SFC Semi-Final – Tipperary 3-15 Cork 2-16

Tipperary defeated Cork by 3-15 to 2-16 in the Munster Senior Football Championship Semi-Final on Sunday June 12th at Semple Stadium Thurles.

Heroic Tipperary stun Cork with first Championship victory in 72 years

Tipperary 3-15 Cork 2-16

Tipperary stunned Cork in Thurles this afternoon to book a first Munster final appearance in 14 years, writes Eoghan Cormican of the Irish Examiner.

Not since 2002 have Tipperary been present on Munster football final afternoon and one has to go all the way back to 1944 to locate the last occasion a Tipperary team defeated Cork in the football championship.

Liam Kearns’ men were full value for the win, but had to withstand a nervy final 10 minutes, during which Cork bombarded the opposition goal. The step up in Cork’s play was a direct product of an incredible two-minute spell where Tipperary hit their opponents for 1-2. Brian Fox bagged Tipperary’s third goal on 60 minutes following a poor Ryan Price kick-out.

The ensuing kick-out also went wrong and was punished by Fox to put Tipperary 3-13 to 1-10 in front. Cork then set about launching the comebacks of all comebacks, Peadar Healy’s men hitting 1-6 without reply in a nine-minute spell to level the game at 3-13 to 2-16 one minute from the end of normal time.

Kevin O’Halloran held his nerve to slot a ’45 one minute into injury time after Price had saved an Ian Fahey goal effort. And Tipperary were out the gap when O’Halloran slotted his third free on 73 minutes.

Cork, despite playing with the benefit of a slight breeze in the opening period, found themselves in serious bother at half-time – the hosts enjoying a 2-7 to 0-6 lead.

Tipperary’s opening goal arrived at the end of the first quarter, Brian Fox creating the chance with a searing run down the left wing. The Tipperary half-forward, having drawn a number of Cork defenders, offloaded to Conor Sweeney and he finished to the net following a neat sidestep.

Tipperary, in truth, should been celebrating a second green flag by this juncture after Robbie Kiely had won them a seventh-minute penalty. Peter Acheson assumed responsibility, but his tame effort was saved by Ryan Price.

Sweeney’s major put the underdogs 1-4 to 0-3 in front and while Cork outscored them 0-3 to 0-2 in the subsequent quarter of an hour, Tipperary put significant daylight between the teams when Quinlivan goaled on 33 minutes. Brian Fox was again central to the score with yet another superb burst.

A Michael Quinlivan point thereafter had Tipperary 2-7 to 0-6 to the good at the break and despite seeing this lead fluctuate in the second period, they just about held on.

Scorers for Cork: M Collins (1-1); D O’Connor (0-3 frees), P Kerrigan (0-3, 0-1 free); D Goulding (0-2 frees), C O’Neill (0-2 frees), C Dorman (0-2); P Kelleher, B Hurley, J O’Rourke (0-1 each).

Scorers for Tipperary: K O’Halloran (0-7, 0-3 frees, 0-2 ‘45’s); M Quinlivan (1-3, 0-1 free); B Fox (1-1); C Sweeney (1-0); P Acheson (0-2); B Maher, C McDonald (0-1).

Cork: R Price; J Loughrey, E Cadogan, C O’Driscoll; K O’Driscoll, B O’Driscoll, T Clancy; S Kiely, I Maguire; J O’Rourke, C Dorman, M Collins; C O’Neill, B Hurley, P Kerrigan
Subs: R Deane for Kiely, P Kelleher for Hurley (both HT); S White for Deane (bc, 42); S Powter for Dorman (48); D O’Connor for O’Neill (53); D Goulding for O’Rourke (62).

Tipperary: E Comerford; C McDonald, C O’Shaughnessy, A Campbell; B Maher, R Kiely, J Feehan; P Acheson, G Hannigan; P Austin, K O’Halloran, B Fox; J Keane, M Quinlivan, C Sweeney
Subs: S Leahy for Keane (bc, 34); M Dunne for Kiely (54); I Fahey for Austin (60); A Moloney for Sweeney (67); S O’Connor for B Maher (69); B Hewitt for Fahey (bc, 72).

Referee: P Neilan (Roscommon)

Ticket Information
Adults: €15
Student’s/OAP: Purchase Adult tickets and receive a €5 concession at designated turnstiles prior to entry
Under 16’s: Free
The O’Riain Stand only will be opened for this game

Click here to buy tickets in advance

Team News

The Tipperary Senior Football team to play Cork in the Munster Senior Football Championship Semi-Final in Semple Stadium, Thurles, next Sunday, June 12th, at 3.30pm has been announced by manager Liam Kearns. Aside of positional changes, it is the same starting XV that lined out in Tipperary’s quarter-final win two weeks ago.

The full panel is as follows –
1. Evan Comerford – Kilsheelan-Kilcash
2. Colm O’Shaughnessy – Ardfinnan
3. Alan Campbell – Moyle Rovers
4. Ciarán Mc Donald – Aherlow
5. Bill Maher – Kilsheelan-Kilcash
6. Peter Acheson (Capt.) – Moyle Rovers
7. Shane Leahy – Arravale Rovers
8. Martin Dunne – Moyle Rovers
9. George Hannigan – Shannon Rovers
10. Josh Keane – Golden-Kilfeacle
11. Alan Moloney – Rockwell Rovers
12. Brian Fox – Éire Óg Annacarty
13. Kevin O’Halloran – Portroe
14. Michael Quinlivan – Clonmel Commercials
15. Philip Austin – Borrisokane
16. Ciarán Kenrick – Moyle Rovers
17. Conor Sweeney – Ballyporeen
18. Robbie Kiely – Carbery Rangers
19. Jimmy Feehan – Killenaule
20. Ian Fahey – Clonmel Commercials
21. Billy Hewitt – Ardfinnan
22. Mark Hanley – Aherlow
23. Donal Lynch – Clonmel Commercials
24. John O’Callaghan – Ballyporeen
25. Donough Leahy – Arravale Rovers
26. Shane O’Connell – Golden-Kilfeacle

The Cork Senior Football Team to play Tipperary in the Munster Senior Football
Championship Semi-Final on Sunday has been announced as follows

1. Ryan Price (O Donovan Rossa)
2. Conor Dorman (Bishopstown)
3. Eoin Cadogan (Douglas)
4. James Loughrey (Mallow)
5. Tomas Clancy (Fermoy)
6. Brian O Driscoll (Tadhg MacCarthaigh)
7. Kevin O Driscoll (Tadhg MacCarthaigh)
8. Sean Kiely (Ballincollig)
9. Ian Maguire (St Finbarr’s)
10. Colm O Driscoll (Tadhg MacCarthaigh)
11. Paul Kerrigan (Nemo Rangers)
12. Mark Collins (Castlehaven)
13. Colm O Neill (Ballyclough)
14. Brian Hurley (Castlehaven)
15. John O Rourke (Carbery Rangers)
16. Micheal Martin (Nemo Rangers)
17. Daniel Goulding (Eire Og)
18. Donncha O Connor (Ballydesmond)
19. Luke Connolly (Nemo Rangers)
20. Noel Galvin (Ballincollig)
21. Peter Kelleher (Kilmichael)
22. Ruairi Deane (Bantry Blues)
23. Sean Powter (Douglas)
24. Sean White (Clonakilty)
25. Stephen Cronin (Nemo Rangers)
26. Tom Clancy (Clonakilty)

It hasn’t been an especially busy rivalry in recent times – this will be only the fifth championship clash between the counties in 21 years – but they did meet two years ago when Cork were stretched to the limit before winning by two points in Pairc Ui Chaoimh.

2014: Cork 0-16 Tipperary 1-11 (Munster semi-final)
2007: Cork 2-18 Tipperary 0-10 (Munster semi-final)
2002: Cork 1-23 Tipperary 0-7 (Munster final) – Replay
2002: Cork 2-11 Tipperary 1-14 (Munster final) – Draw
1994: Cork 2-19 Tipperary 3-9 (Munster final)

Cork 0-16 Tipperary 1-11 (2014 Munster semi-final)
Tipperary led by two points late on before Cork kicked four points to edge to victory.

Cork were relegated from Division 1, finishing second last after winning three and losing four games. Tipperary finished sixth in Division 3 (2 wins, 3 draws, 2 defeats) before beating Waterford by 1-15 to 1-7 in the Munster quarter-final.


Peadar Healy (Cork) and Liam Kearns (Tipperary) are both in their first seasons.

Tipperary’s last win over Cork in the Munster football championship was in 1944.

The winners play Kerry or Clare in the Munster final on July3; the losers enter Round 2 of the All-Ireland qualifiers.

Munster SFC Semi-Final – Kerry 2-23 Clare 0-17

Kerry defeated Clare by 2-23 to 0-17 in the Munster Senior Football Championship Semi-Final on Sunday June 12th at Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney.

Munster SFC: Early goals crucial for Kerry

Munster Senior Football Championship

Kerry 2-23 Clare 0-17

By Paul Brennan at Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney for

Kerry set up a Munster Final showdown against Tipperary next month after dishing out a 12-point defeat to a Clare side simply overpowered and outclassed by the defending provincial champions. Two goals in the first four minutes laid the foundation for Kerry’s win, and despite a courageous rally for the remainder of the half by the Banner men, they were simply overran by Kerry in an impressive second half showing.

Showing five changes from the team that lost the Allianz Football League final to Dublin in April and eight changes to the team that started last year’s All-Ireland final, there was plenty of interest leading into this game. And with Clare having impressed in their Division Three campaign there was a sense of anticipation about this contest.

The game wasn’t two minutes old when Colm Cooper’s under-hit attempt at a point caught goalkeeper Joe Hayes off his goal line and nestled in the Clare net. David Tubridy and Stephen O’Brien traded points before O’Brien gathered Donnchadh Walsh’s through ball and his shot hit the net with the help of the two posts.

Another O’Brien point made it 2-2 to 0-1 after seven minutes and Clare were in trouble. By the game’s end they would be soundly beaten, but they deserve credit for not throwing in the towel. They refocused and worked their way back into the game, and made Kerry work hard for their seven-point half time lead.

Podge Collins and Eoin Cleary points steadied them, and further along Garry Brennan and Cleary, again, kept them in touch. Clare did play a high-wire act in defence, though, and in the 19th minute O’Brien shaved the crossbar on the way to scoring a point. Pearse Lillis – on as a black card replacement for Podge Collins – added a late point to leave it 2-10 to 0-9 at the break.

The second half went along expected lines, with Kerry controlling the game and Clare chasing it. Points from Darran O’Sullivan (2), Bryan Sheehan and Cooper moved Kerry further in front at the start of the second half, and as the half wore on Kerry pulled clear.

Marc Ó Sé, David Moran and Anthony Maher were introduced to make Kerry’s finishing team arguably stronger than the one that started, although Championship debutants Brian Ó Beaglaoich and Tadhg Morley acquitted themselves very well in the half back line. Tubridy and Lillis kept fighting hard for Clare, but Kerry tacked on the points with considerable ease, despite finishing the game with just 13 players on the field – with no substitutions to replace Killian Young (injured) and Michael Geaney (black card).

Scorers for Kerry: S O’Brien 1-5, C Cooper 1-3 (1f), P Geaney 0-5 (1f), D O’Sullivan 0-2, BJ Keane 0-2, B Sheehan 0-2 (2fs), K Young 0-1, D Moran 0-1, A Maher 0-1, P Murphy 0-1.

Scorers for Clare: D Tubridy 0-7 (4fs, 245s), P Lillis 0-3, E Cleary 0-3 (1f, sideline), G Brennan 0-2, C O’Connor 0-1 P Collins 0-1.

Kerry: B Kelly; S Eright, M Griffin, K Young; B Ó Beaglaoich, P Crowley, T Morley; K Donaghy, B Sheehan; P Murphy, C Cooper, D Walsh; D O’Sullivan, P Geaney, S O’Brien
Subs: M Ó Sé for Morley (48), D Moran for Sheehan (50), J Lyne for Ó Beaglaoigh (52), BJ Keane for O’Sullivan (54), M Geaney for Walsh (56), A Maher for Donaghy (64), K Young (injured, 67 not replaced), M Geaney (black card 73 not replaced).

Clare: J Hayes; D Ryan, K Hartnett, M McMahon; S Collins, G Kelly, C O’Dea; G Brennan, C O’Connor; E Cleary, J Malone, S McGrath; K Sexton, D Tubridy, P Collins
Subs: P Lillis for P Collins (black, 28), P Burke for McGrath (46), S Hickey for S Collins (52), S Malone for O’Dea (59), D McMahon for Kelly (black card, 66)

Referee: F Kelly (Longford)

Early goals ease Kerry’s path to Munster final

Kingdom will meet Tipperary in decider after Cork beaten in Thurles

By Ian O’Riordan in Killarney for the Irish Times Newspaper

Kerry 2-23 Clare 0-17

Without much effort and certainly no fuss Kerry have booked their place in the Munster football final, the only surprise in Killarney this afternoon being the announcement of who their opponents will be.

The general assumption that Cork would be back here on July 3rd was turned on its head when news emerged they’d lost to Tipperary: so Kerry will now face Tipperary instead, not necessarily with any assumption about the outcome there, either.

Nothing nearly as stirring here, nor a repeat of two years ago, when Clare ran Kerry to a relatively close four points. Thanks to two goals from Colm “Gooch” Cooper and Stephen O’Brien inside the opening five minutes, Kerry laid down the foundation for the victory early on, then simply built on it brick by brick.

Cooper didn’t necessarily even plan his, kicking what looked like a short-range point, tempting Clare goalkeeper Joe Hayes to move off his line intending to intervene. Only instead of fetching it the ball dropped over his hands and into the back of the Clare net. The game was about 80 seconds old.

Then, on five minutes exactly, O’Brien charged on goal with limited resistance and added Kerry’s second, his shot rocketing into the net with the help of the upright. So, before they’d much time to settle into the task, Clare were faced with a mountain to climb on the scale of the daunting background that was MacGillycuddy’s Reeks. They also lost one of their central forwards before half-time as well, when Podge Collins was black-carded for a kick on Tadhg Morley.

Gary Brennan and Cathal O’Connor were doing their best to drive things from midfield, but still, Clare were being softly killed on their own kick-outs, conceding a couple of points in the process. Brennan’s two points and a neat sideline kick from Eoin Clearly were the highlights of their first half, which ended 2-10 to 0-9 in Kerry’s favour.

Into the second half and Clare still had plenty to play for, only for Kerry to soon hit them with three more points without reply, adding some further daylight to an already clear scene. With that the game fizzled out without any air of excitement, the most obvious positive for Kerry being the first appearance of the year of Anthony Maher, who came off the bench to score one of the closing points.

KERRY: 1 B Kelly; 2 S Enright, 4 K Young (0-1), 3 M Griffin; 5 B Begley, 6 P Crowley, 7 T Morley; 8 K Donaghy, 9 B Sheehan (capt) (0-2, both frees); 10 P Murphy (0-1), 11 C Cooper (1-3, one free), 12 D Walsh; 13 D O’Sullivan (0-2), P Geaney (0-5, one free), S O’Brien (1-5).
Subs: 18 M Ó Sé for Morley (47 mins), 17 D Moran (0-1) for Sheehan (49 mins), 22 J Lyne for Begley (52 mins), 20 BJ Keane (0-2) for O’Sullivan (54 mins), 21 M Geaney for Walsh (57 mins), 23 A Maher (0-1) for Donaghy (64 mins).

CLARE: 1 J Hayes; 2 D Ryan, 3 K Harnett, 4 M McMahon; 5 C O’Dea, 6 G Kelly, 7 S Collins; 8 G Brennan (0-2), 9 C O’Connor (0-1); 17 S McGrath, 10 J Malone, 13 E Cleary (0-3, one sideline, one free); 18 P Collins (0-1), 11 Keelan Sexton, 14 D Tubridy (0-7, four frees, two 45s).
Subs: 12 P Lillis (0-3) for P Collins (28 minutes, black card), 15 P Burke for S McGrath (45 mins), 21 S Hickey for S Collins (52 mins), 20 S Malone for O’Dea (61 mins), 23 D McMahon for Kelly (65 mins, black card).
Referee: Fergal Kelly (Longford)

Attendance: 11,358

Ticket Information

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Student/OAP: Concession of €5.00 at the designated stile prior to entry on Full Price Adult Tickets with valid Id

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Team News

The Kerry Senior Football Team to play Clare in the Munster Championship Semi Final on Sunday contains two players making their Championship debuts – Brian Ó Beaglaoich from An Ghaeltacht and Tadhg Morley from Templenoe will man the wing back positions. The team shows 5 changes in personnel from the side that did duty in the recent Allianz League Final and 8 changes in personnel from the side defeated by Dublin in last year’s All Ireland Final.

The team, captained by Bryan Sheehan is as follows –

1. Brian Kelly Killarney Legion
2. Shane Enright Tarbert
3. Mark Griffin St Michaels/Foilmore
4. Killian Young Renard
5. Brian Ó Beaglaoich An Ghaeltacht
6. Peter Crowley Laune Rangers
7. Tadhg Morley Templenoe
8. Kieran Donaghy Austin Stacks
9. Bryan Sheehan (C) St Marys
10. Paul Murphy Rathmore
11. Colm Cooper Dr Crokes
2. Donnchadh Walsh Cromane
13. Darran O’Sullivan Glenbeigh-Glencar
14. Paul Geaney Dingle
15. Stephen O’Brien Kenmare
Fir Ionaid:
16. Brendan Kealy Kilcummin
17. David Moran Kerins O’Rahillys
18. Marc Ó Sé An Ghaeltacht
19. Fionn Fitzgerald Dr Crokes
20. Barry John Keane Kerins O’Rahillys
21. Michael Geaney Dingle
22. Jonathan Lyne Killarney Legion
23. Anthony Maher Duagh
24. Padraig O’Connor Killarney Legion
25. Alan Fitzgerald Castlegregory
26. Mark O’Connor Dingle

Bainisteóir: Eamonn Fitzmaurice (Finuge)
Róghnóirí: Diarmuid Murphy (Dingle), Mikey Sheehy (Austin Stacks), Padraig Corcoran (Dingle), Liam Hassett (Laune Rangers).

Additional Info:

Brian Ó Beaglaioch (An Ghaeltacht) – (Pronounced “Briain”) is making his Championship debut having made his League debut against Dublin in the AFL Round 1 earlier in the year. He also played in the McGrath Cup in January. Brian won an All Ireland Minor medal with Kerry in 2014 in the full back position and has 2 Hogan Cup (2014 & 2015) and 3 Munster Colleges Corn Uí Mhuirí medals being joint Captain with Mark O’Connor for Pobal Scoil Chorca Dhuibhne last year.

Tadhg Morley (Templenoe) – Tadhg played Minor for Kerry in 2010 and 2011 and Under 21 for the county in 2012 and 2013. He was centre back on the Kerry team that won the All Ireland Junior title last year.

Darran O’Sullivan (Glenbeigh-Glencar) – Who made his championship debut in the All Ireland Final of 2005, is playing in his 60th Championship game on Sunday. He has scored 9-32 in championship football.

Shane Enright, who turns 28 on Sunday, made his Championship debut against Tipperary in 2011 and will play his 25th championship game for Kerry on Sunday.

Allianz League Final – The team shows 5 changes from the side defeated by Dublin in the Allianz League Final with Brian Kelly, Killian Young, Brian Ó Beaglaoich, Tadhg Morley and Paul Geaney replacing Brendan Kealy, Marc Ó Sé, Aidan O’Mahony (Suspended), Fionn Fitzgerald and David Moran.

All Ireland Final 2015 – In all, the team shows 8 personnel changes from the side that took the field in the All Ireland Final last September – .Brian Kelly, Mark Griffin, Brian Ó Beaglaoich, Tadhg Morley, Kieran Donaghy, Bryan Sheehan, Paul Murphy and Darran O’Sullivan replace Brendan Kealy, Fionn Fitzgerald, Aidan O’Mahony, Jonathan Lyne, Anthony Maher, David Moran, Johnny Buckley, and James O’Donoghue.

Clare team to play Kerry

1. Joe Hayes (Lissycasey)
2. Dean Ryan (Éire Óg)
3. Kevin Harnett (Meelick)
4. Martin McMahon (Kilmurry Ibrickane)
7. Sean Collins (Cratloe)
6. Gordon Kelly (St Joseph’s Miltown)
5. Cian O’Dea (Kilfenora)
8. Gary Brennan (Clondegad)
9. Cathal O’Connor (Coolmeen)
12. Pearse Lillis (Cooraclare)
10. Jamie Malone (Corofin)
13. Eoin Cleary (St Joseph’s Miltown)
11. Keelan Sexton (Kilmurry Ibrickane)
14. David Tubridy (Doonbeg)
15. Pat Burke (Kilmacud Crokes

Last year’s All-Ireland runners-up have home advantage as they begin the defence of the Munster title against a Clare team that already has a win behind them, having beaten Limerick last Sunday week. Kerry beat Clare by 12 points the last time they met in the Munster championship in Killarney, back in 2008.

2014: Kerry 1-17 Clare 1-13 (Munster semi-final)
2012: Kerry 2-22 Clare 1-6 (All-Ireland qualifier)
2008: Kerry 1-14 Clare 0-5 (Munster semi-final)
2004: Kerry 2-10 Clare 0-9 (Munster quarter-final)
2000: Kerry 3-15 Clare 0-8 (Munster final)

Kerry 1-17 Clare 1-13 (2014 Munster semi-final)
Paul Geaney (0-6), Bryan Sheehan (1-0) and Paul Murphy (1-0) were top scorers for Kerry. Shane McGrath (1-2) and David Tubridy (0-4) were Clare’s top scorers.


Kerry reached the Allianz League Division 1 final, where they lost to Dublin. (Played 9, Won 6, Lost 3). Clare won the Division 3 title (Played 8, Won 5, Lost 3) before beating Limerick by 0-16 to 0-13 in the Munster quarter-final.

Colm Collins is in his second season as Clare manager; Eamonn Fitzmaurice is his fourth year with Kerry.

Clare last beat Kerry in the championship in the 1992 Munster final.

The winners play Cork or Tipperary in the Munster final on July 3; the losers enter Round 2 of the All-Ireland qualifiers on July 2.

Munster Junior Football Championship Semi-Final – Cork 1-21 Tipperary 0-10

Cork defeated Tipperary by 1-21 to 0-10 in the Munster Junior Football Championship Semi-Final on Sunday June 12th at Semple Stadium Thurles.

Clinical Cork make light work of Tipp to book spot in Munster junior final

Cork 1-21 Tipperary 0-10

Report by Jackie Cahill for the Irish Independent newspaper

Clinical Cork had Michael Vaughan, Killian O’Hanlon and Mark Sugrue in free-scoring form as they demolished Tipperary by 14 points in yesterday’s Munster JFC semi-final in Thurles.

The Rebels, aiming for a first provincial crown since 2013, booked a final spot with Kerry on June 30 after leading from start to finish. Vaughan, O’Hanlon and Sugrue bagged 12 points from play between them as Gerry O’Connor weighed in with three of his four points from placed balls.

And given Kerry’s struggles against Clare in Killarney yesterday, Cork will feel confident of avenging their heavy final defeats against the Kingdom in 2014 and again last year. Leading by 1-11 to 0-6 at half-time, Cork pushed on after the break and inflicted further punishment on Tipp.

Fielding four players who started the EirGrid U21 final defeat to Mayo, and with Sean O’Leary boosting that contingent by coming off the bench, Cork had too much craft and guile for their outclassed hosts.
One of those U21 stars, Kieran Histon, scored a 19th minute goal as Cork stormed into a 1-5 to 0-3 lead and they were nine clear twice in the first half before claiming an eight-point interval lead.

Tipp managed just five points from play in the entire game, two of them supplied by one of last year’s minor stars, Aidan Buckley, and they never looked like mounting a second half comeback.

Scorers for Cork: M Sugrue 0-6 (2f, 1 45), M Vaughan 0-5, K O’Hanlon & G O’Connor (3f) 0-4 each, K Histon 1-0, B Coughlan & D Harrington 0-1.

Scorers for Tipperary: J Ryan 0-4f, A Buckley 0-2, T Hanley, D Butler (f), J Kennedy & S Grogan 0-1 each.

CORK: A Casey; D Colfer, P Murphy, J Mullins; D O’Neill, B Daly, K Histon; B Coughlan, C Brosnan; M Vaughan, K O’Hanlon, R Harkin; M Sugrue, G O’Connor, D Harrington.
Subs: E Buckley for Harrington (44), S O’Leary for Brosnan (50), C Moynihan for Harkin (50), N McCarthy for Histon (52), TJ Brosnan for Mullins (53), P Condon for Vaughan (56).

TIPPERARY: J McDonald; C O’Connor, R O’Callaghan, A McGuire; L Moore, E Moloney, G Ryan; A Buckley, C Dillon; T Hanley, N McKenna, J Bergin; J Ryan, D Butler, J Kennedy.
Subs: M O’Dwyer for McKenna (h.t.), D Bargary for Moloney (39), S Grogan for Butler (40), TJ Ryan for Hanley (44), D Hayes for Dillon (51), G Peters for McDonald (54).

Referee: S Joy (Kerry)

Team News

The Tipperary Junior football manager Tommy Toomey has announced his side to face Cork in the Munster Junior Football Championship Semi-Final in Semple Stadium, at 1.30pm next Sunday. Showing a number of changes to his side, Tommy has drafted in minor star of last year Jack Kennedy from Clonmel Commercials at top of the left while Christy O’Connor from Newport comes in at left corner back. Elsewhere, Rian O’Callaghan, Gavin Ryan, Aidan Buckley and Jamie Bergin all introduced the last day, retain their places.

The full panel is as follows –

1. Jake McDonald – Clonmel Commercials
2. Adrian McGuire – Kilsheelan-Kilcash
3. Rian O’Callaghan – Ballyporeen
4. Christy O’Connor – Newport
5. Luke Moore – Clonmel Commercials
6. Emmet Moloney – Drom & Inch
7. Gavin Ryan – Rockwell Rovers
8. Aidan Buckley – St. Patrick’s
9. Cathal Dillon (Capt.) – Aherlow Gaels
10. Thomas Hanley – Aherlow Gaels
11. Niall McKenna – Cahir
12. Jamie Bergin – Drom & Inch
13. Joe Ryan – Kilmurry
14. David Butler – Drom & Inch
15. Jack Kennedy – Clonmel Commercials

16. Gordan Peters – Aherlow Gaels
17. Daithi Bargary – Golden-Kilfeacle
18. Mikey O’Dwyer – Arravale Rovers
19. Stephen Ryan – Golden-Kilfeacle
20. David Hayes – Fethard
21. Mark Butler – Loughmore-Castleiney
22. Graham Quinn – Clonmel Óg
23. Seamus Grogan – Aherlow Gaels
24. T.J. Ryan – Rockwell Rovers

The Cork Junior Football team to play Tipperary on Sunday 12th June @ 1.30pm in Semple Stadium has been announced as follows

(1) Anthony Casey (Kiskeam)
(2) Diarmuid Colfer (Glanworth)
(3) Peter Murphy (Bandon)
(4) John Mullins (Eire Og)
(5) David O’ Neill (Mayfield)
(6) Bart Daly (Newmarket)
(7) Kieran Histon (Cobh)
(8) Brian Coughlan (Kinsale)
(9) Cillian Brosnan (Brian Dillons)
(10) Michael Vaughan (Millstreet)
(11) Killian O’ Hanlon (Kilshannig)
(12) Ryan Harkin (Mallow)
(13) Mark Sugrue (Bandon)
(14) Gerry O’ Connor (Boherbue)
(15) David Harrington (Adrigole)
(16) Anthony Kidney (Passage)
(17) Colm Hyde (Naomh Aban)
(18) Matthew Taylor (Mallow)
(19) Niall McCarthy (Kinsale)
(20) T.J Brosnan (Newmarket)
(21) Sean O’ Leary (Bantry Blues)
(22) Chris Moynihan (Gabriel Rangers)
(23) Eoghan Buckley (St Michaels)
(24) Paul Condon (Mayfield)