Munster Senior Football Semi Final – Cork 1-20 Clare 1-11

Heart but no miracles from Micko’s men

Cork’s class tells despite battling Banner display

CORK 1-20 CLARE 1-11

By CHRISTY O’CONNOR for the Irish Independent newspaper

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Ten minutes after the final whistle, the Clare players were still gathered in a huddle, arms wrapped tightly around each other, different voices dominating a discussion that was raking over the remains of the day.Mick O’Dwyer stood just inside the edge of the group, his peak cap and blue jacket insulating him from the spilling rain. The ground was long deserted by then and whatever little colour splashed across the day had been washed away. This was O’Dwyer’s first game as a manager against Cork in the championship since the 1989 Munster final and the greyness of the afternoon’s sky and the solitude within the ground reflected the contrasting world O’Dwyer now inhabits from those eternal summer Sundays. The atmosphere was soft and muted and O’Dwyer’s voice could often be heard from the touchline. His side was game, gutsy and hard-working but there was never a sense that this could be one of those days of days that have defined O’Dwyer’s career.


Cork were gone off the field almost as soon as the final whistle blew. They got the job done but know how much work they still have to do. Much of their play was devoid of structure. They didn’t play with any clearly defined system and they again struggled to break down a defence that got bodies back in numbers. That was reflected in their creation of just one clear goalscoring opportunity, which only popped up after the ball had bobbled around the square like a dinghy in an angry ocean. Still, they kicked 1-20 at their ease. Their freetaking was exceptional in tricky conditions and their bench looks stronger than ever. When you pan the grit from their performance, there were enough sufficient flashes of hidden gold to keep them content for now.

At face value, Paddy Kelly seemed to have had a quiet game. His 20 plays were well below his average of at least 30 but he had seven scoring assists. Economy was the key that kept unlocking the door. Brian Hurley, Daniel Goulding, Fintan Goold and Paul Kerrigan made a combined total of just 42 plays – a low average for four top-class forwards – but they mined 1-11 from play from that return. Cork have also unearthed a real diamond in the former Antrim player James Loughrey. He was their best player by a distance, making more plays than any other player on the field. He brings a defensive feistiness, a cutting attacking edge and a massive level of energy. When Cork did a fitness test last week, he topped the group.

On any other day, Loughrey would have been man of the match but this game absolutely confirmed Gary Brennan’s status as one of the best players in the country. Brennan came in to the game carrying an injury but he bestrode the match with his class and immense ball-winning ability, making 24 plays in total. When Clare launched their first sustained scoring burst, hitting seven points in 12 minutes, Brennan set up four of them. Physically, Cork couldn’t compete with him under the dropping ball, which will be a concern in three weeks time if Kieran Donaghy is in fetching form. Brennan scored one excellent goal and probably would have had another if referee Derek Fahy hadn’t harshly penalised him as he was just about to pull the trigger when Clare were trailing by just six points. The difficulty for Brennan was that they needed him at midfield and full-forward. Clare moved him out to midfield midway through the second half as their primary kick-out target but he tired in the last quarter and couldn’t give any more than he already had.

Kick-outs were a huge issue for Clare up to that point because they got slaughtered 17-5 on kick-outs in the opening half. Clare did change to a shorter strategy in the second half – until Brennan arrived out – but they still managed to turn around that kickout stat 14-9 after the break. Cork still dominated possession but their finishing was nowhere near the standard they reached in the first half. Cork had six scores from their first six shots at the target while their first-half wide count of just three was up to 11 by the end of the match. Three of those wides were from inaccurate or over-hit ball but they still won 20 out of the 29 balls kicked in to their forwards. Those stats neatly illustrated the extra gear Cork always had at their disposal.

This was still an admirable performance from Clare. It appeared that they would be overrun in the opening 18 minutes when they trailed by 0-7 to 0-0 and had managed only two clear shots at the target. Yet they responded with five scores without reply. Cork’s goal in the 30th minute ripped away that momentum, however, and the match resumed its fatalistic trend. Ahead by 1-11 to 0-7 at the break, Cork responded to Brennan’s goal by outscoring Clare by 0-6 to 0-1 over the following 15 minutes. The match then just played out to its expected backing track. By the time Clare and O’Dwyer trooped off the field, the music was long over.

Scorers – Cork: D Goulding 1-5 (0-3fs), B Hurley 0-5 (2fs), F Goold 0-4, P Kerrigan, J O’Rourke 0-2 each, C Sheehan, D O’Connor 0-1 each. Clare: D Tubridy 0-4 (2fs), G Brennan 1-0, R Donnelly 0-2, J Hayes, J Kean, C Dunning, S McGrath, I McInerney (f) 0-1 each.

CORK – K O’Halloran 7; E Cadogan 7, M Shields 7, D Cahalane 7; J Loughrey 9, P Kissane 8, Tomas Clancy 7; P O’Neill 7, G Canty 8; J O’Rourke 7, P Kelly 8, F Goold 8; D Goulding 8, B Hurley 8, P Kerrigan 7. Subs: A Walsh 7 for O’Neill (43), C Sheehan 8 for Kerrigan (48), D O’Connor 7 for O’Rourke (57), A O’Connor 7 for Kelly (64), Thomas Clancy 7 for Kissane (66).

CLARE – J Hayes 7; M McMahon 8, L Healy 7, Gordon Kelly 7; D Callinan 7, J Hayes 8, Graham Kelly 7; G Brennan 9, C O’Connor 8; R Donnelly 8, G Quinlan 8, S McGrath 7; A Clohessy 7, I McInerney 8, D Tubridy 8. Subs: C Dunning 7 for Clohessy (45), F Hayes 7 for C O’Connor (56), J Kean for Quinlan (60), S Ryan 7 for McGrath (60), P McMahon 7 for Graham Kelly (61).

REF – D Fahy (Longford)


Counihan says Rebels must step up

By Michael Moynihan for the Irish Examiner newspaper

Clare 1-11 Cork 1-20

At full-time yesterday, Cork manager Conor Counihan delved into his repertoire of sombre expressions and fished out his favourite. “You wouldn’t be happy with that, no. There’s a lot of work to do, we have three weeks to do it and if we don’t do it, we won’t be at the races. Simple as that. “We started well, we were putting the points on the board, but then we sat back and let Clare come back at us. Naturally enough, in fairness to them, they took the initiative and drove on. I felt for a team that had the initiative, to give it away, that was very disappointing.” Eagle-eyed readers will note that Cork actually beat Clare in the Munster SFC semi-final yesterday by nine points at a sodden Cusack Park, Ennis. In fairness to Counihan, he turned his frown upside down eventually: “We still did win, it was an awful lot worse when I was here a few years ago.”

The chances of a repeat of 1997 were always slim, but when Gary Brennan goaled early in the second half, there was hope. Five points separated the sides and the Banner faithful were loud in their appreciation. Clare boss Mick O’Dwyer appreciated Brennan’s goal, but felt another opportunity was missed soon afterwards: “Gary [Brennan] was being pulled and dragged and he just pushed a lad out of his way, we might have gotten another goal that time but he [referee] gave a free out, which was totally out of order in my book. That made a big difference, because it was at a vital stage.” It was, but even Micko couldn’t argue against Cork in the second half. They cancelled out Brennan’s goal with three quick points and kept Clare at bay for the rest of the game. Counihan brought on Aidan Walsh, Ciarán Sheehan and Donncha O’Connor, but that smacked more of giving players a run-out than rescuing a game that was slipping away.

O’Dwyer may occupy a position roughly comparable to that of Sauron the Great in the memory of Cork football supporters, but the game ended as it began, with a procession of scores from the men in red. For the first 20 minutes it was as predictable as a pantomime. Cork cruised out to a 0-7 to 0-0 lead as their half-backs, led by an energetic James Loughrey, gave them an attacking platform. Fintan Good kicked points with both feet, as did Brian Hurley. One-way traffic in the Ennis rain.

Then Clare decided to play, hitting five points without reply: Shane McGrath, David Tubridy (two frees) Rory Donnelly and another from a fine upfield foray by John Hayes. It was hardly an accident that Cork hit their only wides of the half (three) in this 10-minute period. Clare’s defence had settled and they were finding their way in midfield, with John Hayes supporting Cathal O’Connor and Declan Callinan in the hunt for possession. Cork struck back with a Goold point before sticking Clare with a goal — Banner keeper Joe Hayes beat Brian Hurley to the ball but his defence couldn’t clear and when Daniel Goulding took possession, his finish was clinical. Cork added three late points (a Hurley free, Kerrigan and a Goulding free) to make it 1-11 to 0-7 at the half.

O’Dwyer’s half-century-and-change in inter-county football led him to this diagnosis: “Overall they did bloody well. The goal in the first half was the one that made the difference. We had come right back into the game and were going well at the time, but that goal crucified us. It put a gap between us and Cork again. But we can’t complain. We gave it everything.” They did. Brennan struck for that goal on the resumption but he was also needed to compete for kick-outs at midfield, so Clare missed him as a target man inside. The second half petered out as Cork tacked on the scores, though David Tubridy’s late point for Clare was one of the scores of the game. Counihan and his management team will have learned little from this outing apart from the value of concentration, given Clare’s first-half rally, though Loughrey’s appetite for work around the middle third of the field is a valuable boost to them. Tougher tests ahead for Cork, then, and none tougher than their Munster final date with the old enemy.

CLARE: Joe Hayes; L Healy, Graham Kelly, Gordon Kelly; D Callinan, John Hayes, M McMahon; I McInerney, C O’Connor; S McGrath, G Quinlan, R Donnelly; A Clohessy, G Brennan (capt), D Tubridy.

Subs for Clare: C Dunning for A Clohessy (45), F Hayes for C O’Connor (58), J Keane for G Quinlan, S Ryan for S McGrath (both 62), P McMahon for Graham Kelly (68).

Scorers for Clare: D Tubridy (0-4, 0-2 fs), G Brennan (1-0), R Donnelly (0-2), I McInerney (f), S McGrath, J Hayes, C Dunning and J Keane (0-1 each).

CORK: K O’Halloran; D Cahalane, E Cadogan, M Shields; T Clancy, J Loughrey, P Kissane; G Canty, P O’Neill; J O’Rourke, P Kelly, F Goold; P Kerrigan, B Hurley, D Goulding.

Subs for Cork: C Sheehan for Hurley (37-42), A Walsh for P O’Neill (44), C Sheehan for P Kerrigan (49), D O’Connor for J O’Rourke (59), A O’Connor for P Kelly (65), T Clancy for P Kissane (67).

Scorers for Cork: D Goulding (1-5, 0-3fs), B Hurley (0-5, 2fs), F Goold (0-4), J O’Rourke and P Kerrigan (0-2 each), C Sheehan and D. O’Connor (0-1 each).

Referee: D Fahy (Longford)


Clare 1-11 Cork 1-20

Report from the web site

Cork cruised into another Munster SFC final as they disposed of brave Clare by 1-20 to 1-11 at Cusack Park. The Rebels ran out convincing winners in the end, aided by a Daniel Goulding goal after Clare had pulled a 0-07 to 0-00 deficit back to 0-07 to 0-05. Despite Mick O’Dwyer’s charges netting early in the second half through skipper Gary Brennan, there was to be no fairytale comeback and Cork had an ultimately comfortable passage through to a provincial final meeting with Kerry.

Despite the nine-point margin, the Rebels were sloppy at times and overcame a few shaky moments when Clare were invited onto them. In the opening half Clare spurned a fine chance to take the lead when David Tubridy sent a free wide which he really should have scored, before Cork’s Fintan Goold opened the scoring. Referee Derek Fahy was taking a no-nonsense approach and after just five minutes Gordon Kelly and Daniel Goulding were both shown yellows for tussling off the ball, after which Goold added his second point and Goulding pointed a free.

Brian Hurley and John O’Rourke both scored in the space of a minute to stretch the Rebels’ advantage as Clare struggled to gain a foothold despite battling hard to win possession which Cork always seemed to have Castlehaven clubman Hurley then sailed over a beauty from play before adding another from a placed ball to suddenly make it 0-07 to 0-00 after 18 minutes, and finally Clare began to click into gear at a soaked Cusack Park. Tubridy and Brennan linked up well to feed Shane McGrath for the Banner’s first score, as Tubridy immediately kicked their second with a well-taken free off the ground.

Cathal O’Connor then squared to Brennan who unleashed running full-back John Hayes who finished with aplomb to the delight of the home crowd before Tubridy dispatched another free to make it 0-07 to 0-04 with 23 minutes gone. Five minutes later, O’Connor played a high ball in for Rory Donnelly but Cork goalkeeper Ken O’Halloran did well to gather it. Despite this Clare came back at the Rebels to narrow the gap once more when Ian McInerney fired over his first point of the game.

At this stage Cork had gone 10 minutes without a score. Goold ended their drought with his third and Tubridy responded immediately for the Banner side to keep the gap at 0-08 to 0-06 until Clare were hit by a hammer blow. Daniel Goulding was the man who found the net for the Rebels, following good work from Hurley, to give them breathing space once more before Hurley, Kerrigan and Goudling (free) saw Cork lead 1-11 to 0-07 at the break.

In a lacklustre second half Clare netted early on through Brennan and, despite being far from their best, Cork economically kept the scores coming in front of a 3,774-strong crowd. Goulding added three more to his tally, while Goold, John O’Rourke and Hurley also chipped in with points to make it 1-18 to 1-08. Rory Donnelly, John Keane and Tubridy pointed Clare consolations as substitutes Donncha O’Connor and Ciaran Sheehan added late scores for to see out the game for the visitors.

CLARE: J Hayes; L Healy, Graham Kelly, Gordon Kelly; D Callinan, J Hayes (0-01), M McMahon; G Brennan (1-00), C O’Connor; R Donnelly (0-01), G Quinlan, S McGrath (0-01); A Clohessy, I McInerney (0-02, 0-01f), D Tubridy (0-04, 0-02f).

Subs used: C Dunning (0-01) for Clohessy (46 mins), F Hayes for O’Connor (57), J Keane (0-01) for Quinlan, S Ryan for McGrath (both 62), P McMahon for Kelly (69).

CORK: K O’Halloran; E Cadogan, M Shields, D Cahalane; J Loughrey, G Canty, T Clancy; P Kissane, P O’Neill; J O’Rourke (0-02), P Kelly, F Goold (0-04); D Goulding (1-05, 0-03f), B Hurley (0-05, 0-02f), P Kerrigan (0-02).

Subs used: A Walsh for O’Neill (44 mins), C Sheehan (0-01) for Kerrigan (49), D O’Connor (0-01) for O’Rourke (58), A O’Connor for Kelly (65), T Clancy for Kissane (66).

Referee: Derek Fahy (Longford)

Team News

CORK (SF v Clare): K O’Halloran (Bishopstown); E Cadogan (Douglas), M Shields (St Finbarr’s), D Cahalane (Castlehaven); J Loughrey (Mallow), G Canty (Bantry Blues), T Clancy (Fermoy); A O’Connor (St Colum’s), P O’Neill (Aghada); J O’Rourke (Carbery Rangers), P Kelly (Ballincollig), C Sheehan (Eire Óg); D Goulding (Eire Óg), B Hurley (Castlehaven), P Kerrigan (Nemo Rangers).

Substitutes: A Quirke (Valley Rovers), P Kissane (Clyda Rovers), T Clancy (Clonakilty), N O’Leary (Cill na Martra), J McLoughlin (Kanturk), A Walsh (Kanturk), A O’Sullivan (Castletownbere), F Goold (Macroom), D O’Connor (Ballydesmond), M Collins (Castlehaven), B O’Driscoll (Nemo Rangers)

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Covered Stand – €20

Uncovered Stand & Terrace – €15

All Under 16s free to the Uncovered Stand & Terrace

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For the Record

Cork Clare
2013 Team Manager Conor Counihan Mick O’Dwyer
2013 Team Captain Graham Canty Gary Brennan
2012 Championship Performance Defeated Kerry by 0-17 to 0-12 in the Munster Semi-Final before winning the Munster Final against Clare by 3-16 to 0-13. Defeated Kildare in the All-Ireland Quarter-Final before losing to Donegal by 0-16 to 1-11 in the All-Ireland
Defeated Limerick by 1-13 to 0-15 in the Munster Semi-Final before losing to Cork in the Munster Final on a scoreline of 3-16 to 0-13. 

Lost to Kerry in the All-Ireland Qualifiers by 2-22 to 1-6.

Number of Munster Senior Football titles 37 2
Last Munster Senior Football Title 2012 1992
Munster Senior Football Championship Record since 2000 Played – 33
Won – 20
Lost – 8
Drawn – 5
Played – 20
Won – 6
Lost – 13
Drawn – 1
Last meeting in the Munster Senior Football Championship 2012 Munster Senior Football Final – Cork 3-16 Clare 0-13 –
July 8th at the Gaelic Grounds Limerick 

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Munster GAA FOOTBALL Senior Championship 2013


Saturday May 25th

@ Pairc na nGael                            Cork 3-17 Limerick 0-8

Sunday May 26th

@ Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney    Kerry 2-19 Tipperary 0-8

Saturday June 1st

@ Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney    Kerry 4-21 Waterford 1-4

Sunday June 16th

@ Cusack Park Ennis                    Clare v Cork @ 3:30pm


Sunday July 7th

2:00pm throw-in

Useful Information

Recent Senior Football Championship meetings of Cork v Clare

2012 Munster Final – Cork 3-16 Clare 0-13 at the Gaelic Grounds Limerick

2011 Munster Quarter-Final – Cork 1-23 Clare 0-11 at Pairc Ui Chaoimh

2005 Munster Semi-Final – Cork 0-18 Clare 0-06 at Cusack Park Ennis

2004 All-Ireland Qualifier – Cork 0-15 Clare 0-11 at Cusack Park Ennis

2001 Munster Semi-Final – Cork 2-11 Clare 1-10 at Pairc Ui Chaoimh

1997 Munster Semi-Final – Clare 1-14 Cork 1-13 at Cusack Park Ennis

1996 Munster Semi-Final Replay – Cork 2-16 Clare 1-16 at Pairc Ui Chaoimh (after extra time)

1996 Munster Semi-Final – Cork 1-7 Clare 0-10 at Cusack Park Ennis

1995 Munster Semi-Final – Cork 0-17 Clare 0-11 at Pairc Ui Chaoimh

1993 Munster Quarter-Final – Cork 2-14 Clare 1-10 at Cusack Park Ennis


Last Meeting – 2012 Munster Senior Football Final – Cork 3-16 Clare 0-13 at the Gaelic Grounds Limerick

Cork: A Quirke, R Carey, M Shields, E Cadogan, P Kissane, E Cotter, N O’Leary, A O’Connor, A Walsh, C Sheehan, F Goold, P Kerrigan, C O’Neill, D O’Connor, N Murphy.

Clare: J Hayes; K Harnett, B Duggan, L Healy; E Coughlan, G Kelly, J Hayes; G Brennan, G Quinlan; S Brennan, S McGrath, A Clohessy; R Donnelly, D Tubridy, M O’Shea.

Cork Scorers: A Walsh 1-1, C Sheehan 0-4, C O’Neill 0-4, F Goold 1-0, D O’Connor 0-2, N Murphy 1-0, P Kerrigan 0-2, D Goulding 0-2, B O’Driscoll 0-1.

Clare Scorers: D Tubridy 0-3 (0-2f), R Donnelly 0-3, M O’Shea 0-4, G Brennan 0-2, G Kelly 0-1

Referee: Eddie Kinsella (Laois)


2011 Munster Senior Football Quarter-Final – Cork 1-23 Clare 0-11 – Match Report

Cork: A Quirke; R Carey, M Shields (0-01), J O’Sullivan; G Canty, N O’Leary, D O’Sullivan; A O’Connor (0-01), A Walsh (0-01); C Sheehan (0-04), P Kelly, P O’Neill (0-01); D Goulding (0-08, 0-06f), D O’Connor (1-04, 0-02f), D Goold.

Subs used: P Kerrigan (0-01) for Goold (47 mins), P Kissane for Shields, F Lynch for Kelly (both 62), N Murphy for Walsh (65), J Miskella (0-01) for O’Sullivan (66).

Clare: Joe Hayes; K Hartnett, B Duggan, L Healy; John Hayes, G Kelly, M McMahon; N Browne, G Brennan (0-02); G Kelly, D Tubridy (0-03, 0-01f), C O’Connor; A Clohessy (0-01), D O’Neill, R Donnelly (0-05).

Subs used: S Brennan for O’Connor, S McNeiles for John Hayes (both half-time), J Dowling for O’Neill (70 mins).

Referee: Eddie Kinsella (Laois)

Since 2000, Kerry have drawn as many matches in the Munster Senior Football Championship than they have lost, 5 draws (4 v Cork & 1 v Limerick) as compared to 5 defeats (all v Cork) in 35 matches played.

There was an 18% decrease in the number of scores in the 2012 Munster Senior Football Championship as compared to 2011 (33 scores per game versus 27) but overall the trend is up over recent years – 2008 (21 scores per game), 2009 (24 scores per game), 2010 (28 scores per game), 2011 (33 scores per game), 2012 (27 scores per game).

Limerick’s Ian Ryan was the top scorer in the 2012 Munster Senior Football Championship with 1-17 (0-11 frees) in two matches. Colm Cooper (Kerry) with 0-9 (0-5 frees) and Colm O’Neill (Cork) with 0-9 (0-3 frees) finished joint second.


2013 Munster Senior Football Championship Matches played to date

Cork 3-17 Limerick 0-8 – May 25th @ Gaelic Grounds Limerick (Munster Quarter-Final)

Cork – Ken O’Halloran; Paudie Kissane, Michael Sheilds, Damien Cahalane; James Loughery, Graham Canty, Tomas Clancy; Alan O’Connor, Pearse O’Neill; Ciaran Sheehan, Paddy Kelly, John O’Rourke; Daniel Goulding, Brian Hurley, Paul Kerrigan.
Subs: Fintan Gould for Paddy Kelly (49mins), Noel O’Leary for Graham Canty (49mins), Donncha O’Connor for Ciaran Sheehan (49mins), Andrew O’Sullivan for Pearse O’Neill (55mins), Mark Collins for Paul Kerrigan (58mins).

Limerick – Donal O’Sullivan; Andrew Lane, Johnny McCarthy, Mark O’Riordan; Stephen Lavin, Pa Ranahan, Paudie Browne; Bobby O’Brien, John Galvin; John Riordan, Thomas Lee, Seanie Buckley (capt); Ger Collins, Iain Corbett, Eoghan O’Connor
Subs: Derry O’Connor for Thomas Lee (h-t), Seamus O’Carroll for Bobby O’Brien (h-t), Mike Sheehan for Iain Corbett (h-t), Stephen Lucey for Seanie Buckley (51mins), Lorcan O’Dwyer for Mark O’Riordan (55mins).

Referee – Michael Duffy (Sligo).

Kerry 2-19 Tipperary 0-8 – May 26th @ Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney (Munster Quarter-Final)

Kerry: B Kealy; M Ó Sé, A O’Mahony, F Fitzgerald; T Ó Sé, K Young, P Crowley; A Maher, J Buckley; P Galvin, C Cooper, D Walsh; Declan O’Sullivan, K Donaghy, J O’Donoghue
Subs: Darran O’Sullivan for D Walsh (50), B Sheehan for P Galvin (56), M Griffin for M Ó Sé (60), K O’Leary for Declan O’Sullivan (62), B Maguire for T Ó Sé (63).

Tipperary: P Fitzgerald; J Coghlan, P Codd, C McDonald; R Kiely, D Leahy, A Campbell; G Hannigan, R Costigan; C Sweeney, I Fahey, P Acheson; A Maloney, B Grogan, P Austin
Subs: Shane Leahy for Alan Campbell (35), Brian Mulvihill for Robbie Kiely (HT), Aldo Matassa for Alan Maloney (HT), L Egan for G Hannigan (59), H Coghlan for I Fahey (63)

Referee – Conor Lane (Cork)

Kerry 4-21 Waterford 1-4 – May 26th @ Fitzgerald Stadium Killarney (Munster Quarter-Final)

Kerry: B Kealy, M O Se, A O’Mahony, F Fitzgerald, T O Se, K Young, P Crowley, A Maher, J Buckley, P Galvin, C Cooper, D Walsh, Declan O’Sullivan, K Donaghy, J O’Donoghue
Subs: Darran O’Sullivan for D Walsh (44mins), E Brosnan for T O Se (50 mins), B Sheehan for Maher (51 mins), S Enright for M O Se (56 mins), K O’Leary for Donaghy (60 mins)

Waterford: S Enright, T O hUallachain, N Walsh, T O’Gorman, C Phelan, S Briggs, J Hurney, M O’Gorman, T Prendergast, T Grey, S Aherne, A Doyle, P Whyte, G Hurney, R Aherne
Subs: C O’Keeffe for C Phelan (47 mins), L O Lonain for A Doyle (47 mins), P Hurney for R Aherne (53 mins), S O’Hare for Prendergast (66 mins)

Referee: Martin Higgins (Fermanagh)

2013 Top Scorers – Munster Senior Football Championship

Colm Cooper (Kerry) – 0-9 (0-3 frees)
James O’Donoghue (Kerry) – 1-5
Johnny Buckley (Kerry) – 0-7 (0-4 frees)
Daniel Goulding (Cork) – 0-5 (0-1 free)
Bryan Sheehan (Kerry) – 1-2 (1-0 penalty, 0-1 free, 0-1 45)
Brian Hurley (Cork) – 1-1
John O’Rourke (Cork) – 1-1
Darran O’Sullivan (Kerry) – 1-1
Declan O’Sullivan (Kerry) – 1-1
Anthony Maher (Kerry) – 1-1
Kieran Donaghy (Kerry) – 1-1
Paul Galvin (Kerry) – 0-4
Tony Grey (Waterford) – 1-1
Tomas Ó Sé (Kerry) – 0-3
Mark Collins (Cork) – 0-3
Pearse O’Neill (Cork) – 1-0
Eoghan O’Connor (Limerick) – 0-3 (0-1 free)
Barry Grogan (Tipperary) – 0-3 (0-2 frees, 0-1 45′)
Conor Sweeney (Tipperary) – 0-3 (0-3 frees)
Donnacha Walsh (Kerry) – 0-2
P Whyte (Waterford) – 0-2 (0-1 free)
Paul Kerrigan (Cork) – 0-2
Fintan Gould (Cork) – 0-2
Damien Cahalane (Cork) – 0-2 (0-1 free, 0-1 45) 

Philip Austin (Tipperary), Ciaran McDonald (Tipperary), Seanie Buckley (Limerick), Ger Collins (Limerick), Stephen Lucey (Limerick), Mike Sheehan (Limerick), John Galvin (Limerick), Ciaran Sheehan (Cork), Mark O Se (Kerry), F Fitzgerald (Kerry), Peter Crowley (Kerry), Kieran O’Leary (Kerry), S Aherne (Waterford) – 0-1 each

Munster GAA FOOTBALL Senior Championship Roll Of Honour

Kerry (74) – 1892, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1919, 1923, 1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1950, 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1972, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011

Cork (37) – 1890, 1891, 1893, 1894, 1897, 1899, 1901, 1906, 1907, 1911, 1916, 1928, 1943, 1945, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1957, 1966, 1967, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1983, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012

Tipperary (9) – 1888, 1889, 1895, 1900, 1902, 1918, 1920, 1922, 1935

Clare (2) – 1917, 1992

Waterford (1) – 1898

Limerick (1) – 1896

Munster GAA FOOTBALL Senior Championship – List of Winning Teams

Visit the Munster GAA web site History section to view the complete list of each winning team since the competition began 1888 –


Munster Senior FOOTBALL Cup

No Name – Presented by Munster Council in 1928

All Ireland GAA FOOTBALL Senior Championship

In the Senior Football All Ireland Roll of Honour, Kerry are top with 36, 14 ahead of the next county – Dublin. Cork are 4th in the roll of honour with 7 titles. Tipperary have won 4 All-Ireland’s, their last in 1920 while Limerick won the first ever All-Ireland Senior Football Championship played in 1887 and also won the All-Ireland in 1896.

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