Munster SHC S-Final – Limerick v Waterford

Limerick fight back to secure draw

Munster SHC Semi-final

Limerick 1-8 Waterford 0-11

From the web site

Sunday, June 14.

Limerick staged a stunning second-half comeback to secure a draw against Waterford in a dour Munster SHC semi-final clash at sodden Thurles on Sunday. Waterford led 0-9 to 0-3 at the break and appeared to be cruising to a Munster Final date with champions Tipperary. John Mullane and Eoin Kelly scored 0-4 apiece in the first 35 minutes for the Déise before a rain storm at half-time completely changed the game. Justin McCarthy’s Limerick side adapted better to the treacherous conditions and David Breen pounced for a goal within two minutes of the restart.

Slowly, they ate into Waterford’s lead and managed an equaliser late on to ensure the game went to a replay next Saturday night. Waterford were three points to the good inside eight minutes, with Mullane, Seamus Prendergast and Eoin Kelly all pitching in. Niall Moran openend Limerick’s account but they struggled to contain the Désise attack, and Kelly added two more frees to give them a four-point lead. Mullane was by now running riot and his brilliance ensured that Davy Fitzgerald’s side went in six points to the good at the interval. However, struck a fine shot past Clinton Hennessy after debutant James Ryan had made a superb run to leave the Treaty men in the ascendency. James Ryan and Moran (2) helped reduce the deficit and it was Andrew O’Shaughnessy who levelled up the game in the final minutes with a point. It looked like Limerick might have been denied what they deserved when Eoin Kelly struck for his sixth and final free of the day, but debutant Ryan had the final say when the pointed to ensure his side lived to fight another day.

The replay will take place on Saturday next June 20th at Semple Stadium Thurles.

Semple snore draw simply awful

Limerick 1-8 Waterford 0-11

By Diarmuid O’Flynn of the Irish Examiner newspaper

Monday, June 15, 2009

THANK God for replays!

After a spectacle that must surely rank with the worst ever in the Munster championship, to ask the 25,000 faithful who were in Semple Stadium yesterday to hang on for extra-time would surely have been a human rights violation. For the long-suffering fans from two counties that are far too long in hurling’s wilderness, this was a truly painful experience, each side suffering in turn. Where to start? On what had been a lovely, balmy afternoon, the first shower fell after about five minutes of the first half, by which time the signs were already there. 0-1 to no score it was that at that stage, Waterford’s lead coming courtesy of the flying Jo hn Mullane. But white-hot championship intensity this was not – the dampest of damp squibs, more like. Point by point, Waterford crept ahead, but minute by minute the quality was slipping; half-time came, eventually and Waterford were ahead by six points, (0-9 to 0-3) but it was turgid fare.

In fairness to the men in white-and-blue they were looking like a decent side, no hangover from their last championship appearance, last year’s All-Ireland final hammering by Kilkenny. Their defence was rock solid, debutants Noel Connors and Richie Foley both doing very well, as were Eoin Murphy, Declan Prendergast, Kevin Moran and centre-back Micheál ‘Brick’ Walsh; Stephen Molumphy was playing a captain’s role (joint captain, with Ken McGrath) in midfield, while wing-forwards Seamus Prendergast and Jamie Nagle helped to ensure a good supply to the inside line of Mullane, Eoin Kelly and Eoin McGrath.

Mullane in particular was superb in this half, scored four fine points from play, giving Stephen Walsh a rough introduction to Munster senior championship hurling, though the Limerick sideline can ship some criticism here for being too slow in changing Damien Reale across. Free-taker Kelly was also on target for the Déise, with four from placed balls, but he was getting no change from a fired-up Stephen Lucey. That Waterford’s half-time lead wasn’t greater was down primarily to some sterling Limerick defence, most notably by the aforementioned Dr Lucey and Brian Geary, both of them formidable down the middle. Their midfield duo of Seamus Hickey (especially) and Donal O’Grady also had the shoulder to the wheel, but up front – their attack was in a word, dreadful.

There was plenty of supply, let it be said, but of the six starting Limerick forwards, none looked remotely threatening. Three points they managed, but only one forward got on the board, Niall Moran with one from play, one from a free. Seamus Hickey had their third – what should have been an inspirational burst from midfield sadly didn’t have the desired effect. Then came half-time but it was no break, not from the rain – which actually intensified – and certainly not from the paucity of play. If anything it deteriorated, though now it was the Waterford supporters, who had travelled in their thousands, who were feeling most of the pain. Half-time saw a little silly buggers being played, Limerick first out on the pitch but left waiting in the deluge by Waterford; a few minutes of that and they decided they’d had enough, headed back to the dressing room only to meet Waterford in the tunnel, on their way out.

Waterford now took up their positions, alongside some of the hardier Limerick players who had decided to stick it out, but eventually referee Diarmuid Kirwan was forced to go hunting for the Limerick lads. Farcical. When play eventually got under way it was Limerick with the first score, and it was significant; James Ryan – another championship debutant – was the main man, and got on the end of a huge Brian Murray puckout. He made about 20m before drawing the inside cover, parting to substitute full-forward David Breen to goal. And suddenly it was game on. Well, perhaps ‘game on’ is an exaggeration, but it was a contest anyway, Limerick now just three points behind (1-3 to 0-9) despite not having hurled for 35 minutes. Now it was their turn on top, and point by point they clawed their way back, but again, minute by minute, and even as the excitement levels rose in the stands (and among the Limerick faithful especially), the fare went downhill.

James Ryan had a brace (including the final equaliser), Niall Moran repeated his return of the opening half (one from play, one from a free), while Andrew O’Shaughnessy had a single point; meanwhile, Waterford managed just two, both from placed balls by the otherwise almost anonymous Eoin Kelly. Where Waterford should have been further in front at the break, they can count themselves lucky, and very lucky, that they are still in this Munster championship today. Limerick can take credit for their fight back, and their defence especially was magnificent in the second half, Damien Reale stifling John Mullane, sub Denis Moloney having a blinder on the right wing, Mark Foley really stepping forward on the other side, while Lucey and Brian Geary continued to command the centre, one huge hit by Geary on Seamus Prendergast in the 60th minute encapsulating that dominance. They could even had won it, in the end, having shot some atrocious wides in that second half.

Really, however, this is a game where it can be said with absolute truth that neither side deserved to win. Next Saturday, same place, they get to do it all over again; for that, they can both be grateful. Hopefully, when all is said and done, we’ll all get to say the same.

Scorers for Waterford: E. Kelly 0-6 (all frees); J. Mullane (0-4); S. Prendergast 0-1.

Scorers for Limerick: N. Moran 0-4 (0-2 frees); D. Breen 1-0; J. Ryan 0-2; S. Hickey, A. O’Shaughnessy, 0-1 each.

Referee: D. Kirwan (Cork)

Limerick miss Reale opportunity

Limerick 1-8 Waterford 0-11

By Martin Breheny for the Irish Independent newspaper

Monday June 15 2009

A team that scores a total of 11 points rarely wins a hurling championship game, while a team that concedes it rarely loses. Both equations came together in Semple Stadium yesterday, leaving Limerick and Waterford unable to figure out a solution to their Munster semi-final puzzle which will see them return to Thurles for the re-match next Saturday. Surely this time it can’t be as bad. Irrespective of how much positive spin is attached about hard work and determination, the truth is that this was a game seriously lacking in quality. It was more like a first round league game where players had only just re-acquainted themselves with their hurleys after the winter break than a mid-summer championship show-down. The heavy rain which fell at the start of the game and again in the second half was a contributory factor, but it can’t be held solely responsible for the sloppiness which permeated much of the play on both sides.

The depressing facts speak for themselves. Limerick didn’t score for 11 minutes and managed just three points in the entire first half; Waterford didn’t score from open play in a second half where they landed a paltry two points; Limerick shot more wides than scores while Waterford weren’t much better. Add in the misplaced passes, the dropped catches and other basic errors and it all adds up to a game that certainly won’t be challenging for inclusion in any list of classics for this or any other year. The big question now is who can learn the most from yesterday’s experience and raise their game to the levels required to not only win the replay but also to create an impetus for the rest of the season.

Both are capable of infinitely better than this but, for whatever reason, this game never left the mediocre bay as it trundled its way to eventual parity. Limerick will feel that they got more out of it for, while their first-half performance was well below the ‘A’ game, they will be pleased with the manner in which they wiped out an interval deficit of six points (0-9 to 0-3). The revival started two minutes into the second half when sub David Breen whipped in the only goal of the day. Hopes that a goal might be the catalyst for a power surge on all fronts didn’t materialise as the rest of the half yielded just seven points, three of which came from frees. It meant that two highly-rated attacks could manage four points from play in 33 minutes, truly a shocking indictment of the standard of finishing.

Despite tying up the Waterford attack with remarkable ease, Limerick found it difficult to pick off scores at the other end. They eventually drew level with an Andrew O’Shaughnessy point in the 64th minute before Eoin Kelly pointed Waterford back into the lead with a free four minutes later. However, having battled so bravely, Limerick weren’t going to be denied and wing-forward, James Ryan fired over the equaliser just as the game ticked into stoppage time. It looked most unlikely that Waterford would be held to such a low score when they fired over five points in the first 20 minutes, a period in which Limerick’s sole response was a point from Niall Moran.

John Mullane was Waterford’s main source of mayhem, scooting in all directions from his right corner-forward base and giving Stephen Walsh a really torrid time in his first championship game. Mullane looked as if he would win the match on his own for Waterford as he helped himself to four points in the first half. Rather surprisingly, it took Limerick more than half an hour to despatch Damien Reale over to Mullane’s side, a move which proved very effective. Granted, the supply lines to Mullane weren’t nearly as clear in the second half but he still found it very hard to escape from Reale’s clutches. It raises the question as to whether Waterford might be out of the Munster championship by now had Limerick moved Reale earlier. Waterford must have felt at half-time that they were headed for a relatively easy win as Limerick had shown little to suggest they were to launch a rescue package.


They needed a good start to the second half which arrived courtesy of Breen’s goal and, from there on, they held the advantage in many sectors but most especially in defence where Reale, Stephen Lucey and the excellent Brian Geary applied the security locks so tightly that Waterford never came close to opening them. Ken McGrath made no impact at centre-forward; Seamus Prendergast was equally quiet; Eoin McGrath ran out of ideas and room and was the first to be replaced in the 44th minute; Eoin Kelly was starved of possession, leaving Mullane as the only threat. And since Reale gradually got his measure, the Waterford attack became a wasteland, rescued only by Kelly’s pointed frees in the 46th and 68th minutes. Given Waterford’s second half power failure they were fortunate that the defence stood up strong to the changed circumstances.

Corner-backs Eoin Murphy and Noel Connors were exceptionally effective while the half-backs imposed themselves too, making life difficult for the Limerick snipers. James Ryan continued to prosper for Limerick while Niall Moran got on a lot of ball but had trouble with his angles, eventually finishing up with five wides from frees and open play. Still, he scored four points which were invaluable in such a low-scoring game, although he is likely to spend some time on the practise ground this week. Both sides know that there’s a whole lot more in them and, frankly, there would need to be because a repetition of this performance would leave them seriously vulnerable to heavy defeats against better opposition.

For both sides’ sake — and indeed for the sake of the championship — it’s to be hoped that there’s a huge improvement for the replay and that a game which produced a total of 1-19 (0-8 from frees) will quickly be consigned to history and left there. It’s all it deserves.

Scorers — Limerick: N Moran 0-4 (2f), D Breen 1-0, J Ryan }0-2, S Hickey, A O’Shaughnessy 0-1 each. Waterford: E Kelly 0-6 (6f), J Mullane 0-4, S Prendergast 0-1.

Waterford — C Hennessy 7; E Murphy 8, D Prendergast 7, N Connors 8; R Foley 7, M Walsh 7, K Moran 7; S O’Sullivan 6, S Molumphy 7; S Prendergast 5, K McGrath 5, J Nagle 5; J Mullane 8, E Kelly 6, E McGrath 5. Subs: D Shanahan 5 for E McGrath (44), G Hurney for K McGrath (65), T Browne for O’Sullivan (65).

Limerick — B Murray 7; D Reale 8, S Lucey 7, S Walsh 5; M O’Riordan 6, B Geary 9, M Foley 6; D O’Grady 6, S Hickey 7; J O’Brien 5, J Ryan 7, N Moran 7; A O’Shaughnessy 5, O Moran 5, D Ryan 5. Subs: D Breen 7 for O’Brien (30); D Sheehan 6 for D Ryan (ht), D Moloney 6 for Walsh (ht).

Ref — D Kirwan (Cork)

Limerick vs. Waterford

Limerick vs. Waterford

Team News

The following is the Limerick Senior Hurling Team that takes on Waterford in the Munster Senior Hurling Championship Semi-Final on Sunday next 14th June at Semple Stadium, Thurles @ 4pm.


1 Brian Murray                       B. Ó Muirí                               (Patrickswell )

2 Damien Reale                      D. Ó Roghail                           (Hospital Herbertstown )

3 Stephen Lucey                    S. Ó Luasaigh                         (Croom )

4 Mark O’ Riordan                M. Ó Riordáin                         (Croom )

5 Stephen Walsh                    S. Breathnach                          (Glenroe )

6 Brian Geary                         B. Ó Gadhra                           (Monaleen )

7 Mark Foley Capt.                M. Ó Foghlu                           (Adare )

8 Donal O Grady                   D. Ó Gráda                             (Granagh Ballingarry )

9 Seamus Hickey                   S. Ó hIcí                                  (Murroe Boher )

10 James Ryan                        S. Ó Riain                               (Garryspillane )

11 Ollie Moran                        O. Ó Moráin                            (Ahane )

12 Niall Moran                        N. Ó Moráin                              (Ahane )

13 Andrew O’ Shaughnessy   A. Ó Seachnasaigh                    (Kilmallock)

14 James O’ Brien                   S. Ó Briain                              (Bruree )

15 Donie Ryan                        D.Ó Riain                                (Garryspillane )

16 David Bulfin                      D. Ó Bulfin                             (Mungret )

17 Damian Cosgrave               D. Ó Coscraigh                       (Monaleen)

18 Tomas Condon                   T. Ó Condúin                          (Knockaderry)

19 Denis Moloney                   D. Ó Maolomhnaigh               (Doon )

20 Paul Browne                      P. de Brún                               (Bruff )

21 Wayne Mc Namara            W.   Mac Conmara                  (Adare )

22 Michael O’ Brien               M. Ó Briain                             (Glenroe )

23 Donncha Sheehan              D. Ó Síocháin                         (Adare )

24 David Breen                       D. Ó Braoin                            (Na Piarsaigh )

25 Graham Mulcahy               G. Ó Maolcathaigh                 (Kilmallock )

26 Richard Mc Carthy                        R. Mac Carthaigh                    (Blackrock )

27 David Moloney                  D. Ó Maolomhnaigh               (Blackrock )

28 Patrick Tobin                      P. Ó Toibín                              (Murroe Boher )

29 Paudie Mc Namara                        P. Mac Conmara                     (Murroe Boher )

30 Eoin Foley                          E. Ó Foghlú                            (Patrickswell )

Justin Mc Carthy  Manager
Brian Ryan  Liam Garvey Selectors
Dave Mahedy Trainer
Dr Dave Boylan  Medical Doctor
Barry Heffernan Physio
Angela Hogan Massure

WATERFORD (SHC v Limerick): C Hennessy; E Murphy, D Prendergast, Noel Connors; K Moran, M Walsh, A Kearney; S O’Sullivan, S Molumphy; S Prendergast, K McGrath, J Nagle; J Mullane, E Kelly, E McGrath.

Match Preview

Friday, June 12.

From the web site

Justin McCarthy’s first championship game against the county he managed to three Munster titles has dominated the headlines in the build-up to this encounter.

Munster SHC Semi-final

Thurles: Limerick v Waterford, 4.00pm

McCarthy left the Deise hotseat in controversial circumstances almost exactly a year ago after Waterford’s defeat to Clare. Now, the Cork man is in charge of Limerick and will be plotting the downfall of his former charges against a Deise side managed by Clare native Davy Fitzgerald. How times can change in a year.

McCarthy will feel he has the inside knowledge required to take down Waterford. However, the St Finbarr’s clubman has been very unlucky in that a number of his players are struggling with injury.

Managerial aspects apart, there’s the memory of the thrilling All-Ireland semi-final clash in 2007 when Limerick went on a goal blitz which helped beat Waterford on a 5-11 to 2-15 scoreline.

Waterford had beaten Limerick in the Munster final the month before but found the Shannonsiders a much different proposition next time around.

This will be the 35th championship meeting between the counties with Limerick having won 20 to Waterford’s twelve while there have been two draws of the previous 34 clashes. Limerick enjoyed a great run against Waterford between 1985 and 1997 winning all five championship meetings but Waterford won three and drew one of the next five before losing the 2007 All-Ireland semi-final.

Limerick and Waterford met in the Allianz GAA Hurling National League in April with Limerick winning by 2-14 to 1-13 in the Gaelic Grounds in a game where Niall Moran scored 1-9 for the winners.

Both counties won three and lost four of their seven Division One games, finishing behind Kilkenny, Tipperary, Galway and Dublin on the table.

Brian Geary and Seamus Hickey start at centre-back and midfield respectively for Limerick despite ongoing concerns over their fitness. Hickey usually operates at corner back and has, rather unusually, been named at midfield.

Gavin O’Mahony, who is still recovering from an assault he suffered last month in Cork City, sits the game out along with Mike O’Brien and David Breen, who have been ruled out through injury.

Waterford boss Fitzgreald has caused a stir by naming Dan Shanahan on the bench, but the former Hurler of the Year has not been at his best this year and his place has gone to Jamie Nagle at wing-forward. In defence, Tony Browne is named on the bench after struggling with his fitness throughout the year.

John Mullane, who was struggling with a hamstring injury this week, gets the nod at corner forward in a deadly attack that is supplemented by Eoin Kelly and Eoin McGrath.

Ken McGrath plays at centre-forward, having played at centre-back and, less successfully, at full-back last year.

Waterford have a point to prove after last year’s disastrous showing in the All-Ireland final defeat to Kilkenny, while Limerick remain something of an unknown quantity after their poor campaign last year.

No matter what, it will be a fiery Munster Championship encounter in Thurles, with the winners set to meet either Clare or Tipperary in the final.

Verdict: Waterford

Waterford: C Hennessy; E Murphy, D Prendergast, N Connors; K Moran, M Walsh, A Kearney; S O’Sullivan, S Molumphy; S Prendergast, K McGrath, J Nagle; E McGrath, E Kelly, J Mullane.

Limerick: B Murray; D Reale, S Lucey, M O’Riordan; S Walsh, B Geary, M Foley; D O’Grady, S Hickey: J Ryan, O Moran, N Moran; A O’Shaughnessy, J O’Brien, D Ryan.

Match Preview


Tipperary and Cork gave the Munster GAA Hurling senior championship a great liftoff in the first round last Sunday week and all the signs are that the exciting trend will continue when Limerick and Waterford meet in the first semi-final at Semple Stadium, Thurles on Sunday (4.0).

There’s an added edge to this encounter as Limerick are managed by Justin McCarthy who was in charge of Waterford since 2002 before resigning after a player revolt following the defeat by Clare in last year’s Munster championship. Waterford manager, Davy Fitzgerald is in the unusual position of taking charge of a team for the first time in a provincial championship having already managed them in five All- Ireland championship outings after taking over from McCarthy last year. He guided Waterford to the All-Ireland final where they lost heavily to Kilkenny.

Managerial aspects apart, there’s the memory of the thrilling All-Ireland semi-final clash in 2007 when Limerick went on a goal blitz which helped beat Waterford on a 5-
11 to 2-15 scoreline. Waterford had beaten Limerick in the Munster final the month before but found the Shannonsiders a much different proposition next time around.

This will be the 35th championship meeting between the counties with Limerick having won 20 to Waterford’s twelve while there have been two draws of the previous
34 clashes. Limerick enjoyed a great run against Waterford between 1985 and 1997 winning all five championship meetings but Waterford won three and drew one of the next five before losing the 2007 All-Ireland semi-final.

Limerick and Waterford met in the Allianz GAA Hurling National League in April with Limerick winning by 2-14 to 1-13 in the Gaelic Grounds in a game where Niall Moran scored 1-9 for the winners.
Both counties won three and lost four of their seven Division One games, finishing behind Kilkenny, Tipperary, Galway and Dublin on the table.

Last Five Championship Clashes
2007: Limerick 5-11 Waterford 2-15 (All-Ireland semi-final)
2007: Waterford 3-17 Limerick 1-14 (Munster final)
2003: Waterford 1-12 Limerick 0-13 (Munster semi-final) Replay
2003: Waterford 4-13 Limerick 4-13 (Munster semi-final)
2001: Limerick 4-11 Waterford 2-14 (Munster semi-final)

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